Chapter 5

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"Toothless!" Hiccup screamed as he was being carried away by the dragon he had named Prowl. He hadn't a clue what on earth was going on through the dragon's mind or even why he was acting so weirdly around him altogether.

He turned a little, noticing Toothless appearing between the gaps in the trees, running his heart out to keep up but it wasn't long before he disappeared completely beneath the vast amounts of nature. At such a fast speed, Hiccup couldn't keep still or control himself, he even found himself slipping off Prowl's back a couple of times since Prowl didn't have a saddle. But as Hiccup thought more about his buddy he couldn't help but realize how much he must have made Toothless jealous, he knew how much his dragon was over-protective of him and he had treated Prowl like a new best friend, almost replacing Toothless… that would have made him upset on so many levels.

He looked down at the tree's noticing he wasn't that far from the tree tops and attempting a jump maybe possible, although he could end up breaking his prosthetic leg or even worse like his other leg. So for his own safety he looked away and he stayed put on Prowl's back, easily allowing the dragon to take him wherever, even if he was going to be eaten or something ridiculous like that, he just had to count on Toothless to save him.

On the ground below, Toothless was doing his best to catch up, but he had no initial idea where they were exactly in the sky, Prowl was not only much faster but he could also fly and pretty well so Toothless knew he wasn't going to be able to catch up anytime soon. But as long as he could smell his rider then he knew that would be enough to find him and bring him back.

He wasn't planning on giving up so easily, not now or ever. He relied so heavily on Hiccup now that separation was almost like cutting the two in half. It was unbearable and even painful, they weren't just a team, they were friends, very close ones at that. They had both previously saved, stuck up and protected each other and how Toothless had just carelessly let this other Night Fury get close to his rider was the worst mistake he had made in a long time and something he was going to regret if anything bad happened to Hiccup while he wasn't around.

Whilst lost in his thoughts and his extreme ultimatum to keep up with Prowl part of Hiccup's saddle became entangled in the stronger branches that grew outwards into the path Toothless was creating as he moved destructively through the forest.

He flew backwards and rolled over a couple of times, luckily without damaging the saddle too much but effectively hurting himself to a point where he needed to rest for a moment.

Toothless looked up at the sky and roared his heart out, letting Prowl know that he wasn't giving up yet and that when Toothless would finally catch up, Prowl was going to meet his end. The roar echoed throughout the forest, even throughout most of the island, Prowl was among many few of the other creatures to catch wind of it and in his own way smirked knowing that he had won for now and that no mere threat from a dragon that couldn't fly, in other words "grounded" wasn't going to stop him from keeping Hiccup all to himself. He was already planning to leave the island and go far away and Toothless would be stranded for the remainder of his life, unable to see Hiccup ever again. As not many humans like Hiccup existed anymore nor did any ever come to Prowl's home island, he wasn't going to let this one slip so easily, certainly not to a weak dragon like Toothless who didn't deserve to have Hiccup as a rider, they certainly didn't seem right for each other through Prowl's eyes.

He circled around the mountain which was nestled on the edge of the island, however it wasn't anything too over the top, they were small stretches but clearly mountainous. Eventually he landed easily on a small patch of rock that had been flattened over time; in front of them lay an entrance to a cave, or even a tunnel of some kind. Knowing that Hiccup had no other way of escaping, Prowl walked inside it first, without forcing or tempting Hiccup to follow, eventually he knew the cold and harsher weather up on the mountain would get to him if he stayed outside for too long so he would have no other choice but to follow Prowl inside.

Hiccup watched as Prowl walked inside the cave and slowly begun to disappear into the darkness. Hiccup sat down on the solid rock outside and looked out to the island, waiting for Toothless to rescue him, knowing that he would.

He wondered for a moment if Toothless even knew where he was, he had heard the weird howling before which he did recognize to be Toothless's but since then he hadn't seen his buddy, so indeed he couldn't help but worry about him and as he sat looking down towards the forests on the island he wondered that maybe if he yelled out for Toothless then maybe it would help give him an idea on his whereabouts, but he'd need to make it quick because he had a feeling Prowl would be out in no time at all to try and stop him.

"Toothless!" He cried and paused for a moment "Toothless!" He cried again at the near top of his voice, listening to it echo throughout the mountains and forests. As Hiccup had expected Prowl was out in seconds, grabbing onto the back of his shirt with his teeth and dragging him inside the cave. "Toothless!" Hiccup continued to cry out since Prowl didn't gag him or anything like that, nor did he even try and stop him, he knew Toothless wouldn't be able to reach the top of the mountain, it was certainly impossible if you couldn't fly.

Inside the cave, Prowl had already created a fire and a large pile of fish was left rotting in the corner of the cave, Prowl had most likely been the one who had collected all of that fish and stored it here for the time when he would return to this cave.

Prowl walked over to the rotting pile and started to gobble down the food quite messily, almost making Hiccup vomit in his mouth. He sat down next the fire and begun to warm up while constantly watching Prowl as well as the entrance to the cave…

Back down in the dense forest, Toothless was now up on his feet after hearing his name being called at least twice, the third time sounded a lot quieter than the first two cries and he knew that during the second and third something had happened to Hiccup.

He started running again towards the mountains, he could see them very clearly through the more open gaps in the tree tops, lucky for him they were directly ahead, the only problem would be getting up there, since he couldn't fly for very long and his grip wasn't very good, this was going to be a major problem and he didn't have long before the sun would set and night time would be upon them.

As quickly as he could he gained more speed and even started jumping parts of the way there to cover more ground, this even helped him fly for short amounts of time and each time he got closer and closer to the mountain. Even then in such a bad moment he felt extremely happy knowing that Hiccup would now see that there is something wrong with Prowl and that he isn't the typical Night Fury. Since Night Fury's are the only dragons yet to show themselves more to the humans and become friendlier with them, Toothless and obviously Prowl were the only exceptions so far.

As Toothless came to a sudden halt at the bottom of the mountain he looked up and saw the treacherous climb he now had, it would take him hours to climb up there and even at a fast enough speed by the time he would reach the top it would definitely be night fall, the sun was already beginning to set.

But his resolve was strong and he wasn't going to let Prowl take his rider so easily like that and he had already planned to scratch his face off when he would finally meet with him again. So whilst the sun still shone, he made a start on climbing up but at a very slow pace.

His claws did their best at latching onto the soft rock beneath them, climbing at a near vertical angle was extremely crazy and stupid and for a dragon to do such a thing was very unheard of. So as he climbed, almost frantically but strong he sooner started to get the hang of it and was almost half way to the top, by this time though the sun was already past the horizon and only a few dashes of light escaped. Of course, night time was no problem for night fury's or any other dragons, but for humans? Toothless didn't even want to think about what Prowl may try and do to Hiccup whilst in his time of weakness.

By thinking of this it made him work much harder at getting up the mountain, but he constantly kept watch out for other dragons or even Prowl who may have noticed him coming up the steep mountain at a near quick enough pace.

He stopped suddenly when he heard loud cries coming from another dragon further above him on the mountain. By the sound of it he made it out to be another night fury in some form of distress and anger. Toothless knew immediately and recognized the foul scream to be Prowl's as only he could make such a pathetic cry, even though he had not heard it as such before it was very apparent that Prowl would be likely to make that kind of noise.

He moved on further up the mountain, quickening his pace and latching onto the rocks better, helping him get up to the top as quick as he originally wanted to.

He climbed over the edge and came to rest on a flattened piece of the mountain, ahead of him lay a cave with a bright aluminous orange colour radiating through the tunnel. He turned his head back and looked towards the sky, noticing that the sun had now fully set.

Another foul scream came from the cave which brought Toothless back to his original intention. He noticed along the inside of the cave were the shadows of a dragon and a small human. So without wasting anymore time, Toothless ran inside the cave, knowing Prowl wouldn't get away with stealing his Hiccup this time.

Once inside, he stopped suddenly when he noticed that Prowl was blocking further entrance into the cave, but funnily enough not for him. Hiccup was only just on the other side of Prowl, tying to escape and get past him, which resulted in Prowl's foul-mouthed screaming before as he did again to stop Hiccup from leaving.

Luckily, Hiccup was the first to notice Toothless behind the other night fury, and as stupid as he was… he smiled which made it a dead big give away to Prowl that something was up.

Without warning or before Prowl could turn around and check out what Hiccup was now staring at, Toothless jumped at Prowl, latching onto his neck with his teeth as Prowl desperately swung him around in circles, scratching at his face and trying his hardest to get him off but Toothless wasn't going to let go that easily.

As Toothless swung his paw up towards Prowl's face, Prowl was able to latch onto his arm this time and dug deep in with his teeth which in turn made Toothless let go of his neck and pull his arm out from the grip of Prowl's jaws.

Toothless backed up towards the back wall, with Hiccup behind him. He growled ferociously and almost possessively over Hiccup. But Prowl wasn't going to give up either, he still had the advantage of flying but it still wouldn't be easy to do that in such a small cave.

Prowl came running at them this time, Toothless held his ground in front of Hiccup and waited for Prowl to strike. During this time though, Hiccup had moved away slightly so that he wouldn't get injured further, this was something he really didn't want to get involved with and thought that it would be best to let the dragons handle it. Even if he did want to get involved, he'd only just get hurt, or stolen by Prowl and even if he didn't what could he do against a dragon?

Which then brought him to his conclusion and idea, his face popped up with surprise and excitement but it certainly wasn't the time to be acting so happily whilst his best friend fought it out with his thought to be best friend. But still, the fact that the idea would definitely work was too much to bear and suddenly he felt it to be a good idea to run over and try it.

So when both the dragons came to a sudden halt, panting and starting at each other with glares of death, Hiccup ran over with the time he had and begun to scratch away at the back of Prowl's neck, scratching and scratching and Prowl really seemed to enjoy it. And within moments he was down on the floor, seeming very pleased and satisfied, almost too numb to move.

Toothless stared at him with a surprised kind of face but didn't once let his guard down. Whilst Prowl was in his own little world, Hiccup found the time to run over to his best buddy and hug him tightly "Sorry about all this" He said softly into Toothless's face. But Toothless didn't think anything other than happy thoughts, all his hard work and effort had paid off and he was finally able to see his best friend again. "Let's get out of here shall we" Hiccup then removed himself from hugging Toothless's face and walked around side him to get to the saddle, noticing a few things had come undone which he didn't see happen during the battle, so he thought that it must have happened when Toothless was running after them before. "Jeez Toothless, you could at least go a bit easier on the saddle!" He joked, trying to get the mood back to normal. Toothless had his paw pressed against Prowl's head, keeping him locked down on the floor.

When Hiccup had finished preparing the saddle, fixing any broken ropes and strangely enough removing a few twigs, he was ready to go. "I suppose we should probably just go home now…" He said seeming extremely saddened by the fact that he was hoping this trip would have gone far much better; it had literally been a nightmare for the both of them. Of course, they had another day left in their trip but with Prowl still alive and kicking there was no point, they'd be followed, harassed and probably even attacked it they tried to stay on the island for another night and Toothless didn't seem up to the fact that he would have to spend another night watching over Hiccup while he slept.

When Hiccup was ready, Toothless lifted up his paw and shoved Prowl against the wall, after which he ran straight towards the exit of the cave and took off once he was outside, soaring high above the treetops and onto home.

But as Hiccup looked back, he had a feeling this wasn't over yet.

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