Green, tall, honorable part 3

Don's pov

272 days- Finally the day came that Karai went into labor, she untied me the moment she realized what happened and we got ready, good thing we were prepared.

Four hours later found me holding a little turtle, human hybrid, while Karai held his sister.

Karai had twins a boy and a girl, we were still debating on names- though Karai insisted that she didn't care (though every time I came up with a name she didn't like, she acted as if she did),

we thought up: (-boy names are first, girl names are second-)Yoshi and Yoshiko, Kanaye and Kameko, Tomo and Tomoe, Toyo and Nozomi, Yasuo and Taka, Zen and Ami, Ronin and Mitsu, Hagakura and Sakura, Yogi and Yori, Kin and Midori, Taro and Hisa, Taro and Miyoko, Kin and Hoshi, Taki and Sumi, -we had a few arguments, but decided on naming the boy Midori –meaning green- and the little girl Taka –meaning tall, honorable-.

Karai's pov

Tall, honorable, green –I could live with that, not that I needed too or anything.

But they were beautiful in their own way, I could see how they took after Leonardo, they had very light green skin (almost a light olive), brown, black eyes, and hair so dark it looked blue, they each had five fingers and toes (instead of three or two), their shell was more of a plating then an true shell –it was clear to me that from a distance they would resemble a human more then a turtle, the plating to look at looked like a callous with a birthmark shaped like a turtles shell, but to feel it felt like the hard plating on a turtles shell, and their faces looked more humanish then full turtle,

the jaw looked more like a humans that on further inspection jutted out slightly,

the noses were the same –they were small but wide, all in all they were beautiful and for a moment I felt proud that I had brought these two beautiful creatures to life but then I felt sorrow knowing I could never know them or admit that I knew of them- I regret how they came to be, but I don't think that I could ever regret the result.

I held and fed them for a short time while Donatello prepared to leave; I knew it would be my last time with them, -unless we fought each other of course.

Don's pov

I put the children in slings that we made for them, we had gotten them to sleep a short time ago –I just hoped they stayed that way for the duration of the trip.

It felt good to have the wind in my face as I ran over rooftops taking care not to disturb the little ones – I still couldn't believe it, even now as I held them in my arms as I hurried home.

Raph's pov

I couldn't believe it when Leo died and I admit I was angry (but when wasn't I?), then Don disappeared and that made it worse, and it also saddened me that Mikey clinged to me the way he did – like I was the last big brother he had (I hoped he was wrong).

I looked up as I heard the doors to the lair open and in stumbled a turtle I had never been happier to see.

Mike's pov

Leo was dead, Don was dead, Splinter was in mourning, and Raph my last brother in the world was going to get killed if he kept going out – I can't take another death, not again.

We looked all over but never found a thing except his stuff in a dump.

I looked toward the door as someone came in, and in came Don stumbling over

Klunk before closing the lair door, I ran to him before I even realized it "DON!" I yelled as I hugged him – squishing whatever it was he was carrying, "WWAAA!".

Don's pov

The first thing I did when I entered the lair was trip over Klunk – no matter where I go that cat will trip me, I think he enjoys it, - then Mikey screams my name as he begins to hug me (I don't even know where he came from), and then they cry, Mike let go like he had been electrocuted starring in bugged eyed fashion at the twin's and their green tinted skin, "here Mike" I said "this is your niece Taka, you hold her – since you squished her" I added and continued as I handed Raph, Midori meet your uncle Raph. I'm going to bed" but the couch was closer and so I laid there instead, I was so tired, my body wasn't used to so much exercise anymore – when I had gotten into the sewers I had started walking so that my muscles wouldn't freeze up on me later.

I knew Mike, Raph and Master Splinter would like to know what happened but I didn't want to tell them, not yet anyway.

Master Splinter had come in after hearing all the noise going on out here, what he saw was Donatello lying on the couch exhausted, but alive and safe, Raphael holding a fussing baby who was quieting down, and Michealangelo who was also holding a baby but this one was screaming bloody murder.

"Donatello, my son, are you injured?" I heard Sensei ask as he laid his paw/hand on my shoulder, "No, Sensei – just tired" I answered, "Donatello who are these children?" he asked "and" he went on "what happened?", I sat up knowing I have no choice now, "they're Leo's" I began, I looked up to gasps and saw that Master Splinter had taken Taka from Mikey, "Karai, forced him while he was Shredder's prisoner, and she became pregnant" I told them the whole story, as I finish I see theyr tears, I notice Raph hugging Midori to him, and I see Master Splinter take Taka's hand in his own.

"What are they'r names?" Sensei asked with a choked voice –he never thought he'd be a Grandfather or that he'd outlive one of his children, "the boy, who Raph is holding is called Midori" I answered him "Green" he whispers with a small smile "and the little girl you are holding now is Taka" I finish "Tall, honorable" he whispers with a small smile almost to himself "they are good names" he says allowed to the rest of us as he cried and smiled.

They will be just like theyr Father I thought absently to myself Tall, honorable and green.