Karai pov After Leonardo's capture, my father the Shredder ordered not his immediate death but a long and painful torture –my Father wished to not only cause as much pain as possible but he also wished to break him, as such Leonardo's stay with the Foot was far from pleasant.

He was beaten every night, every waking hour he was vocally abused, he was starved on a few occasions or dehydrated, one day two weeks after we first captured him I decided to spar but I wished to do it with someone with some actual skill instead of the regular Foot ninja, but the elite were busy elsewhere and my Father was in a meeting (not that he would have accepted anyway) so I set my eyes on the one warrior whom not only had skill but I had never beaten satisfactorily in a fight,

So I interrupted his nightly beating session and used him as a sparring partner. It was not a kind match and it didn't help that he was never allowed to heal or really move til now -so the fight was not easy on him, nor did I go easy on him I now regret to say, but even then he fought well.

We fought every night after that, with or without weapons, we fought til he collapsed and wasn't able to fight back anymore or even move, he still underwent his usual tortures though the occasional one had ended due to our sparring matches which always ended with a new set of bruises, scratches, an occasional fracture, sprain, or open wound and always ended in extreme exhaustion (a single sparring match would last hours), One night after more than three hours of hand to hand sparring I was not yet ready to stop when he tired, to this day I do not know what made me do what I did next, perhaps it was the pressure from my Father to hurt and break him, as much as possible –so I did the most unhonorable then that I have ever done in my life and he was to tired and injured to even fight back though he did try –it would have been kinder for me to kill him rather then what I did do to him.

7 days- Leonardo's brothers had tried to rescue him several times –each unsuccessfully.

By the next week's end I had begun to notice a difference in my body. Sneaking around is a specialty of ninja I am no exception, I went shopping bought a few worthless items and snuck a certain item into the bathroom with me, it was as I feared –it was positive, after disposing of the evidence and buying my worthless items I left.

Meditation that night held a whole new meaning then usual –I was pregnant, that much was certain. What if my Father found out? Would he kill me? Would he allow the child to live if he did find out? Would he order the child's abortion? Or would he use the child as a guinea pig? It would probably be too much to ask if the child could live and be raised with the Foot –her Father hated the turtles too much to allow that-, And abortions never had sat right with her, it seemed very unhonorable to her after all you were essentially killing a baby –she had lost too much honor already she would not lose more.

She needed a plan.

9 days- Two days after the discovery I decided to tell Leonardo, we sparred for a long time –I think he was afraid I'd do it to him again.

As we sparred I managed to step in close and tell him, I whispered it into his ear, along with a warning of silence. 14 days- By the end of that week my Father had grown tired of Leonardo and angry that he still had not managed to break his spirit, so he broke his body, and threw it into the sewers were his brothers were sure to find it.

My child would never know his or her Father, but I would give Leonardo one thing he had always been honorable, he had the kind of honor that I wish I had and knew I'd never get, not now anyway.

I knew the remaining turtles were mourning they're brother, Raphael had begun to look for any Foot or Foot associates –meaning the Purple Dragons- that he could find and beat them up, many of her Father's men would never fight again thanks to him, Michelangelo had been spotted on the rooftop where he had last seen his brother alive –crying, and Donatello seemed to lose himself in the junk piles that he was constantly digging through, but usually it was Raphael she ended up hearing about.

134 days- Four months later I asked permission from her Father to be excuse me from my duties until further notice, saying that I needed a vacation to relax from the stress and excitement of the last few months, to unwind and meditate in peace and quiet and so I asked for a few months of respite to reorient myself, and since not much was going on, since Leonardo's death due to his brother's mourning him and Raphael could only do so much alone, and so I was allowed my "vacation" time.

I knew I could not care for this child, I knew no one else could care for this child either, and that left only Leonardo's family, only they could care or want to care for this child. I knew from experience in battle that Donatello was always the medic, Leonardo had been the leader and strategist, Raphael was the muscle, and Michelangelo as far as I could tell was comic relief –he even managed to make the Foot smile behind their masks, but back to the point –I needed Donatello, he had the medical know how and the relationship to Leonardo –after all he was his little brother.

224 days- Three months later.

Donatello liked to dig through garbage piles and now I knew all his favorite spots, after driving a beat up van right next to his very favorite spot to gather junk, and after readying the ropes and (sleeping) darts all that I had to do was wait, and wait, and wait but a ninja is always patient and I had apples to snack on while I waited (for some reason I was craving apples and sushi all the time), and finally my waiting was rewarded with the sight of Donatello, after a few more minutes of waiting, I allowed him to get comfortable in what he was doing before I struck – I shot him with the dart gun, the sedative in that dart would put him to sleep before he would even be able to grab that bo of his, after he succumbed to the sedative I dragged him to the van and he was HEAVY!

227 days- And I was about seven months pregnant, I'm glad I chose a strong sedative. (after removing all of the evidence) I returned to my hideout (no one in the Foot could know I was still in town) I securely tied up Donatello –I may have even over done it a little, no one could say that wasn't a professional.

And now as I waited I would take a bathroom break –I think this kid is trying to do a kata on my bladder.

Don's pov waking up in an unfamiliar place can be scary for some people and ninja turtles were no exception.

I still remember when Leo was captured – I still can't believe that I'll never get to see him again; I want to see my family again and what will happen to them if I don't come home?

Will what happened to Leo happen to me? I was in an unknown place tied to a chair, but the place didn't look like any place the Foot had, or any place of Bishop's for that matter, there was the possibility of the P.D.'s though, and even the off chance –though slim- that it was someone else entirely.

The light was beginning to come in so that I could see better there was some light exercise equipment off to one side of the room: a mat, a few weapons, and a punching bag, not far from there was a small shelf of books and stationary with a futon, there was also incense and meditation candles next to a small table with food and water –and that was when Karai came in from an adjoining room, and she was pregnant, and very large!

228 days-

"I see you are awake" she began before stopping and moaning "not again!" as she rushed into the other room that she had just come from, that was a little odd coming from Karai though considering her size and condition I think I knew what 'not again' meant and what that room she ran into was –it wasn't hard to guess, when she came back out she was glaring at me, daring me to say anything (vaguely I wondered who was better at glaring her or Raph).