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The Cottage 'til Dawn- Chapter 1, On The Floor

Edward pulled me towards him with all of his strength. I trembled - too full, too excited – overwhelmed by the moment.

"Bella, I love you so much." His hand cupped my face. "You are everything to me. Everything.

"There's so much I've…" His voice trailed off, hoarse. The pain and urgency of his longing was etched into his face, desire radiating from him.

His beautiful eyes shouted wants that were honest and shameless. He was trying to reconcile his raw physical need for me with the sacred tenderness he felt for me as well, unsure if it could be done. I knew exactly how he felt because I'd tried that too. Except I didn't care. I realized I didn't need them to match. They really weren't at odds, just different facets of our love for each other.

Edward could have me however he wanted to, however he needed to. I was ready to give myself to him in every way, now that I finally could.

"Bella, I've waited solong for you." I knew he didn't mean the past two years. He kissed me with the heft of countless years of loneliness and sorrow being healed in this one instant. "SO very long…"

I stroked his hair tenderly, encouragingly. I smiled with love brimming in my eyes, and a current of volatile passion just below it. "Whateveryou want, I want to be to you, Edward. I love you. Forever. "

"Bella." He pulled me back into him with a sense of occasion. Triumph. And a scorching thirst that blood was not the answer to. This thirst met me not from his throat, but from the very center of him. I grabbed onto his sides, while his mouth insisted on joining mine. Words like irrevocable and all-consuming were now too weak to define what we meant to each other, and the passion between us.

His blunt tongue explored my mouth and neck desperately - a sign of what was to come. I found myself in the unfolding awareness that the limits he'd placed on himself in my time as a human were no more. With no fear for my safety, we would race to resolve our desires in new realms of possibility.

He removed the last tatters of my dress from my frame, and lovingly ran his anxious hands over the contours of my thighs. I could immediately feel the difference in how physically strong he was allowing himself to be. He didn't hurt me at all, but I could definitely feel his grip on me was nothing like before the change. I could also feel his relief that he no longer had to worry about how he held me, and the gratitude that we'd made it here.

I'd already torn away the remainder of his clothes too, as easy as if they had been paper. I hummed in contentment, caressing his sides, and then smoothed my hands down his naked hips and over his perfect bottom. He liked that a lot, but made no deliberate gestures of acknowledgement - his body told the tale. He was too focused on me, even though I hadn't extended him the courtesy of leaving him in his underwear as he had left me in mine.

He paused to take in an eyeful of me – wearing a pretty ice-blue, sheer demi bra and a tiny swatch of ice-blue lace pretending to be a thong. Alice Cullen, madame pimp extraordinaire.

I stood perfectly still, allowing him to see his fill of me, to have whatever he needed from this moment. "See anything you like?"

"You have NO idea," he said with conviction. Edward shook his head like he was in pity of me for what was to come, and smiled a crooked smile with knowing eyes. I wasn't sure if he was answering my question or warning me about his future behavior. "… no idea."

Either way, I liked his answer. I looked searingly into his eyes and said, "Then show me."

I pulled a-loose one of the fragile ties on my hip holding the tiny piece of lace in place, still keeping eye contact with him.

Edward surrendered everything he'd ever known about himself to being fully present with his feelings for me. He slowly bared his teeth - half smiling, half provoked - and headed straight for my neck, moaning low in heat. Thrills of energy surged within me as Edward placed his exposed teeth and lips onto my neck and sucked passionately.

His hands guided me out of the scant little panty, fondling and teasing me for my trouble. Mercy. I purred and rubbed against his hands.

His nimble fingers tenderly coaxed me out of the top of the delicate bra, before he became too excited and ripped it completely off. Mercy.

A feral snarl escaped from me without my commission or consent. The cause: his tongue and teeth mercilessly occupying the bra's previous location. Flames licked me on his dancing tongue tip. Finger tips pinched gently and teased infuriatingly. I willed myself to stay standing, bracing myself by holding his hair as I watched Edward's mouth suckle from me.

He brought his mouth back up to mine and kissed me, slowly migrating to my ear to whisper and tongue into it, incensing me.

"Mmmmm. I wonder if the rest of you tastes even better now too… Shall I find out, my wife?" His voice was so soft-spoken, so deceptively polite, and so very serious. I closed my eyes and was grateful to still manage standing on my own.

Edward ran his hands along my neck, stopping at my nape to pull my face into his, kissing me again, even more passionately. He returned to my poor ear. "… or shall I just have you now… like you took that lion…"

My eyes rolling back were my only response to his question. My mind was still too far reeling for me to communicate much else. I felt drunk on the power of his desire.

He was still talking in the smoldering soft voice. "You were magnificent, Bella. My stunning wife, the lithe hunter. God, I almost took you right there while you were feeding." He kissed me feverishly, eyes heavy-lidded and so aroused. He rubbed my thighs and hips possessively. I moaned into his mouth, while I hooked my ankle around his, sliding my leg up and down. Our heavy breaths mingled while our anticipation mounted.

His body was impatient, demanding to be received by me. By the sheer potency of his every movement and sound, I knew just how he was going to give himself to me. Intensely and utterly.

Edward cradled my head as he dropped us to the floor, his tongue in my mouth flickering against the tip of my own. "I can't wait anymore, Bella."

I nodded wildly in agreement, my eyes closed as if this was the last thing I would have the strength to coherently communicate for a while. This was not entirely untrue.

Edward leaned me against the nearby sofa chair, still cradling my head with his hand. His eyes were clear and determined. "Bella, I want you more than you could believe. I can't wait to get lost inside you," he said fiercely, and kissed me with the kind of kiss that started Greek wars.

"Please, Edward, please," I whispered, breathy and with my eyes closed. I licked my lips and pursed them together, still savoring that last kiss.

"Youdon't plead. Anymore. The sun doesn't beg the moon for anything.He pulled the cushion off the chair and laid me down all the way on the floor, thoughtfully placing the cushion under my head and back, even though the floor was in more danger of discomfort that I was at this point. We were eye to eye, and soul to soul, while his finger tips gently opened me to receive him.

"Mine." He said the word so low, so breathy, that I wasn't sure I was meant to hear it. "Bella, I love you so much."

"I love you, too. Always."

"Always, my wife, always." Edward entered me fully in one long, deep stoke. We crumbled into frantic moans at this most powerful reunion. Edward closed his eyes, held my shoulders, and thrust into me so passionately that my entire body shook. It was such a devastating pleasure.

I looked at his face and realized he'd meant for me to understand that he was letting himself be free with me. He eyed me so sensuously, then kissed me the same. He slowed a bit to see if I was enjoying myself. I wanted him to know that I was not scared of his power, that I loved it. I threw my head back, snaked my body in a wave, and rolled my hips into him in the way that had proven quite popular on our first night.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh… Bella… Jesus!" He roared, eyes daringly narrowed and burning into me, from a whole new realm of arousal. I smiled darkly as I watched him scratch part of our stone floor into a pile of silt.

He grinned wide now, seeing that I wasn't afraid of him – that he was safe to let go. He kissed me with an interesting mixture of gratitude, love, and provocation.

Electricity shivered through my system in acknowledgement of our new level, while the larger part of my mind was with my overwhelmed physical experience. I was totally lost in the deep, frenetic thrusts we threw into each other in a fast, confident, bold rhythm.

I realized just how much Edward had been holding back from me, how much he had to control to keep me alive. I held onto him tightly as he turned my body and mind inside out, writing his name into me indelibly with each pulse of his hips.

I called to him in throaty outbursts that seemed to make his passion worsen. He answered me by taking himself to the edge of me and then returning allthe way in. Fast. And deep.

He angled himself to rub against a point of exquisite pleasure inside of me with each stroke, causing me to literally beg for more. He happily obliged.

It was a different kind of fire now, and it consumed more quickly. I could no longer feel blood rushes or a pounding heart, but I could certainly feel furious emotion just fine, maybe even more lucidly. I was in awe experiencing this new dimension of Edward – my devoted soulmate, my husband, the father of my child.

"Tell me how it feels, Bella. Tell me that I satisfy you." He trembled, his voice commanding and desperate at the same time.

"In every way. I can't even imagine anything more."

Edward shuddered at this disclosure, and seemed to hear my statement as a challenge. His hands moved under me to pull me into him, intensifying the rubbing by tilting my pelvis downwards. The subtle tilt was like dialing in a station to its precise location. Crystal clear reception. Okay, NOW he was trying to kill me.

But a double-edged sword is tricky to wield. Intensifying my pleasure had caused quivers inside of me. He was now struggling to hang on.

"Edward, please… tell me how it feels for you."

"You feel so soft… so soft… your body shapes itself to me... yielding… ahh… tightening… ahh… so... damn... good…."

His talking ceased.

"Oh, God, Edward…" I pushed my head back, like that would help somehow. I squeezed his arms tightly, by accident, forgetting my strength. He winced and kept going, slowing down a bit.

I felt dreadful. "I'm sorry."

He kissed me on my forehead reassuringly. "Don't worry..." Then he slipped low and sensually into my ear, "...but you'll pay for that."

My eyes widened. He smirked, glad to see he'd messed with my mind. He kissed my forehead again, then he got to work.

Edward got deeper… how, exactly, was that even possible… He was still concentrating on the same location inside of me, clearly determined that his every movement be on the same excruciatingly sensitive and pleasurable place. But now, he was moving at a pace so slow and burning that I literally felt every nano-part of the experience. Slow was so much worse than fast.

This was not the same kind of slow that we'd shared on the island. Not even in the same zip code.

I imagined this was what it must be like to play video games with someone who had all the programmer's cheat codes. It was too, too much. Actually, too much was about ninety miles back on the highway.

I started to spasm. I closed my eyes and clung to him. Edward saved me from myself and pinned my wrists out at my sides. A feeling of supernatural warmth radiated out from my core to the place where my heart used to beat, then to my extremities. It was a full-body sensation that seemed to push out through the top of my head and the soles of my feet.

"Bella, please open your eyes. I want to look in your eyes." I opened my lids and looked to my husband. He held me gently while I released. Edward tried to calm and console me, slowing down even more and kissing me so softly. I was still shaking.

Edward followed only after I was through this time. I was glad because I could focus on him. I yearned to intensify his luscious shudders. I squeezed down on him from the inside, giving him much pleasure. I felt every ripple in his body as he succumbed to my inner grasp upon him. Roaring. Growling. Groaning. Saying my name again and again. My name. This gorgeous, sexy man was for me alone. His body was so beautiful , and he was all mine. And he was inside of me, totally free and sharing himself with me in a way he would never share with another woman. I was so aroused again, I tongued into his mouth and hummed in a moan.

Edward's body offered no more struggle. He kissed my mouth with redemption, then collapsed. I cradled him with all the love that I had in my body.

We laid out side by side, our backs on the floor. He reached his hand out to hold mine while we stared up at the beams in the ceiling.

"Wowwww," I said like a nine year old who had just seen a superhero movie.

He snickered in agreement. "Indeed."

I rolled over onto Edward and put my arms around his neck. I kissed his neck, faking a growl. "Grrr."

He bellowed with laughter and kissed the top of my head. I laid my head on the hollow of his collar bone, and traced his leg with my toes, while he gently caressed my shoulder.

"So… that was, um…"

He snickered again, this time louder. "I know. For me too, love."

"I didn't even know it could be like that."

"Neither did I. Bella, thank you."


"Just, thank you." I knew then what he couldn't put into words. He was thanking me for giving him the freedom to be totally himself and explore his potency. He wouldn't say it, but I'd already considered that this was really the first time that Edward got to make love as himself. The other times, while beautiful and pleasurable for both of us, were all about me and my needs, and my safety. Tonight, we made love as equals. Tonight, Edward gave fully from his being. He loved me physically as much as he loved me emotionally and spiritually - with all his might.

I kissed him, wanting to reassure him that I understood him now. We laid together, looking up at the dark ceiling, drinking in the moment.

"Do you wanna hear something crazy?" I asked, stroking his neck, kissing it, tracing his side with my fingers.

"You want to go again already, don't you?" he accused with amusement.

"Very much, yes."

"Oh, thank goodness. Me too." He sounded relieved. "I just didn't want to rush you."

We both laughed, amused at how absolutely brilliant our lives were. We kissed like gleeful partners in crime about to toilet paper a front lawn instead of insatiable newlyweds who were ready again after only moments.

God bless vampire recovery time.

"But um…"

"Yes, love, what is it?" He rubbed my shoulder reassuringly. "You can tell me." I could see he was now worried he'd been a little too rough with me.

"No, I'm fine, GREAT actually. Seriously great." He grinned. "It's just that I, uh…"

"What, is it, sweetheart? Please tell me." He was relieved, but still impatient with concern.

"I want to be on top this time."

"Oh, I see." He said it dreamily instead of as coolly as he'd meant to. He realized he'd just betrayed one of his fantasies. Edward looked down out the side of his eye at me to see if I'd caught that, and I caught him sneaking the look. We both cracked up laughing again. I raised an eyebrow, debating on whether to try to find out what else was churning in his beautiful head or whether to kiss those full, yummy lips.

Reading my face, he kissed me fantastically as a preemptive strike. I shook it off. He wasn't the only one who could dazzle these days.

I sat up on him, knees off to each side straddling him. I guided his hands to clasp my waist, and shook out my hair like a hair commercial. Playing up the allure of the bell ringing in my voice, I inquired, "So you've been thinking about me on top, hmm?"

"Yes," he admitted in a soft, hesitant voice, eyeing me up and down.

I led his hands up from my waist to my chest and left them there, putting my arms behind my head like a pinup girl. He began to slowly massage and caress me while I arched into him and closed my eyes.

"Tell me what else you think about." My voice was dripping with fantasy. I couldn't believe how powerful and sexy I felt. Edward looked absolutely defenseless.

"You… under the moonlight with your pretty legs wrapped around me." He tone was deep, surrendered. He moved his hands down to my legs while he was talking about them.

"Mmm. That sounds nice. What else?"

"No no. It's your turn, Mrs. Cullen." His index fingers traced painfully slow lines up my sides.

"I wish we'd made love on the beach of Isle Esme – right there in the sand."

"Ah, I see. Well that can be arranged quite easily," he said with a smile in his voice. I could already see the chartered flight being formulated in his brain. "Now is it the white sand or is it to do with the island itself? "

"No, sir. It's your turn for the next question." He sighed, frustrated that he'd got caught cheating.

"Now, Bella, this one is very dear to me. Please don't injure me by mocking it."

"Edward! Why would you think…" I was a little insulted, but then considered how I'd acted with the whole marriage proposal thing. "…yeah, okay. But you should know I would never mock you about something like this."

"Thank you, and the same for you, please know. You can tell me anything your heart desires. I want to completely fulfill you, Bella." He touched my chin to focus my face.

I leaned in and kissed him. "Thank you, me too." I was getting quite clouded with emotion, but still curious about his other fantasy, so I quickly asked before my body could change my mind for me. "So what's your special one?"

"Well… I was rather disappointed to not have undressed you from your wedding gown." He looked down. "You looked so lovely, and the peek I got of you in that garter belt during the reception… oh, Bella." His eyes rolled back a mixture of lust and disappointment. "I feel like I missed the chance to, well, unwrap my present, as it were."

"We can definitely take care of that one," I said matter-of-factly. He grinned ear-to-ear at how on-board I was.

He tousled my hair again. "Do you have any others, love?"

"A few," I said coquettishly.


"Mostly I just really want to be right where I am right now." Edward smiled warmly, and looked down humbled. "But there is one more I really think about all the time." I got a little heated up again just thinking about it.

"Bella, you have to tell me, what is it?"

"Our meadow. I would love for us to go to the meadow." He smiled gleefully, betraying himself again. "So that's one of yours too?"I asked.

"My very first fancy of you that way, actually… and my favorite."

"We should go tonight!"

"Well… probably not a good idea tonight. Let's go another night, tomorrow perhaps."

"Why?" I whined, not wanting to wait for anything anymore.

"I should probably have a chance to scout it first, make sure no one is in the area, start earlier in the evening."

I pouted and stroked his cheek.

"Should I even bother to continue to reason with you?"


"I didn't think so… alright," he sighed. "I'll go check it out." He shook his head, smiling. "Incorrigible."

"And don't you forget it."

"But before I go, I'm going to need… a little more… of you."

"Like I would even let you get up right now." I winked at Edward; he shook his head again and smiled at me.