Today, I woke up, thinking about Elvis somewhere in Vegas

I'm not sure how I got here or how there's a ring on my left hand; just appeared

… And there's just one little problem, I don't even know my last name

Last Name by Carrie Underwood

As I wake up, I'm aware of many things. A beam of sun light on my face, which was the cause of me waking up. The massive bed I was in, the unfamiliar golden wallpaper, and the noises from a different room.

I jolt up, scared, and then become aware of my killer headache. It's not just a normal headache. No, it's a hangover headache.

What happened last night?

I put my hands over my eyes, because the light definitely wasn't helping my head at all.

I notice a cold piece of metal pressed against my forehead.

I take my hand off my head and look at my hand.

I gasp, horrified.

A ring.

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The other chapters are going to be longer, but this was just a glimpse into what the story will become.