Come Take a Walk with Me



I had not given much thought on killing another for sport, much less vengeance, for over seventy years. The last time I had even considered doing such an act was when she walked into my class.

The hunger, the desire to take a life was much different from when I had first breathed in her scent in class. The cool, Port Angeles air, the nearby trash bin and those vile humans, did little to mask the scent of the fear that coursed through her veins.

They laughed manically as her scream pierced the night. I had caused that scream; my frustration with the one who had denied me had clouded my judgment. I had taken too long to come find her due to my pain and anger after she had made her choice.

A low rumble ignited in my chest as a whimper of pain left her lips, soon escalating to a roar. Anger and jealousy bit angrily at my very sanity, because they were touching what was mine.

I grinned as I crouched, ready to do what I must. It was four against one. It would be a massacre.


AN: This entire story is betaed by kyla713. Thank you for your help and your encouragement. Love you.