"This is my first fan fiction and I would appreciate any and all reviews. I have set the story after the suicide bombing by the children of the light, based on the television series"

His eyes darkened as he ran the sharp point of his tongue over the dry edges of his lips. He was aware that he had been watching her for longer than was safe, his eyes drawn to the quick delicate movements that she made as she moved among the survivors, dispensing comfort and strength in equal quantities.

Soon she would notice. Sookie was uncannily perceptive, even though a Vampires mind was closed to her, but it was with difficulty that Eric managed to tear his gaze away and think about the situation he had placed himself in.

Tricking her into drinking his blood was a game. Oh he had thought it would be useful to have a link to Sookie and he was undeniably interested in her for more than her supernatural talents, but he had not realised the potency of her. She had tasted him, but in the confused aftermath of the explosion, he had run his lips over her wounds, inflicted by the silver shrapnel and leaving a pattern of red, like a satin ribbon, across her upper arms. She hadn't even realised what he was doing, and too late he realised he was hooked.

He felt a shift in the atmosphere and looked up, his clear blue eyes shadowed by thick long black lashes, in deep contrast to the ivory of his skin and the pale golden hue of his hair. She was watching him.

Sookie felt different. She couldn't quite place it but she was definitely not what she would call herself. Of course, she had just been almost blown up by a fanatical vampire hater, although these days that was not so out of the ordinary. No, it was something else. She considered the scenario. Obviously she was very pissed that Eric had tricked her, although a small part of her mind conceded that perhaps she had been complicit in the scheme, she hadn't resisted much. It was odd that Eric had saved her, although he had never tried to harm her she did not think him in anyway self sacrificing, instead rather cold and selfish.

Suddenly she realised what it was and she snatched in her breath at the enormity of it. Ever since she was a child and her talent had manifested, she had been lonely. She had had to be strong for Jason, for Tara and even Sam. Bill had helped, the silence she felt with him was a relief from the turmoil of the thoughts from her usual company, and there were other reliefs......but now, she no longer felt alone.

Sookie turned to look at Eric.