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Well, as I said before, the story will be coming to an end sometime in the future. (And again, that comment is dumb) so I believe that I will give you a few previews of the NEXT story I am planning!

If you've been around my profile, you've seen that I used to have a story called "A Blaze of Ember" Well…not many people read it. Plus, the way I set it up there was a sequel, so less people wanted to read it. So now, I'm totally reconstructing it. It'll have the same characters, but now there will be points of view from all four Clans.

Quick Summary: It's been seasons since cats have lived by the lake. StarClan has given up hope of ever restarting the Clans. But, four cats are determined to rebuild what they used to call home. Four ordinary cats are summoned to do something extraordinary…and maybe even impossible.

WARNING: This story will be more graphic than my other stories. Because everything in this story happened in a Role Play site, I cannot change what happens or how it happened.

(Part of) Prologue, and later a chapter in the story:

Baysweet watched in horror as the tyrant sunk his teeth into the neck of the young cat. With a snarl, he ripped his throat out and pushed the cat off the top of WindClan's own high rock. The RiverClan apprentice fell to the ground with a sickening thud, and writhed on the ground in pain as his lifeblood pooled around him. "Dragonpaw, no!" Another RiverClan apprentice shrieked.

Finally, the young cat fell still, his eyes glazed with fear and death.

"Now you know what happens to those who defy me!" The large cat growled. "I've had the skill and cunning to have my Clan do something none of you were bold enough to do. Take over the entire forest. I have control. And thus it shall be until the day I die!" He spat.

There was a cry of fury and Ultraviolet, RiverClan's medicine cat as well as Baysweet's traveling partner, launched forward. A white she-cat with a red mask, paws and tail intercepted her and tackled her to the ground. "You can't! It's what he wants, he'll kill you too!"

"Let him!" Ultraviolet spat. "Foxtail is dead, my son is dead and all I want is to sink my teeth into his throat and tear him to shreds!" She struggled, raking her claws across her friend's pelt.

The cat, who Baysweet now recognized at Cherrystar, desperately flicked her tail and another RiverClan warrior helped keep the black she-cat pinned down. "And your other kits?" She demanded. "What about Blossompaw, Crystalpaw and Ravenpaw? And your apprentice, Snowpaw? Who will be RiverClan's medicine cat if you die?"

From the stop of the stone, Jaguarstar purred. "There will be no RiverClan once I'm done with you, silly kitty."

Ultraviolet let out a yowl of anger, which turned into sorrow. The two RiverClan cats released her and she collapsed, shaking with the loss of her kit. "He'll be defeated." Cherrystar vowed, shooting the tom an angry glance. "But as a Clan we'll defeat him."

"And we'll help," Emberstar meowed. "ThunderClan will work together with RiverClan to kill this cat."

"As will WindClan." Echostar said, determined. "We've been held by a tyrant once, and we won't allow it again."

Baysweet felt a rush of pride. She had traveled with Ultraviolet, Moonriver and Bravestar to form the Clans, and they had successfully created Clans to be proud of. RiverClan, ThunderClan and WindClan were strong.

As is ShadowClan, She thought angrily, And together, we will defeat you. She watched Jaguarstar smirk as Ultraviolet was led away. Yes, we will end you. One way or another.

Early chapter (POV: Emberkit of ThunderClan)

Emberkit let out a hiss of anger when he saw the two cats making their way up the high rock. They're after Whiskerpelt's kits! He realized. I'll fight them, he vowed.

His tail rippled with fear when he identified one of the cats as Wolfstar, the WindClan leader himself. The other cat could barely make it to the top of the high rock. She's only a kit, the fact dawned on him so suddenly that he had to blink to make sure he was correct. But the cat making its way up the face of the rocks with Wolfstar was, in fact, his age.

"Okay Echopaw, it's time for you to prove yourself to the Clan." Wolfstar's claws were dug in the ground with anticipation while Echopaw looked scared out of her mind. Emberkit made sure to stay hidden.

"But Wolfstar, I'm only a few moons old," She whispered, proving Emberkit right about her age. The leader bared his teeth and fluffed his long, shaggy fur out, making him look frighteningly large.

"Your parents and brother were killed by ThunderClan, you want to leave them be, just forget about it?" He hissed. Echopaw looked ready to wail. "No? Then get in there and fight! For your brother. For Dewdrop and Mosstail." Emberkit felt a jolt of sorrow for the kit. She had lost her parents, and her brother. Now she had to deal with this horrific leader. They padded forward, but before they could go into the cave, Emberkit ran out from his hiding place.

"Stay away from them!" He growled and tackled Echopaw. He had hoped that being the same age as her, he could keep her at bay. But she had clearly been trained to fight. She easily squirmed out from under him and knocked him over with unsheathed claws. She got him on his back and clawed his belly with her back paws. Wolfstar purred.

"Finish him off! He's ThunderClan! He's…" His eyes widened and for a moment he could only stare. "He's your bro-" Before he could continue, Windstorm appeared. She was hissing and spitting, and jumped towards Wolfstar, her claws unsheathed. She tackled him, and they went tumbling over the side of the highrock. Echopaw and Emberkit watched in fear. Emberkit was about to take the moment of distraction to get Echopaw away from him, but then a yowl sounded from the inside of the cave. The two kits jumped up and ran inside, and it surprised Emberkit that she seemed worried.

He was horrified at what he saw inside.

Whiskerpelt was laying on her side, her stomach bleeding severely and breathing raggedly. Sandkit was bundled in a pile of bloody fur, and Emberkit could tell immediately she was dead. The white cat stood above the cats, purring successfully. "Breezefeather!" Echopaw yowled. He looked up, and smiled.

"Would you like to finish the job Echopaw?" Emberkit could only watch Echopaw, he was too stunned to do anything else. She had an odd expression on her face, like she wasn't quite sure where she was. Finally she took a step forward, and Emberkit prepared to jump on her again.

"No." Both Emberkit and Breezefeather had identical masks of confusion on their faces. "My brother, mother, and father were killed, I know how painful it is. No one should have to go through that. It's not fair."

Breezefeather hissed. "If you won't finish the job I will!"

Another chapter (POV: Ultraviolet of RiverClan)

Cherrypelt's struggles grew weaker as Foxpaw's fangs sank deeper into her neck. His eyes glowed with blood lust, and Ultraviolet felt a rush of sickness when she realized that there was only one way to stop him.

With a growl of anger, she barreled into him, sweeping him off his paws and loosening his grip on her friend. Cherrypelt collapsed on the ground, gasping for breath. Foxpaw let out a snarl of rage and lashed his claws out, striking Ultraviolet's eyes. She blinked the blood out and in that moment Foxpaw slipped under her, collapsing her back legs. With a horrible cry of triumph and his eyes blazing, Foxpaw lunged for her neck.

Ultraviolet jerked to the side and he missed, stumbling as he did so. Praying to StarClan for a quick death blow, she swiped her claws across his throat. His snarl quickly switched to a gurgling whine. He aimed a blow at her neck, but collapsed on the ground.

After a moment's struggle, Foxpaw was dead.

Ultraviolet stared in horror at the young cat. Dead, he didn't look evil. He looked…innocent. Young. Taken too early.

She had just killed an apprentice.

With a choked sob, she turned away from his body. "Ultraviolet?" Cherrypelt's voice was weak, and Ultraviolet knew she ought to heal her friend. But her mind was numb with horror. "There was nothing else you could've done."

"I shouldn't have killed him!" Above her, Silverpelt seemed to shine more brightly than a thousand suns. Were they welcoming another warrior?

With a painful grunt, Cherrypelt staggered to her paws. "You did what a medicine cat should do. You protected your entire Clan the best you could."

"I've no right to be called a medicine cat." Ultraviolet whispered. "I killed him."

Cherrypelt sighed softly. "I'll be right back, okay? I have to check on Swansong." With one last worried glance, Cherrypelt slipped into the warrior's den.

Ultraviolet turned and looked down at Foxpaw again. "I'm sorry," She whispered, pressing her nose into his fur. "But, you were trying to kill my Clan. What else could I have done?" She shook with fear at what had just happened. StarClan shouldn't have chosen her to revive RiverClan.

Then, something in the sky above her caught her eye. A star was falling, and as it fell it grew brighter and brighter. Finally, it fell in the horizon and there was a large flash. Its blinding white light came closer and closer until Ultraviolet felt as if her fur was being burnt off. "StarClan!" She wailed. "Are you punishing me?"

Around her, star swirled in a circle, buffeting her fur. They pressed in closer and closer, surrounding her and Foxpaw. Then, the world was dark except for a single shining star. Ultraviolet watched in wonder as the star slowly floated down towards Foxpaw, landing lightly on his chest like a snowflake.

The star sat there for a moment, and then began to spread, turning Foxpaw's fur a brilliant white. It grew brighter and brighter until it engulfed Foxpaw's body and blinded Ultraviolet again. Then, the light began to clear and pictures flickered in front of her. First of a small, fox red kit playing happily with his siblings. That's him as a kit, she thought wistfully. Then it turned to the same kit, older, crouched over a body. "Mother!" He wailed. "No!" Then it changed again, this time to him padding after a larger tom. His father, she thought. The older tom showed him no love, and often clawed him for the smallest things. "If it weren't for you," He'd say, "Your mother would still be alive." Ultraviolet felt a prick of sympathy. I know what it's like to be blamed for a death that isn't your fault. She thought.

The anger in the cat grew and grew until he finally lashed back one day at his father, and they locked in a battle to the death. Foxpaw emerged victorious. From then on it was a fight for survival, and when two cats, Cherrytail and Swansong, asked him to join their 'Clan' he was sure it was the same thing. He fought his way through life, desperate to merely survive.

Then the visions faded, and Ultraviolet was alone with a cat that looked like Foxpaw. But instead of being small and full of anger and scorn, this cat was older and looked respectful and fiercely loyal. "I am now the warrior I was born to be." His voice sounded like all the warriors of StarClan were speaking. "And that I should've been."

Ultraviolet's eyes snapped open, and she was crouched above Foxpaw once more. But now the cat laying on the ground was a different cat, the cat from her vision. He opened his eyes and looked around. "I'm alive," He whispered.

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