Camping Nightmare

Getting started on the 'How to train your dragon' fanfic business before it becomes dead popular… :/

Hiccup was hurrying around the workshop, grabbing random things and stuffing them in his backpack, his teacher Gobbler was watching him every now and then, smirking at the various huffing noises Hiccup himself made and the squeaky noises his prosthetic leg made…

Hiccup was in fact preparing for tonight, he had been planning to go camping for a while now and the weather recently had been really bad, but today was proving that theory wrong, it was beautiful… He ran over to the workshop front and looked over at the blue sky with very few white clouds floating by… perfect.

He ran back further in the shop and noticed Gobbler still staring at him, seeming slightly worried.

"You do realize that the weather has been predicted to change later on?"

"What?" Hiccup replied "Have you even been outside today, it's probably the hottest day of the year, perfect flying conditions"

"Yeah, but the weather is unpredictable, a storm is heading towards the island, there's no way you'd be able to find a suitable camp site before the storm hits… think about Toothless as well"

"Toothless is a night fury, I'm sure if we fly just a little faster than usual, we will be able to make it to a suitable spot before the storm passes over"

"Hn, I'm still not so sure, I mean what would your father say?"

"Well he's not here is he? So he can't say anything… besides he knows I'm going on this trip and he trusts me" He paused and checked over his bag, making sure he had gotten everything from the shop, he had to hurry and return back home "And if we don't set off today, then I won't have enough time to do everything I want while I'm camping… and I know Toothless is excited about this as well, he kept me up half the night jumping around my room…"

"Fine Hiccup, I'm not going to deny your wishes, but just be careful, for your own and fathers sake… because I don't think he wants you coming back with your other leg missing…"

Hiccup let out a small chuckle after he finished checking over his things, just sothat Gobbler would realise that he would be safe with Toothless no matter what. He waved his teacher goodbye and ran through the door up towards his house.

Whilst going back over to his house, he couldn't help but glance up at the fluffy clouds that floated effortlessly above him… beyond that was the bright blue sky and the dazzling sun that shined down on the village. Gobbler had to have been wrong about the storm, it was rare seeing days this perfect… he was just happy that he had chosen today to go.

Meters before he reached his front door it crashed open with a hyperactive night furry who jumped out in front of him, running large circles around the shocked boy "Calm down Toothless, you'll have a nosebleed" He smirked at the remark and watched as Toothless came to a sudden holt and watched as his rider hobbled back inside to grab a few more things.

"Hey…" A sudden voice emulated from the wide open front door, Hiccup was immediate to turn and face the voice he knew as well as his fathers, Astrid was stood at the door frame, loosley weighing her side against it as she seemed rather upset, or even annoyed at something "Still going camping huh?"

"Yeah… pefect weekend you know" Hiccup went all shy as he usually did, too mulified by her looks of beauty and grace, wherever grace came into being a viking, beauty too was unusual.

"Hmm, so who are you going with? You seemed to have skimped on a few details when you told me about this trip a few weeks ago"

"It's just me and Toothless"

"I fought you might have made it a group thing, wouldn't that have been more interesting?" She almost sounded like she was trying to make him feel guilty for leaving the others out.

"Maybe some other time, but I need to spend time with Toothless because recently its just been like fighting off enermy vikings who have come from other villages and I get tired easier now because of my leg… so I think this weekend would be good for a little bonding"

"Hn, I supoose so, but are you sure it'll be okay? With your leg and all… you still find it a little difficult to walk and stuff"

"Yeah, I'll be fine, don't worry Astrid" He said, grabbing a few more things and making his way over to the door and outside to be beside Toothless who was waiting patienlty as ever.

Astrid turned to watch him as he strapped the various luggage onto the dragon's back, who didn't even seem affected by the vast amounts of bags and equipment, but all the while was staring back at Hiccup, the dragon was even more concerned for his rider because of his leg… but he made himself promise that he would protect him from absoultey anything over the weekend "Where exactly are you going to camp?" Astrid asked, moving the subject along.

"Not far, I spotted a really cool island a few miles up north the other day, it looks pretty interesting so I'm going to check it out.

Her expression soon changed, seeming much more concerned "But there's a storm coming from that direction"

"Well, Gobbler told me that one was coming, but he didn't mention from which direction… anyways, towards the north looks a lot clearler"

"Yeah but the weather can change instantly, it just takes a few minutes for dark clouds to appear, then comes the heavy rain, the thunder and lighting and who knows what else"

"Jeez, Is everyone trying to stop me from going today…" Hiccup replied, slightly aggigated. He jumped on the Saddle and placed his feet in the styrups and checked everything was working okay.

"I'm just looking out for the both of you" Astrid replied moments later, then suddenly leaving without saying her goodbyes or even listening to him any further.

Toothless turned his head slightly and whinned a little "It's okay buddy, she'll be fine… now, we should get going…"

At that, Toothless was straight up in the air, soaring at a top speed that almost made him invisible to even another night fury, but as they traveled the weather seemed to remain the same, there was no way it would rain when the sky was just this perfect… But he really didn't want to think about that… things always went wrong when he thought about it too much.

They were soaring at their top speed until Hiccup decided that maybe it would be better to soar at a regular, flowing speed… they had loads of time, they'd well make it to the island before the storm, if there even was going to be a storm… thought about it again "Hay Toothless, lets slow down a bit, I don't think we'll be any sort of storm anytime soon… we're pretty close now anyway"

Of course, when Hiccup said 'pretty close' he mean't another hour or so before they reached it, that time Hiccup had seen the island was only a breif sighting when they were flying home one night from delivering a message to a neighbouring viking clan. Toothless complied and slowled down a little to a simple soar, it was probably the regular speed for some of the larger Dragons, but he wouldn't argue… it was nice to relax.

But Toothless could now smell that storm cloud approaching… and it was getting much closer even at the speed he was travelling, too close in fact… it wasn't in sight yet, but it soon will be, they were travleing above the clouds to avoid any conflict with others. Toothless couldn't exactly tell Hiccup that they were flying straight for the storm, he couldn't take a different route because it would take longer and he knew Hiccup was tired because he was the reason he had hardly any sleep last night, or was even able to enjoy a lye in. He couldn't even show in his expression that they were heading straight for a storm… all he could do was hope that the storm was a light one.

About an half an hour or so later, Hiccup sighed a little and closed his eyes for a breif second… but when he opened them, it was as if out of nowhere, them storm clouds… the ones he had actually been worrying about all day… we a mere few meters away, it was one hell of a dense fog cloud, almost pitch black… like a lot of smoke… he could just about make out little flashes of lighting, he could even hear the loud thumps they made after they struck… he knew it was because he worried about it too much.

Toothless had been right, that storm cloud was in there direction, and in fact Astrid was right too… but he wasn't turning back, not know… what would be the point? They made it all the way out here, almost at paradise and he was going to be stopped by this? He thought that they'd just have to be extra careful when passing through.

"Our only option is to fly straight through, the fog cloud stretches too high above and there isn't enough oxygen for us to just pass over it, below it and we get the full brunt of the storm.." Hiccup said as the wild winds picked up and it almost knocked him off his saddle, so he gripped onto it as hard as he could.

Toothless didn't really want to admit that was their only choice… but in this crisis what else could they do but go through it? They could surley manage if they went through it fast enough.

Toothless picked up his speed once again and twisted and turned as careful as he could through the clouds… the occasional thunder noise and lighting flash freaking the poor Dragon out, Toothless was even finding it hard to concentrate because even though the Dragons are very good allies with the Vikings now, they still hated loud noises and being frightened…

As they proceeded further into the storm it got much worse, it was even more difficult to see, it was even hard to breath at some points, Hiccup could almost feel himself passing out… but he knew he had to try and get through it awake, Toothless needed his help to fly.

Toothless was doing his best to dodge every strike that nearly struck him, he was swaying everywhere and he had a lot of luggage on his back he need to keep secure, as well as his rider who was even more important to him than his own wings.

As Hiccup thought they were nearing the other side of the storm cloud, the lightning and thunder appeared to had stopped for the meantime, in this case they continued at their fast speed to clear the storm clouds completely without any dodging movements involved.

But as Gobbler had said, the weather is unpredictable.Out of nowhere, a sudden bolt of lightning struck unbelievably close to the Dragons side, barley missing Hiccup's real foot, it caused Toothless to turn over on his side and stop completely in mid air, Hiccup was trying to regain control but Toothless was having none of it, he was completely over-whelmed by the sudden force and the blinding flash that had appeared out of nowhere in seconds.

Hiccup hadn't realized yet, but the sudden stop Toothless had performed caused his restraints to become unclipped from the ones on the saddle, he was lucky he had a good grip on the front of the saddle.

"Toothless, calm down!" Hiccup practically screamed over the roaring thunder that came moments after the strike, it caused Toothless to lose the last bit of his self control and he went completely mental as any Dragon would do from loud noises, he was flipping and turning while Hiccup was holding onto that saddle for dear life, god help them if they made it through.

Suddenly Toothless was itching to get out of this storm cloud and as fast as possible, but because he had bolted so quickly Hiccup wasn't able to adjust to the speed and his hands flew off the saddle and so did he, he shouted after Toothless, calling his name as loud as possible, even attempting screaming… but the Dragon had a mind of his own in this storm.

It took him a few seconds to realize but he was flying downwards and he'd lost complete control over himself, it was suddenly much harder to fly and he just couldn't keep in a straight line… that was when he fully realized that Hiccup was gone, his mind practically fell apart as he swerved his head round to look at the saddle… he'd actually lost Hiccup. He ground to a holt and gripped what had happened in his mind, he had suddenly stopped before, making Hiccup almost fly forward and his restraints unclipped, then when he flew off at incredible speed again Hiccup lost his grip and flew off the back, and he didn't even notice.

Toothless was swinging his head from side to side, trying to avoid the other bolts of lightning but he couldn't see a thing, nor did he know where exactly he had lost Hiccup because he was too busy going mental to care, another mistake he had made… he was so angry at himself that he knew he deserved to be falling out of control, it would be his lesson… he would most likely survive though, but his rider…

Well, he wasn't about to give up, with the last bit of control he had left on his body he lifted up his wings and instead soared downwards through the cloud, without a clue what he was flying towards or where in fact, but he had to find Hiccup at any cost.

"Toothless!" Another call came through, and Toothless found himself heading towards it, even though it was somewhat pointless because he still didn't know where he was going and this thunder was driving him insane, what with it striking without any sudden warning, lightning always came before thunder after all.

Then after a few more moments "Toothless! Toothless!" The screams came again, it almost sounded like Hiccup was being attacked by something… well it could have been the lightning but he was most probably falling and fast… and Toothless hadn't a clue where he was falling to, but he needed to find him before it was too late.

But then Toothless got a strange scent, it was salty and somewhat fresh… he completely cleared the cloud and found himself heading straight towards the ocean, unable to keep control of what he was doing he couldn't maneuver himself to instead fly towards the island just a little further back, where Hiccup had most probably landed since he couldn't see him falling… no human could have survived that fall, certainly not one in Hiccup's condition, but maybe there was a glimpse of hope, maybe he'd been saved by something or someone else… and he was alive, waiting for his Dragon to return to him…

If that was the scenario, then he would damn well make it to that island, flying or falling.

He titled his wings back and let the wind carry him backwards towards the island, that way his hand-made tail flew open allowing him more control as he flew backwards.

It was working; he was finally hovering a few feet above the island and thought of a decent way on how he'd go down, the thing was though… where exactly would Hiccup have landed? The island wasn't very big but is was full of lush tree's, water springs leading to the ocean and most likely some dragons here and there but it was like a maze if you didn't know your way around it… it would probably take days to find Hiccup in all of that…

He swooped down and allowed the wind to carry him, he continually hoped that his only close friend in the world was still alive, he would be completely and utterly lost without him, he relied and needed Hiccup just as he needed him. He came closer to the large pine like tree's and found it much harder to swerve from left to right; he also had to be sure not to rip his prosthetic tail wing as he'd need that to get himself and Hiccup home.

He turned his head to check on his tail wings, making sure the fake one hadn't ripped or been torn by the wind and tree's, but by doing so he hadn't seen the upcoming tree and he smashed face first into it, his limp body fell to the ground, slowly he lost consciousness but he tried his best to fight it, but with the pelting rain hitting hard against his scales, the roaring thunder messing with his mind and the pain from flying into that tree so hard was off-putting, maybe a nap wouldn't be such a bad idea.

Hiccup on the other hand, looked up as he awakened in a very dark, dingy and somewhat warm place, he could see a human shaped hole in what looked like the floor above, somehow the grass must have been very hollow as he fell from the sky and he ended up crashing through it into this cave sort of thing, it certainly seemed big from where he was stood though.

"Great… just great" He thought, he looked himself over and noticed that his prosthetic leg had been broken completely, so he'd have to get that replaced, he was covered in cuts and slowly forming bruises and he thought maybe he had a few broken fingers but apart from that it was nothing major, he really did get off lucky this time.

Or maybe not… as he looked to the side when he heard a weird low growl emerge from the darkness and then a pair of light green eyes.

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