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Tony Dinozzo was a man of action. When something was wrong, he fixed it. As so, as the sun rose on his first Saturday off in a month, he found himself trying to find a way to help the woman who was currently snoring in his arms. Ziva had slept the whole night through, barely moving at all, and for that, Tony was grateful. He had seen through the mask she wore and knew that she was exhausted. He also knew that offering help to her when she thought she was hiding how she felt would earn him a glare and a lecture about how "fine" she was. But now that she had come to him and asked for him, he figured that it would be safe to broach the subject. So he continued to lie in bed, his arms around Ziva, absentmindedly rubbing his thumb in circles on her back while he tried to devise a plan of attack, a way to help his partner.

He was so lost in these thoughts that he did not notice as the snores stopped and Ziva woke. At first, she could not remember where she was, but as she inhaled the familiar scent of Tony and felt him rubbing her back, she was brought back to the previous night, to falling asleep in her partner's warm arms. As she took in her surroundings, she noticed that the sun beaming through Tony's blinds was up high. She smiled to herself because that meant she had slept a long time, something she had desperately needed. She felt so well rested and comfortable lying tangled up in Tony. As she stretched her legs down, rubbing her feet along his calves, she felt Tony jump and pull her closer. She turned her head, resting her chin on his chest, looking him in the eye.

"I didn't realize you were awake," he breathed, studying her face to make sure she was okay. "Did you sleep alright?"

"Yes thank you. I feel like I slept for a month. What time is it?" she asked, curious about how long she actually had slept.

Tony turned his head slightly to look at the clock. "11:31."

"I do not think I have ever slept past 10 in my life," Ziva replied, shifting to lay her head back on his chest.

"Seriously?" he asked, thinking about her life. "You know what, I actually believe that. You are not the lazy weekend morning type. Me, I could spend all day in bed, as long as there's food." As if on cue, his stomach grumbled. "Brunch time!"

"Brunch? What is a brunch?"

"Breakfast plus lunch equals brunch. You know when you wake up too late to eat breakfast, but too early to eat lunch? You combine them," explained Tony, pushing the covers down a little. Ziva slowly slid away from him, stretching her arms and back as Tony climbed out of bed.

"If you are cooking the food, then it is never too early or too late for a meal. You just make what you want, yes? Why combine two meals?" she asked, sitting against the headboard.

"Because, Ziva, that's just what you do. I don't make the rules, I just follow them," Tony responded, happy that things between them did not seem awkward. "You stay here and I will make you some brunch. By the way, there's an extra toothbrush in the drawer in there. You might want to use it," he joked, winking at her. She shot a glare at him as he walked out of the room, humming. Ziva snuggled down into the covers, surrounded by the Tony's scent and the warmth lingering on the sheets and his soft singing drifting in from the kitchen. She was glad that the previous night, her show of weakness, had not made things change between them. Not yet, at least. She knew that eventually Tony would want to talk about it. For now, she was happy to lie in his bed and revel in the feeling of a good night's sleep.


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