Come Take a Walk with Me

Chapter Thirty-Seven—In the Light of Day

Hours passed like decades as I watched her sleep. Half a dozen times, I had to leave the comfort of her arms, finding it too hard to lie beside her. All that softness and warmth pressed against me, was simply too much to bear when I knew what pleasure I could give her and receive in return.

I shook my head, sitting at the foot of the bed. How did my family stop wanting to touch and kiss for a single hour of the day? They did not need the time to recover. There was no need to rest. I had never understood at the time the need they seemed to have for each other at the end of the day.

Watching her at that moment, I understood that potent desire. To be with the one you love in such a way, giving and receiving such exquisite pleasure. We had yet to experience lovemaking and I could only imagine what it would be like.

I rubbed my lips, still able to taste her there but it was dissipating. Throughout the hours as she slept, I had repeatedly licked my mouth, unable to resist rediscovering her essence there. Eventually, I had to resist that need and ration the taste of her until she woke up in the light of day. The potent need for her seemed beyond the normal scopes I had observed in other human relationships. I had yet to wash my hands, wanting to revel in her scent and taste for a while longer. Would it always be like this?

I watched as her chest rose and fell under the blanket that kept her modestly covered, but just barely. I could see the outline of her breasts, as soft and beguiling as the rest of her. A shoulder, the one I discovered a little trinity of freckles, sampled them with my lips the night before, tempted me from where I sat. The length of her neck was also exposed, and regardless of how many times I covered her over again, she always pushed the covers back down. As if to taunt me, but I knew it was how she slept.

Sensing the rising speed of her heartbeat, I knew she would awaken soon. I rose to my feet beside the bed and tended to the fire I kept lit while she slept. The chill in the air did not affect me, but would be too cold for Bella. After washing in the bathroom, I went to the tiny kitchen and started to prepare a cup of hot cocoa. All this had only taken a few seconds.

We would have to leave soon. After going through what food we had on hand earlier, most of the items had expired. There was not enough left to hold her over to the following morning, her last day as a human. I also had to listen to our voicemail messages since the cell phone signal was non-existent on the mountain. Carlisle was due to check in before their departure from Forks. In all likelihood, Charlie and Renee would have called, too.

I heard a soft moan from Bella, causing my fingers to clench around the mug I had in my hand. The sound tormented me from the first time I heard it. "Maddening," I whispered. The mug was now shards of broken ceramic. It shattered instantly in my tight grip. I muttered a curse just as Bella started in surprise, the noise alarming her.

"Edward, where are you?"

I ran to her side, placing a soothing hand on her cheek and another over her racing heart. "I am here, Bella."

"Wha-what was that?" she asked, adorably confused and still fighting her slumber.

"I broke a cup."

Her brow furrowed, her lips twisting in confusion as her eyes opened fully. "You broke a cup."

Averting my eyes, I shook my head and gave her a wary smile. "I was not concentrating at the time, had forgotten I was holding it when I heard you stir."

She could see no deception in my eyes and as her mind probed my thoughts far too easily, she saw the truth in my words and the cause. A tempting flush filled her features as her teeth attacked her lip in embarrassment and arousal.

She liked that she had this affect on me.

"Good morning," she whispered, smiling up at me. Her hand rested on my chest, her grin disappearing. "You're wearing a shirt."

Confused by her statement, I nodded. "I am. Is there something the matter?"

Her nose scrunched in distaste, as she seemed to choose her words carefully. "You're overdressed." She sighed, running a hand through her messy hair.

I cocked an eyebrow at her bold admission. Though she had stood up to me that day in the cafeteria, this seemed unlike her. However, I liked it. She laughed suddenly, blushing further. Her hand fisted in my shirt and she pulled me forward. Smiling down at her, I pressed a kiss to her lips.

After a few seconds, I noticed her tense. I pulled back enough to see her flush again. "What is it?"

"I need a few human minutes."

I kissed her forehead and rose to my feet. "I'll start some breakfast as you do that."

Her hands swept across the bed, finding it warmer than usual, confused again. "You didn't stay with me."

I sighed, holding one of her hands in mine. "It was hard for me to stay close too you." At her silent look, I added. "No pun intended."

Her lips twisted into another smile. "Are you saying that you had trouble remaining the ever present gentleman?"

I growled and tugged her to her feet, capturing her gasp with my lips. Her moan was soft, and long as she wrapped her arms around my neck. Gasping, we pulled apart for her to breathe. "I thought I proved that I was not always a gentleman last night."

"Oh, yes," she said, eliminating the minute space between us. "I think I was afraid you'd revert to your old ways in the morning."

I dropped my forehead on her shoulder and skimmed a hand down her bare back, settling low, the tips of my fingers brushing her backside.

"If you only knew the thoughts I had while you slept," I whispered, peppering kisses along her shoulder. She hummed as I continued, sweeping my tongue along the top of where she held a sheet. "I considered waking you like this, kissing you everywhere until you whispered my name, as you fisted the sheets in your fingers."

"Edward," she gasped.

"Just like that," I groaned and lifted my mouth to hers for another kiss. Unfortunately, her stomach protested about the lack of food. "First, I should feed you."

She sighed, pouting as she looked at me. "If you insist."

"I do," I said, patting her bottom softly.

Giving me a cheeky grin, she laughed. "I'll go but only if you promise that we can start from where we left off soon."

"I promise." I pressed a kiss on her forehead, since it seemed safer. I knew if I indulged in another kiss that we would not come up for air for a while.

She turned and almost stumbled due to the sheet near her feet. "Easy there." I offered her a hand, kneeling and smoothing my palm over her legs as I untangled her. She sighed at the touch and shook her head, looking back at the bed.

I stepped away before I gave in and watched her take a few tentative steps. After another misstep, she growled and dropped the sheet. I gasped, unprepared to see her fully naked again as desire struck me anew. She seemed unaware of my moral dilemma and strode to the bathroom quickly.

I exhaled sharply the moment she was out of my line of vision. "She's too lovely for her own good," I hissed under my breath, suddenly feeling overheated despite the impossibility of it. I started on the task I set out to do after another brief moment to gather myself.

As she turned on bathroom sink faucet, giving it time to warm, she called out to me. I dropped my chin to my chest and took a fortifying breath in the hopes to bring myself under control. "I will be right there," I said loud enough for her to hear.

"I just need something to wear," she murmured. Placing her hot chocolate on the table, I rummaged through my bag and found a nice thermal shirt in blue that she would look lovely in, and grabbed another pair of boxers. I knocked on the door, handing her the clothing. She noted that they were much like the ones from the night before and smiled.

I intended to keep my promise to her as soon as she finished some breakfast.

There was a topic of discussion we needed to have soon. The issue at hand would need to be resolved by the end of the day. I would not risk her blood out in the open with Jasper or Alice nearby. There was still the risk that it may not work and we needed to find a solution if need be.

"What has that brilliant mind of yours so chaotic?" Bella asked from behind me, taking a seat at the head of the table. I turned and felt guilty for not pulling out her chair. I was taught to treat women better than that.

"There is something we should discuss."

Bella nodded, taking a sip from the broth I warmed up and one from her drink. "What happened to all the candles?"

"They were spent, so I removed and threw them away." She seemed confused and I clarified. "Your shield last night made them all flare up until they were wasted."

Her eyes widened. "I could've started a fire."

I took her hand in mine and kissed her fingers. "First, it is not your fault. Second, if you had started a fire, I would have prevented it from spreading easily. There was nothing to worry about."

She sighed, watching as I continued to press kisses, moving to her palm. I loved her hands, such delicate, long fingers.

"How did you manage to concentrate on keeping an eye on that while we were…" she trailed off, unable to continue without blushing.

"It was far from easy," I sighed, pulling her from her chair and onto my lap. She wrapped her arms around my neck as my hand swept up and down her leg. "We should go down the mountain and into town. There is a small general store there that we could pick up some more groceries."

"I don't see why we need much more. We're doing it tomorrow, right?"

I nodded, curving my hand over her hips. "I think you should indulge a little today," I said warily. "It will, in essence, be the last time you eat human food. No more chocolate," I eyed her disappearing drink, laughing when she scowled, "Or nuts or fruits. We can have a good lunch or dinner there, if you would like. There is not much we can do here since there is only the hot plate, but I am sure I could cook something up."

"This is important to you, isn't it?"

"Yes, I know it seems somewhat ridiculous, but there are things I wished I was able to experience one last time as a human before my change."

She sighed. "I will eat a nice lunch or dinner in town. But we're only bringing back liquids." Confused, I pulled back to look in her eyes. "It's safe to say that I would likely get sick once the change starts."

"You are right," I murmured. "It was good that you thought of that. There are a few things we should take care of before your change." It was a good time to bring up the unsettling subject. "Since you are temptingly smooth already, you should be fine with grooming."

Her eyes widened. "Why?"

Uncomfortable, I answered her question. "We remain frozen in our forms at the time of our death. But in death, hair does grow, but for some reason, it will not grow any longer than the length you had during your transformation. Take Emmett for instance, he had a beard and to this day must shave every day with two diamond-tipped blades, because the hair is that strong, but by the following morning it's grown back."

"So that's why Alice's hair is short."

I nodded. "When she was transformed, she had been at the asylum for a few months, at a time where they shaved their heads completely."

"Good to know," she said, biting her lip. "I think it'll be good to buy a razor in town." I nodded, though I was not sure why she needed it. "What else?"

"I love your hair," I whispered, running my fingers through it. "If you want it to cut it, it would be best to do now."

"I thought you can cut it with diamond tipped blades like Emmett, only scissors."

"Yes, but it is extremely difficult since it takes several very expensive pairs of shears for just a trim, the scissors only last through two snips. Which is why Rosalie only tried it once, but the mistake was corrected by the following day. Considering the amount of work involved, and how long the affect lasted, it does not seem worth the trouble."

In my mind, I thought of the day Rosalie had Emmett make the attempt while Jasper and Alice had taken a vacation on their own decades earlier. She did not have access to Alice's gift to know that it would fail. He could not seem to cut a straight line and had left very jagged edges. She was less than pleased with the results and he had spent over a week in what he always called the "dog house."

"Makes sense, I guess," she said, finishing the last of her broth.

She shifted to face me, eliciting a hiss from me. Her body pressed against mine, her legs on each side of my hips. My hands lifted, brushing from her face and cradling it in them. "Bella," I gasped as she adjusted herself, sitting a little higher above me.

"Tell me what's bothering you," she whispered, bending to press her lips along the edge of my jaw.

"We…" How could I answer a question when she consumed all my senses?

"We need to talk about…" I groaned when her mouth sucked in my earlobe. "No teeth, Bella," I reminded her. My hands moved from her face and smoothed down her back. My breath shuddered along with the rest of me.

She pulled back, but kept her arms draped over my shoulders. Her eyes were bright and wide, beautiful, as always. "Well?"

How was she able to pull back so easily?

"It's not easy, but your mind seems to be dwelling on this thing you have to tell me. You're also keeping it from me."

"I apologize. It's a sensitive subject and one you might find uncomfortable."

"As uncomfortable as my grooming habits?" she asked. When I nodded she added, "I'm listening."

"As I explained about hair and how our bodies are essentially frozen from the onset of our transformation, it is safe to say that you would remain intact."

Her eyes widened in understanding, her brow wrinkling. "Oh."

"That said, I believe that it would break our first time together, after your change," I said softly, rubbing her hip and wishing her eyes did not tear up as I continued. "However, in the same way hair grows back, so would your maidenhead, in theory."

"And that means it would hurt each and every time," she whispered.

"Yes, I believe that it is likely."

"But you have a solution?"

I swept a hand up her back again, pulling her closer and kissing the top of her head. "We can try to break it now," she tensed, but I continued, "With my fingers, but your gift may be a problem."

"I'd have to fight it."


For a couple of minutes, she said nothing, resting her head on the crook of my neck. Her breath was steady against my skin. "I think I can do it," she said, sitting up to look at me.

"Your shield was active last night."

"Yes, but it expelled energy outward, that's why the bed's frame broke," she said, blushing.

It was true, as she held back from touching me; her shield expended the energy and sent cracks throughout the wooden frame of the bed. My hands and strength had taken care of the rest. We both looked behind her toward the bed, noticing it was in shambles. The headboard, once a solid length of oak wood was broken into two jagged pieces.

"You noticed that."

She nodded. "That would explain the candles, too."

She was right, of course. "Why do you believe that it reacted like that?"

She kept her eyes on the bed, her fingers playing with my hair on the back of my neck. It kept my arousal on the edge, and on something else besides the conversation.

"You and your touch kept me distracted, by making me concentrate on your actions while not putting my hands on you."

"So you believe that if I kept you—" I cupped the back of her neck with one hand, the other pulling her hips over mine. She moaned softly, her head falling back. "—busy, your body will overlook the need to heal."

Her head fell forward; her hands lay gently on my chest. "I think so."

I kissed her then, testing the fit of her top lip between mine. She gasped and swept her tongue along the seam of my mouth. A breathtaking, heart-stopping kiss later, she pulled back enough to ask, "Do you want to test our theory?"

One of my hands stopped on the inside of her left thigh, just below the junction between leg and hip. Her breath hitched as I pressed a few fingers between her thighs. "Yes." She felt incredible.

Her head fell back again, the tips of her dark hair skimming the surface of the table. I wanted to see it spread across the sheets, beneath us. I had her in my arms and on the bed within a second. Her breathy response was a soft laugh, her fingers running through my hair. It was something she did just before she knew she would have to stop touching me.

I sat up enough to pull my shirt over my head with one hand, she watched as I moved. Her eyes were on me, and a soft smile was on her lips. There was tinge of fear in her thoughts, but the idea of the pleasure that was in store for us ahead, seemed to dim it. Before I shifted to lay over her, her knees parted to accommodate the width of my hips.

I groaned at that first feel of her against me. She hummed and closed her eyes, her fingers already reaching for the sheets when a thought ran through her mind. I wanted to follow through on her fantasy. She sensed my stillness and looked up at me.

"It might make things easier for us both," I whispered, watching several emotions flash across her eyes.

She nodded and once again, I had her in my arms and across the room in a second. I sat her on the small bathroom counter and the water on in the shower by the time she took her next breath. She smiled at me when I looked over my shoulder sheepishly.

"I like this side of you," she whispered. "And no, I don't think you're being selfish for wanting some pleasure, too."

I sighed in relief and helped her out of her clothes. "It was a very long night."

"It was barely six hours."

"Six minutes after you fell asleep it had already become unbearable."

She slipped her hands down my chest slowly, and beneath the waistband of my sleep pants. I groaned at the feel of her, skin to skin. My pants pooled at my feet and I kicked them away. I stepped between her thighs, but kept some space between us, since there was only so much I could handle.

"I love you," I whispered, cupping her face. "I wish I did not have to hurt you."

"I know."

Five minutes later, we were under the shower spray, sufficiently clean as we washed each other. She joked that we should probably shower like that every time. However, my response was lost as her fingers wrapped around me.

"Bella," I groaned as I placed my hands on the tiled wall behind her. Her eyes met mine as she bit her lip, a corner lifting after another moment.

"Touch me," her mind whispered. She had little knowledge how erotic the touch of her mind was to me. "Look at your fingers and the tile." I did as she asked, finding it hard to believe that I had not destroyed the tile beneath my hands. "You're doing fine. Let's try to do this together."

Another groan rumbled in my chest, tumbling forth in a chant of her name. I kept one of my hands on the wall but slipped the other down the front of her neck, slowly descending until I cupped her breast. Her grip tightened when I tasted a sweet peak. My hand moved further down, brushing along her side with a feather like touch that seemed to drive her crazy.

My fingers pressed between her thighs, teasing her until she was breathless and moving her hips in tandem with the slide of her hand. My knees shook as ecstasy tightened something in my stomach, so I widened my stance and lifted my mouth to hers. I had to feel the tremble of her lips against my own.

"Open your mind for me, love," I whispered. The desire to ensure her as little pain as possible was forefront on my mind, her hands on me a very close second.

"Okay," she replied breathlessly. "I…more, please."

I complied with a gentle twist of my fingers, pressing against her center and slipped one just inside her. Her head fell back against the tile, a sound that seemed a combination of a gasp and a moan emitted from her. Her hand stilled on me, but only for a second, long enough for me to pull another breath in. It was best for me not to breathe deeply at that moment I broke through the thin barrier since I was unsure of how I would react with both of my deepest desires were tested at the same time. From the telltale beat of her heart, her near breathless sounds, I knew she was too close. I kissed her soft lips that beckoned me with their tempting part and slight quiver. At that precise moment, I broke through, gouging my fingers of my free hand into the tile as the scent of her blood tinged the air, the bite of her nails of her hand at my lower back and the tight grip of her other on me. I stilled, not wanting to hurt her further and though I smelled the salt of her tears, they did not last long enough for them to fall. Several moments passed, before she slid her hand over me again. "I'm okay," she whispered. "Please, Edward."

In response, I drove my finger in deeper slowly, pressing my thumb over her gently. The next slide of her hand had my teeth nearly tearing into my lip, her palm moving over the tip, forcing another moan from me. Soon, we found a rhythm and several minutes later, she fell apart against me. My finger slipped out and kissed her gently, allowing the water to wash away her blood.

Her hand had stopped again, and as she looked up at me, still panting, she took my free hand and slipped it over hers. Eye to eye, together we brought me to an earth shattering release within a few moments.

I held her as the water overhead started to cool, the water heater insufficient for long showers. Gathering her in my arms, I stepped out of the shower, turning off the water and helping her dry off. She shivered beneath my touch.

"I'm trying not to use my powers," she said through chattering teeth. "It's gotten colder since we came in here." In fact, almost an hour had passed, and with no one to tend to the fire in the living area, it died.

"Come on," I said, bundling her up in my shirt and boxers again. "Let's get you warmed up under the blankets. In a few hours, we will go into town."

As I restarted the fire, she watched me from beneath several blankets. I was unable to hear her thoughts since we successfully accomplished what we set out to do. In her attempt to prevent her body from healing her, she stopped using all her powers.

"Edward," she whispered. I turned to meet her eyes. "I think it worked. I don't sense my power's need to heal me anymore."

"Are you sore?"

"Not really."

My eyes roamed the length of her, even under layers of fabric, I could make out her tempting curves. "We should probably check to be sure." Did I just say that?

She laughed. "In that case, come to bed, husband." We had a few hours before we had to leave. There was no denying her, anyway. The following day would come soon enough, until then I would revel in her warmth and love.