A/N: Alright! This is going to be my second LoZ oneshot, so enjoy!!!! Sorry for the long absence. To make up for it, I will be posting all I have written in the interim time.


A young man in green rode out of the Faron Woods, looking content. His mare was a roan beauty with cream mane and tail. She clopped along at an easy trot. Both seemed to not have a care in the world. That was not the case.

Link was content, there was no doubt about that, he was simply overwhelmed by the sheer number of tasks that had been set to him. The Hero must get next Mirror of Twilight shard (not something he was looking forward to), find Ashei, and finding his swords master, he needed to acquire the new skill before braving the next temple. There were also the more trivial tasks of collecting golden bugs for Agatha, Poe Souls for Jovani, and helping building the bridge to Castle Town. Now that Link took a good look at his mental "to do" list, the idea of scaring the fan girls outside the STAR game tent was looking more and more appealing. He settled for a happy medium and decided to go to Telma's bar and hang out, maybe convince her to let him have something other than milk. Then, when night fell, he would go and find his mentor. Then he would make his slow and cold way through Snowpeak Mountain to the next Shard. Ugh, he positively hated the cold. No, he told himself, I will not complain, not until I get there and freeze my butt off, at least.

With that in mind, Link set off at a canter towards Castle Town, ignoring Midna's insistence that they must get to Snowpeak now. He considered gagging the talkative imp princess, but he fresh out of gags. Pity, he thought. The hero looked around himself. He loved being out on the road; it was way better than running around dungeons with water up to your ankles and Nayru-knows-what breathing down your neck and trying to kill you. One might need to keep an eye out for moblins and mockingbirds, as well as Stalfos and Stalhounds at night, but they couldn't hide very well, not under the big blue sky. Being on the road even beat living at home in Ordon, where he worked with the goats. Here, he had a greater level of freedom and peace, despite Midna shouting from his shadow every five minutes.

Link crested a hill and stopped, looking out at the silhouette of Hyrule Castle, reminding himself of why he was out here, and risking his neck on this quest. Now he felt guilty, he should be halfway to Snowpeak; instead he was on his way to Telma's to get a drink. He must be crazy, thinking this way, while Zelda was gone, waiting to be rescued.

"Having second thoughts?" Midna asked, popping out of my shadow. "You should, we need to get to the mountain to meet up with that weird Resistance girl!"

Link knew she was right, so he pulled out his map, scanning for the small golden wolf's head that marked his mentor's location. Link still needed the new Hidden Skill before facing the mountain. He was pleased to see that the old Sage was nearby. Link rolled up his map and shoved it into his saddlebag. The Hero then pulled Epona around and spurred her into a gallop. Link was on the road again, this time with a mission.


A/N: I realize some of the events are out of order, namely the new Hidden Skill. I merely have twisted this to make it seem like Link has a lot to do. So don't get bent all out of shape, those of you who might notice such trivial details. Thank you!