Remember You

I never remember

Never do

Even when I've known you for so long

I should remember those wings

Or the fact that my death is near

Every seventeen years

But I don't

Never did

Never will

I don't remember

But there is something there

A spark of remembrance

We go together

We always will

You try to keep me away

With your cruel words

But you and I both know it never works

I keep following, keep coming

I can't stop

It's not just coincident that you're always there

Like the last time

One kiss was all you got

Until the shadows took my soul

From the very thing that keeps me alive

This time my time has come

You have to see me die once more

This time there is a difference though

I see them too

The shadows bouncing off the grey, plain walls

You wait for me to remember but nothing happened

I'm still here with you

My time has come and gone

I am with you but I'm still trying to

Remember you.