Come Take a Walk with Me

Chapter Thirty-Six—For Her

There are moments in my existence that I'd wished I could change the way that time moved. Though I remembered little of my human life, I had wanted to skip to my next birthday so that I would be able to enlist and serve my country during its time of war.

Another moment, in which I wished time to move faster, was during my transformation. The fiery, agonizing pain I endured to become what I was, seemed infinitely longer than the three days it had been. There was also that first day in Biology when a certain girl walked in, with the most desirable blood flowing within her. How I wanted the bell to ring not only to save her, but myself.

Life would have been so different if I had surrendered to my thirst that day. Had I done the unthinkable, I felt certain that I would not have been able to live with her life on my conscience. And if Alice had known then what Bella would come to mean to me, I had no doubt that I would have sought peace in the oblivion of death.

As I watched her eyes widen, her face flush with color, and her lips part with my name tumbling forth, it was a night that I wished time would slow. She was healthy, warm, and pleasantly soft beneath my touch. I did not lie when I said I would not miss her warmth; it was something I could live without since I would still have her.

It was the beat of her heart that I would miss the most when she became like me. The sound was the inspiration of her lullaby. The beat to which I moved to when I was with her. The rhythm called me forth, allowed me to determine her moods and feelings. The way it sped when I touched her, alerting me of what she found pleasure in. When it slowed, I knew she felt comforted and safe with me. Its heartbreaking speed had me searching for danger.

It was soothing to hear, and I would miss it.

Her hands cradled my face, and I felt the words she whispered against my skin. "I love you."

My body shook, my lips parting to accommodate the perfect fit of her mouth against mine. Her warm, smooth legs slid along my calves, as I explored her mouth, eliciting a shiver when I swept my tongue over her teeth.

I wanted to feel and touch more, but I kept an inch of space between us. I had hoped that it would quell my desire, but the tips of her breasts grazed my chest as they had earlier made that impossible. There was a powerful urge inside me to taste them and to test the feel of them against my lips. Her hips lifted beneath mine, bringing her that much closer to me.

I gasped as I pulled away from the allure of her tempting mouth. Her lashes fluttered several times until her eyes opened to meet mine. She was panting, flushed and irresistible, I had to go back for more. I captured her next soft moan, unable to rein in one of my own. I found the taste of her desire to be potent and decadent, feeding my thirst for her. Another kind of hunger that I only had recently found existed inside me. It was because of her.

I captured one of her delicate hands, pulling it free from my hair. If she continued to tug and pull at it, I was afraid that my control would unravel further. The paltry pain it elicited, combined with the pleasure of her touch seemed to enhance the entire experience to another level. With a look and placing her hand over her head, I reminded her of my earlier stipulation.

She simply could not touch me.

I softened the reminder with another longer, deeper kiss that had her hips lifting to meet mine again. I growled softly, placing a restraining hand on the curve of her backside. She stilled, blushing.

"Temptress," I whispered in my thoughts.

A smile started at one corner of her mouth, until it was wide and enchanting. My eyes roamed over her features, from the dark color of her eyes and brows, to the soft and perfect curve of her lips. "You are so beautiful."

Her lashes closed and opened in a wide-eyed astonished, slow blink. She might believe that I found her as beguiling as I claimed, thanks to her ability to read my thoughts, but it would still take time for her to come to terms with it.

I promised myself, not a day would go by that I would not tell her how I much I loved her and how beautiful she was to me.

Her smile softened, her free hand fell from my hair, and her fingers traced my lips. "Thank you, and so are you, my husband."

I groaned at hearing those wonderful words from her, bending to kiss her again. Her hand fell away from my face and joined the other, as she intertwined her fingers together above her head. I pulled away long enough to look at her, something akin to lust and burning desire ignited at the sight of her prone figure read for me to explore at will. Her head fell back, eyes closing as her neck arched, the tips of my fingers tracking down the graceful length.

Unable to resist any longer, I tasted the skin above her thudding pulse, moaning at the delicacy of her. My lips continued down the length of her neck, away from the temptation of her blood that flowed steadily. She kept her hands immobile above her head, but her legs continued to move along mine. She tried to align our hips with the simple shifts, but I kept her from doing so by applying a little more weight on her.

She moaned and gasped at the cool feel of my abdomen between her thighs, her thoughts were chaos as she tried to focus on not making it harder for me but the sensations from my touch made it impossible. At that point, I feared that it was futile, too. The only thing that I could focus on was to bring her pleasure as she had me.

"Please, please."

I groaned as the whispered plea and skimmed my mouth and tongue along her chest, at the precise, soft place as it turned into a slope. My eyes remained on her face to watch her reactions, watching the slight tremble of her chin. Looking higher, I saw the way her hands and fingers twisted. I growled at the thought of them on me again.

As the elicit memory ran through my thoughts, Bella moaned and lifted her body off the bed in need for more of my touch. Along with her whispered pleas was my name, a chant of desire and love. I memorized the litany and prayed internally that I would hear it again, while I was inside her.

Open to my thoughts, Bella cried out at the last one and arched off the bed again. My lips moved then, barely brushing her small, pebbled peak. A shuddering breath escaped her as she fell back against the mattress now that I had given her what she so desperately wanted.

My eyes rolled back at the feel and taste of her, exquisite and delicate, and she was at the mercy of my control. Love for her had a tighter rein over my beast, and instead of baring my teeth as another part of me desired to, I covered them with my lips. Even with the barrier, I could taste the tender, flushed skin.

My body shook with my desire, as my tongue moved slowly over the tiny peak. A drawn out moan accompanied the faster beat of her heart, her hips twisting from one side to the other beneath me. My fingers found purchase in the remnants of the headboard, bringing our bodies closer. My hips fell just beneath hers and onto the mattress, unable to trust myself for anything more.

Gouging the tips of my fingers into the headboard, I continued my quest to bring my beloved mindless pleasure. I teased her, caressing the underside of her breast with my lips and nose. "Edward," she gasped as I brushed my mouth along the side where she seemed extra sensitive. Determined to touch every inch of softness with my lips, I followed the top curve to her other breast, giving it the same attention as the first.

Undulating, her hips continued to move against me, and try as I might, I could not keep my own from doing the same against the bed. My hands tightened in the headboard as the desperation for more almost shattered my control. I felt the heat emanating off her as it increased the closer she came to completion. The beat of her heart sped, skipping occasionally as she gasped for breath.

Needlessly breathless, I pulled away, to watch her body move beneath mine. Why had I thought that my desire for her would curb after my release, was beyond me. I wanted nothing more but to give into our mutual desire, to slip inside her and find completion. Her eyes slowly lifted to watch me, pleading for something. The twist of her fingers and arms alerted me of her desperation to touch me. I gasped her name and nodded.

She cupped my face, tugged deliciously at the hair at the nape my neck, and felt the tip of a finger brush my ear. I groaned, wanting to feel those magical, warm fingers moving over me. My mouth parted as I shuddered with realization that I had moved, my body stilling over her, my erection poised at her entrance.

I shook my head, seeing my fear reflected in her dark eyes. Bringing me back from the edge of remorse that I had almost given in and taken from her what I knew her body could not yet handle. The headboard lay in shreds under my hands, the wall behind that appeared like battered plaster and wood.

I simply could not control myself without full concentration, and my desire shattered that.

"It's okay," she whispered. "It's alright, Edward. You stopped." I nodded and she lifted herself to kiss my lips gently.

Her kiss, her soft words and tender touch served its purpose, allowing me to bring my desire under control by small increments. Minutes passed and without words, her hands continued slowly to caress my hair, neck, and shoulders, reminding me to go slow.

When I finally reached her tender nipple again, we had returned to an agonizing level of desire. I tempered it with the memory of how close I had become to losing my tentative grasp on my control. Her fingers tightened in my hair, her hips lifting to bring the warm part of her higher, seeking friction against me.

Slowly, my fingers skimmed along her skin, always moving to prevent bruising. Another shuddering breathless whisper of my name tumbled from her lips as I brushed my cooler thumb over her peak. She gasped and writhed beneath me. My fingers continued to move over the top of her breast, and along the sensitive underside. It was when my cool fingers circled her nipple that I knew she was getting close again.

I continued to tease a peak with my lips and the other between two fingers, my free hand swept down her side, feeling the muscles tense beneath my touch. She tried not to laugh when I teased her navel, but I felt and heard the tiny giggle. I laughed but it turned to a groan when she enjoyed the feel of the vibrations around her sweet nipple.

"Edward," she gasped, her fingers curling around the back of my neck and trying to bring me closer.

I groaned again and continued to taste and tease her. My questing hand continued down the small slope of her stomach and traced the lines of her hips until they met in the middle. The softness and heat of her between her thighs surprised me. She was incredibly hot. Bella whimpered at the first touch at the center of her. My touch was featherlike, testing to ensure I would not hurt her. Warm and slick from her arousal, I ran a finger from top to bottom and back again, paying careful attention to her reactions.

I wanted to feel her breathless responses against my face, ear, and lips, kissing her mouth as I took a step further. As my thumb rubbed along the top of her, two of my fingers moved further down. She gasped and moaned the most when I teased her entrance. Continuing to kiss along her neck, I pulled back enough to watch as my fingers moved over her.

How I did not expire at the sight, I would question for years to come.

Her stomach muscles quivered as my thumb continued to circle, just under the tiny strip of dark, trimmed hair. The rest of my hand cupped her gently, and I watched just the tip of my middle finger slip inside her.

I looked at her face then, as her eyes rolled back and fell closed as she gasped with pleasure. My name was once again an unforgettable breathless chant on her lips. My eyes moved over her, from the tempting parting of her lips, the thudding pulse on her neck, the pebbled peaks of her breasts, to the trembling muscles along her stomach and down to the inviting fall of her thighs, showing me the most intimate part of her.

My mind processing all terms and names for it and yet the only one that fell from my lips was, "Mine." No one else would touch her like this; only her friend, lover, mate, and husband—me. I would be the only one to ever share this intimate pose, and see this beautiful side of her.

"Edward!" she cried out as my thumb moved faster and little harder against her. She was wonderfully warm, tight around the tip of my finger. I knew then that I was the first to explore her like this. She had not even done so. I moved a little deeper, careful to keep from going too far, not wanting to cause her unnecessary pain on this night.

I kept my other fingers moving, careful not to linger too long, except for my thumb. She bucked her hips, asking for more. I bent to tease a nipple with my lips and tongue, sensing she was near. With brush of my thumb, a small growl around her peak and another inch inside and she came on her next breath.

Her body froze for a moment and then seemed to quake beyond her control. Though I kept my eyes on her, all the candles throughout the room brightened briefly before they extinguished at once, her gifts manifesting. Watching her at that moment was an experience I wanted to see again; she was extraordinarily beautiful when she gave into ecstasy.

Minutes passed and under the guise of the darkness, Bella blushed from the roots of her hair, down to her cute little toes. At her next normal inhale of air, she clung to me, flushed and exhausted.

I kissed the top of her head, reluctantly removing my fingers from her. She shuddered, feeling oversensitive all over. I could not help the smile that graced my features, quite honestly, feeling self-satisfied that I had given her such pleasure. Her arms enclosed around me, her lips skimming my shoulder as I held her close.

"I love you," she whispered, yawning, but smiling up at me. Brushing some of her hair from her face, I kissed the tip of her nose.

"Get some sleep, love." She nodded and cuddled up against me, once again yawning. "I love you, Bella."

She sighed as her eyes closed. Slow and steady, her breaths and heart rate returned to normal. As I continued to hold her, I wondered how I would survive the night with her in my arms, her softness pressed against me, knowing exactly what pleasures awaited us when she awakened.

AN: betaed by kyla713