Chapter 7

"The Knight Sabers are attacking the Mansion. Why? Have they found out that I am responsible for the last boomer assaults, but how?" Megumi Taiko was asking one of her boomer bodyguards. He didn´t give her an answer. She hadn´t expected one either.

"It doesn´t matter. Go and fight them off. Kill them if you have the chance. I don´t care what the chairman thinks", she told the group of five 55C boomers, she had assembled. The boomers run to help the guards on the outside who were already fighting the Knight sabers.

Taiko wasn´t feeling well. How did they find it out? She asked to herself. Or were the Knight Sabers simply attacking her because she worked for genom? No matter, her boomers would kill them tonight and then she and her allies would take care of Quincy.

Outside the Sabers had already taken care of four 12B´s as the other boomers came to help them. They had now to deal with the five new boomers and three remaining 12B.

In some distance from the battlefield stood a limousine. The driver was communicating with someone.

"Yes Miss Madigan, the Knight Sabers are already attacking Miss Taiko´s Mansion."

"Good", came the answer, "that will make it easier for us.

Priss and Sylia were fighting one of the combat boomers and shooting several of their spear like projectiles into him. As the boomer charged at Priss, she jumped over his head. As she was in the air, she hit him with her knuckle bombers and destroyed his head. This made it easy for Sylia and Nene to finish him off. But at the same time the Sabers were attacked by the other boomers, who managed to land a number of hits on them. The Knight Sabers on the other Hand were attacking one boomer after the other, concentrating their fire on one and destroying them one by one.

It was only the question which side would go down first.

AD Police central

Leon McNichols was talking to the forensic expert, who had just finished the examination of the body of the 33C that had attacked them yesterday. He could barely believe some of the things he had heard.

"You are telling me that someone had mentally lobotomised a boomer?" Leon asked the man incredulous.

"Yes you see the central processor of this 33C was manipulated in a way that suppressed the higher mental functions", the forensic answered him.

33C boomers were especially designed and programed for personal protection or assassinations. Attacking people legally or not was practically a part of their job. The idea that someone would temper with their minds before sending them on an assault mission was absurd in Leon´s opinion.

"But why, the 33C are created to be assassins. Why would someone turn one of them into a zombie for an attack?"

"The 33C are assassins but they are not suicidal. They actually have a highly developed sentience and are self aware enough to try to stay alive during a mission." He pointed out the last half of the sentence.

"You mean the boomer was never meant to survive, someone changed her into the equivalent of a suicide bomber." Leon began to understand.

"So this boomer was reprogramed to attack us and fight to the death."

"Yes and all information's that could lead us to the one who sent her was destroyed along. The CPU was completely burnt out then the boomer was destroyed."

"So there are no traces left?" After Leon had asked this question Daley came in.

"Leon we get a message from chopper 003. It says that the Knight Sabers are attacking the home of a genom executive", he informed Leon.

While the Knight Sabers didn´t like the genom company in the slightest, the were not known for attacking employes of them for no reason. Had they found out anything?

"If the Knight Sabers are attacking, it is probably for a good reason. We should better go and keep an eye on this. OK march out", he called all of them.

"By the way Daley. Have you seen Nene?"

"No I think she is off duty right now", Daley told him.

"Of course." Leon smiled.

Meanwhile the Knight Sabers were still fighting. There were only two 55C and one 12B left but the Sabers were already very worn out too. Their combat suits had taken heavy damage and they themselves were not longer in the best condition either. Sylia had a broken arm and Nene was bleeding from a deep cut in her stomach. Both sides were at the limit of their strength. Sylia was ready to order the retreat. It was not worth it to risk the life of one of them only to take Taiko out.

The had probably already reached what they wanted anyway and tiped the AD police and genom off. They would simply get out of here now and the others would take care of the rest. In that moment the worst that Sylia could have thought off happened. Ten more combat boomers appeared and activated their weapons.

The new combat boomers aimed their weapons and fired. After a few moments their targets were completely destroyed under their combined fire,

Leon and Daley were with a few squads of cops on the way to Taiko´s mansion as they were contacted by the central.

"Leon can you hear me?" It was Naoko.

"Yes what is it?" Leon answered her.

"You will not believe it but we had just been contacted by someone from genom. They claim that they have proof that an officer from their company is involved in the Youshihara massacre and responsible for the last boomer assaults." Leon thought it had been enough surprises for one day but that genom would help them to expose one of their own corrupt executives.

"Let me guess who that officer is. The one the Sabers are attacking right now right?" He knew it.

"Yes vice president Taiko."

"Good tell them to send us that proof", he told Naoko.

"We are already on the way."

Mansion of Megumi Taiko

Sylia and the others looked at the boomers who had just helped them. The ten 55C had destroyed the other boomers who had been guarding the house.

"Why are you helping us?" Sylia asked.

"Yes were you not supposed to fight against us?" Priss threw in.

"We are here to arrest vice president Taiko", one of the boomers told them.

"And we are the next?" Sylia asked this question calmly on the outside.

"No the company sees no reason to remove you and your team." With that the boomers lifted off the ground and left.

Inside the building Taiko had just seen on the surveillance monitors that her guards had been eliminated by a group of other boomers. Genom must have found out about her, she thought. They were after her. She heard someone entering the room.

"Miss Taiko we have something to discuss." She knew that voice, Madigan.

"What are you doing here? Is this some sort of internal fight in the company?" She asked.

"No not in the slightest. This is actually to preserve the company. We have proof that you have sold the boomers who are responsible for the massacre in Youshihara and that you started the boomer rampages in the last weak", Madigan answered her.

"This is ridiculous. You can not frame me for something like this. You only want to find a sacrificial lamb right? You are to incompetent to find the real terrorists and now you are accusing me to save your own head."

Kate Madigan didn´t ever react to the accusations.

"We have examined the boomer who was shot down in Youshihara. We have found out that you have sold this one, just as the one who had run amok five days ago", she told her causally.

"That is impossible, there was no boomer shot down in Youshihara. The chairman said…"

Taiko realised suddenly and couldn´t speak anymore.

"Yes exactly", Madigan answered her. "The chairman said."

Taiko dropped her gaze. She had just realised that she had been played fron the beginning.

"Further we have found out that you have been selling boomers and military equipment for two years to customers who don´t exist", Madigan continued.

"If you don´t have to say something for yourself I advice that you wait for the AD police." In the background they started to hear the police sirens.

Knight saber headquarters

"They simply let us go", Nene pointed out.

"Yes can you believe it." Priss was less than happy. "They obviously thought we were unimportant."

"We were fighting genom since years and they simply let us go. That shows how much of a threat they think we are."

Despite that she was happy to be still alive, Priss was angry about the fact that genom obviously didn´t even take them honestly after all they have done.

A few metres behind them Mackie was sitting and watching the news.

"See it from that direction Priss", Sylia replied, "we were the ones who stopped Largo last year and that after he destroyed three genom towers and the research centre and today we did the most of the work to take a rouge executive out. Like it or not, sometimes we and genom are at the same side."

"You mean they let us go because they think we are alive more useful to them than dead. You know how I think about genom. I don´t know if I like that much better."

Sylia knew exactly what Priss meant. She had as much reason to hate genom as Priss.

Sylia looked at the Tvset. The speaker was just talking about the events of today.

"With the help of the genom company, it was revealed that the former genom vice president Megumi Taiko had illegally supplied the boomers used in the destruction of the town Youshihara to a terrorist group. The evidence delivered by genom also proofs that she was responsible for the two boomer assaults in the last week, that had cost the life's of 14 police officers and five civilians. It proofs further that she had been linked with the terrorists for at least two years and was supplying them with genom goods.

What is also been investigated now is a possible involvement of Taiko in the death of her predecessor Paul Smith and his wive. Vice president Taiko was arrested today by the AD Police with the help of genom. According to various sources the vigilant team known as the Knight Sabers was also helping in the arrest."

Genom Tower

Quincy sat in his office. He was talking on his phone.

"Yes Miss Taiko was really responsible for the last terrorist acts ans she was deeply involved in the destruction of the town Youshihara. What is to bad is that the terrorists had obviously already cut all strings with her and are now out of sight."

Quincy was in a much better mood when at any point in the last week.

"It has helped our company much that we were helping in the investigation. I am sure our image will become much better now", Quincy informed the unknown person he was speaking to.

"On the other hand I fear that Taiko could still become a problem. She knows to much about the inside workings of our company that can never get out", he pointed out. "Taiko had repaid the company for the damage she had made to it. Now it is time to take care of the problem she could become. Contact our friends in AD police", Quincy ordered.

"With the number of cops who had died through her actions it will not be hard to find someone who is willing to do that for us."

Knight saber headquarters

"And you tell me that she knew that you were one of the Knight Sabers?" Sylia asked Nene.

"Yes but she promised me not to tell it to anybody and now she is dead and can not do it anyway. I don´t know how to feel about it." Nene was sitting in her chair and let her arms hang down.

"Believe me we all know how you are feeling", Sylia said to her.

A thread to their organisation was gone, Sylia told herself. But for that a innocent woman was dead. That was not worth it.

"Do you know when Linna will be back?" Nene asked then suddenly.

"She will be back up in a few days, but not in a suit for another week at least", Sylia informed her.

"Good", Nene answered, "I have now to go to the memorial service for the killed cops." Nene was about to go.

"You two should always remember one thing", Sylia told Priss and Nene.

"If one person can find out about one of us, others can too. We have to be far more careful in the future."

AD Police central, prison block, one day later

Megumi Taiko was sitting in her cell and waited for things to happen. She hoped for a time that her partners would help her, but she realised it was hopeless. This people lived by the philosophy of the "survival of the fittest" and she had completely failed. There was nothing left to hope for her.

She realised that someone was approaching her cell.

"Hello Miss Taiko. Chairman Quincy has told me to give a message to you", someone said to her.

Knight saber headquarters

Sylia, Priss, Nene and Mackie had just been seeing another newsflash.

Taiko was dead. The authorities claimed that it was suicide.

"Suicide? Bullshit." Priss said what everyone was thinking.

"Genom helped to take her in to deliver someone who is guilty and made themselves look better."

"She was guilty Priss", Sylia replied.

"That doesn´t mean that the rest of the company are angels."

Everyone knew what Priss was telling was true to some point.

"Yes you are right. Quincy found someone to place the entire guilt on and bring himself out of the critique", Sylia explained.

"And the people who were standing behind Taiko? They have cut off all connections to them and erased all their traces. Neither AD police or genom or us have a real chance to find them right now", she described the situation to the others.

"This is not over now."