Sasuke's New Little Brother

Warnings: MalexMale relationships, mentions of abuse, killing, torture, bad language – I am rather fond of the F word after all, OH! Look out for the warnings on the top of the page. Future lemon (since purplekitsune-chan had it on rated T I will warn you guys when the lemon comes)

Purplekistune-chan's Summary: A five-year-old Harry gets magically transported away from an abusive family. When he is found by Sasuke how will things turn out?

Tweaked Summary: Harry wondered why he was unloved by his family. In desperation he wished he was with someone who didn't think of him for what he was – a freak.

A/ N: I'm trying to keep this as close as possible to what the original author has planned! I won't completely succeed but I'll do my best.

Edit: The beta is UchihaVendetta. Thought you'd like to know since I had a brain fart and forgot XD. Um and I have no idea why the italics aren't showing on my computer at the moment. I'm going to wait until tomorrow and then see if i can fix them.


It was a normal day at Number 4 Privet Drive as it will always be at Number 4 Privet Drive. There was nothing magical happening after all. Except, that is, if you looked at the front yard of Number 4 Privet Drive. A young boy sniffed as he reached down to pull another weed out of the ground. The boy was around the age of five, but his malnourished appearance made him seem like a three year old. The boy sniffed again and attempted to rub his nose without getting dirt on it. His small skinny arm shifted for his hand could descend upon another weed.

He froze when a cool breeze flowed innocently through Surrey. His eyelids closed temporarily hiding those glowing emerald eyes. His cute button nose wrinkled and he rested on his knees. He pushed his round ugly glasses back with his small fingers as if it would help prevent the inevitable. Then it happened, a small sneeze of 'chu' forced its way out of his traitorous mouth. He opened his eyes and watched the garden desperately hoping nothing would change. As he was about to let out a breath of relief, the garden grew and turned into roses. They were beautiful - something he had hoped he could do for the family so they would love them.

An inner voice told him firmly that it will not happen. Somehow the emerald eyed boy agreed with it but argued that it could happen. Hope was the only thing he had after all and he wasn't going to let his conscience tell him otherwise. He gasped as the door slammed open. A fat bloated man turned a sick shade of purple was standing out in the doorway. He stomped towards the boy.

"Useless freak! What have you done," the foul, bloated, man bellowed. His name was Vernon Dursley - a foul creature to those who opposed nature, but apparently a loving husband to the normal. He grabbed the boy's arm and lifted the boy off of his knees.

"You did again didn't you?! How many times have I told you not to use that-that creepy crap here," Vernon whispered violently. He quickly looked up and little relief came onto his face when no one was there.

He shook the boy, "Do not use your freak shit here. Do you understand?!"

"I-I'm sorry! It was an accident-" the boy tried to explain but the man shook him more. The little boy winced. His arm was sore and he, unfortunately, expected a bruise by dinner.

"You are the accident Potter," Vernon muttered harshly. He enjoyed the wince the boy gave him. "Harry Potter, did you really think you weren't," The man scowled as he began to drag the boy inside the house. He yanked on the poor little Harry's arm when he thought the boy was moving to slow.

The house was frighteningly white; too white. Everything was in its proper place, even an unusual door under the staircase. The bloated man stomped his way to the door, ignoring the painful yelps from Harry. He unlocked all the locks and opened the door as patiently as he could. He gave the boy one last good sneer before practically throwing Harry in. The boy screamed as his shoulder painfully crashed against the wall.

Vernon could see the fear in those emerald eyes as he began to shut the door. He smiled as he heard crying when he slowly locked each and every lock making sure the boy could hear a visible 'click.'

After he was down with his torture, he said, "No supper for you tonight boy. Just think of how much a freak you are and contemplate on your actions this evening." A horrifying loud set of footsteps came down the stairs. A small short and -well- tubby boy came halfway down the stairs and peered down at his father.

"What did the freak do this time daddy," the boy asked eagerly.

"The same thing the freak normally does Dudley. The useless thing, can't even weed a garden properly. Maybe I'll throw him in some insane asylum like your Aunt Marge said," Vernon sniffed, "At least I wouldn't have to throw my weight around disciplining this rodent."

Dudley, who had gotten bored after hearing 'the same thing', nodded dumbly and smiled, "What's for dinner tonight, Daddy?"

Vernon gave him a wicked smile, "I'm glad you asked Duddly-kins."

--------------------------------------------- Inside the Cupboard---------------------

Harry flinched as he heard his Uncle go in great detail of what they were having for dinner. His small tummy grumbled at the mention of barbeque ribs slathered in nice warm sauce. He hadn't eaten anything good in a long time.

'They wouldn't let me have any anyways,' Harry admitted to himself. He crawled onto the middle of his mattress, curled up in a ball, and stared longingly at the door. He subconsciously began rubbing his sore and bruising arm. He gave a sad smile. Harry desperately wished he could win over his families love. He had done everything he could. He gave them respect even though they most likely didn't deserve it. He even made Dudley a toy once. His cousin threw it back at him.

'What am I doing wrong,' Harry wondered silently. I must be doing something wrong. Do I have to act like Dudley? Harry sighed. It was a typical sigh that would come from a stressed adult. For it to be coming out of a five year old boy would have been a reality shock, if anyone where to witness it. Harry looked at his dusty floor. I wish...I wish I knew someone who didn't know I'm a freak. Maybe they would like me then.

Harry yawned and avoided putting his hand over his mouth. The teacher did say, you shouldn't touch your mouth or eyes if your hands were dirty. As little Harry Potter drifted to sleep, he felt a small shift inside him. He closed his eyes. It was probably Dudley stomping on the steps again. He was completely unaware of the light glowing inside the whole room. A few moments later the cupboard door open. Vernon Dursley blinked three times before biting back a curse.

"Those freaks aren't going to like this," He muttered studying the empty room.

----------------------------- On the way to Wave Country-----------------

Sasuke was now walking away from his team. Kakashi had asked him to fill the water jugs. He snorted. If the idiot hadn't gotten injured, Sasuke wouldn't need to do something as simple as filling water jugs. He didn't mind it that much though. It gave him some peace and quiet. He came to the stream and bent down taking one of the jugs. He filled that one and the others up pretty quickly. It wasn't until something flashed in the corner of his eyes.

As a reflex, he dropped the jugs and took out a couple of shuriken. He crouched down, nearly touching the ground, and approached a couple of bushes with caution. He pushed the bushes back and blinked with surprise. His eyes narrowed in suspicion as he studied the unconscious child. He had a huge bruise on his arm, his clothes were baggy and torn...Sasuke reached out and lifted the baggy red shirt.

'What sick bastard would do this,' Sasuke wondered as he saw a large scar on the boy's side. He stepped over the bush and gently picked up the boy. He wondered if he should take the kid to Kakashi. He looked down to see brilliant emerald eyes staring up at him. The boy whimpered and twisted in his hold. Sasuke put the boy down but kept hold on the kid's waist. He was a little startled at how skinny the child seemed.

"It's okay," Sasuke whispered, trying to calm the little boy, who was now shivering in fear. He furrowed his eyebrows when it wasn't working. He blinked and brought his hand to the kid's hair, ruffling messy raven locks. The kid stopped trembling and looked at him more carefully.

"Are you okay," Sasuke asked as gently as he could. He inwardly winced, for he wasn't used to acting so sincere. The kid muttered something to him. Sasuke sighed. Whatever the boy said assured Sasuke that this kid could not understand him.

He tried again, "Are you okay?"

The boy stared at him concentration. For some reason, Sasuke could feel a change in energy, around the boy mainly. He watched the boy more carefully but saw the boy was unaware of it. Sasuke quickly deducted the boy did not know of the raw power that was moving around him.

"Who are you," Sasuke whispered.

"A-ano..." The boy looked startled as the word came out of his mouth. Sasuke blinked but shrugged. Maybe the boy was afraid to speak at first?

"I-I'm not sure," the boy continued, "I think my Uncle got rid of me..."

Sasuke frowned, 'Why would someone would want to get rid of their own child?' The kid did not look like any S-class nin. And he was certainly too young to refuse an arranged marriage.

"What's your name?"

"I don't know. I've been called a 'freak' and 'accident'. I-I think today my uncle called me Harry." This 'Harry' tried to move but cried out nearly falling. Sasuke caught him and held him up by the uninjured arm. He checked the boy's leg giving it a gentle squeeze. The child whimpered. Sasuke sighed and picked him up. He walked over to the water jugs, glad he closed them, and picked them up, attaching them to his thigh. The little one clung onto Sasuke's shirt while his other arm dangled to the side.

"I'll get you to Kakashi. He'll be able to do something about that arm and leg of yours," Sasuke said. He cursed himself for not noticing the leg when he put the boy down. Harry whimpered and nodded. He nuzzled his face into the teen's neck. After all- this boy was nice to him. He decided he could trust him.

"What's your name," Harry asked shyly. He silently hoped he wouldn't get in trouble.

"Uchiha, Sasuke," the obsidian eyed teen said. The teen glanced down at the boy and couldn't help but feel his eyes soften, "Call me Sasuke. We're almost there. Let me do the explaining okay?"


"Wow Sasuke. I never knew you had it in you," Kakashi commented cheekily. Sasuke threw him a glare. A certain blond idiot, who had not notice him because of his attempt to use his 'charms' on a pink haired girl, practically bounced towards them.

"What the hell took you so long bastard," he bellowed. Harry jerked and tightened his hold on Sasuke. His eyes went wide as he stared the exuberant blond.

Sasuke glared at the blond, "Lower your voice moron. I was just about to explain."

"Whose the moron," Naruto whispered out this time. He didn't mean to scare the child. He blinked, "Whoa Sasuke. Don't you think you're a little too young?"

Sasuke groaned, 'I'm surrounded by morons.' Sakura walked up to them. She looked at Harry.

"Can I see your arm little one," she asked softly. She blushed when Sasuke looked at her with a little respect in his eyes. Harry nodded and Sasuke handed the boy over to her. She lifted his arm gently and scanned it over.

"Kakashi-sensei, I believe this boy's arm is broken in several different places. It doesn't look like it has been treated," she said studying the blackening bruise.

Kakashi leaned over but he scanned the ankle, "Yes, his ankle is sprained too." He turned to Sasuke, "Where are his parents?"

Sasuke shook his head. "I found him near the river- when I was filling the water jugs. There was a flash of light. Then I found him behind some bushes," Sasuke narrowed his eyes, "From what I gathered he lived with his Uncle and, obviously, he was abused."

"Obviously? He could have tripped and fell Sasuke."

"He isn't sure what his real name is. He said his Uncle called him 'freak' and 'accident'. He also mentioned his Uncle might have gotten rid of him." Sakura had given the child to Naruto and walked into the talking bubble they had made.

"Who would treat a child like that," Sakura nearly screamed. Kakashi hummed not answering. Sakura still didn't understand the world fully. The white haired jonin watched the blond interact with the kid. Naruto could understand and Sasuke would, to an extent. Harry laughed as Naruto made a funny face to him. Sasuke had to admit, Naruto could be less obnoxious when he wanted to be. Harry turned to face them and he quieted again.

Sasuke turned to Kakashi, "Are we going to take him with us?"

Kakashi nodded, "We will. Let me just put a sling on his arm."

Naruto came to them with the little raven boy in his arms, "I already made it." Sakura scowled.

"Naruto you idiot," she started but froze when Harry whimpered. She pressed her lips in a thin line before fixing the sling. "There, we'll fix it when we get to Wave Country," she said soothingly. Their client coughed. The team looked towards him.

"Are you sure this is wise," the client asked. Sasuke glared at the old man. Naruto opened his mouth to say something and Sakura did the same.

Kakashi put his hand up and anything they would have said was silenced, "We have little choice. This boy needs to see a Healer nin or someone with medical experience." Kakashi chuckled, "Besides I think my little genins-" the three glared at him. "-would leave us with little to no choice." Harry wiggled and reached for Sasuke. The blond boy was nice but he was a little too loud. He also figured Sakura would smother him and Harry didn't want that.

Naruto, who felt like cracking a grin, handed the boy to Sasuke, "Aw- cute. Sasuke's a daddy."

"Hn," the Uchiha responded. He took the boy who immediately snuggled to him.

"What's his name anyways," Naruto asked causing everyone to sweat drop- excluding Sasuke.

Sasuke, instead, rolled his eyes, "He doesn't remember his real name. He said his uncle called him freak or accident." He quickly regretted it though. First off, he hated repeating himself.

"WHAT," Sakura and Naruto screamed. The second reason was his teammates were very loud. Harry clung onto Sasuke and hid his face. Kakashi sighed and pulled out his perverted orange book.

"Mah, Mah. Let's get going," the jonin said starting to walk away. Sakura let out a nervous giggle and apologized to the kid. Harry looked up just in time to see Naruto sheepishly rub the back of his. Sasuke rolled his eyes and followed Kakashi. The other two standing near the old man who was all but forgotten.

"Oi Sasuke! Let's name him," Naruto said from where he was. The old man grumbled and rubbed his ear. Kakashi hummed in response turning the page.

Sasuke looked down at Harry, "You want to choose your own name?"

"U-Ummm…," Harry looked at the teen unsure.

Sasuke tried not to sigh, "How about...Kei? It's the name of this character I like in this book." His favorite book he added mentally.

"Kei…," Harry tried it out. He smiled with brilliant innocence at Sasuke, "Kei! I like it." His new name, Kei! He would treasure it forever. He held onto Sasuke more affectionately then fearfully now.

"Hurry up. It's dangerous to stay out here too long. We need to make it before nightfall," Kakashi said never looking up from his book. He added, "You all can switch off carrying Kei. Try not to hurt his arm more." Sasuke threw three water jugs behind him. He heard a loud thunk and an "Oi". Sakura laughed as she caught hers and the old man's.

Sasuke threw one to the front and Kakashi caught it with ease. The sky began to redden and the group cheerfully, and carefully, kept walking. Harry beamed, feeling a new path being set before him.