A shower of rain poured down relentlessly, soaking the two journeying Akatsuki members. One of which was swearing his sliver haired head off.

"Fuck, Kakuzu! It's a god damned hurricane out here, for Jashin's sake! Can't we stay at a fucking inn, hell being in a dumpster doesn't sound so shitty right about now!!" The younger of the duo whined, shivering from a blast of icy water. "Crap! Hopefully the cheap ass won't consider that dumpster thing." The ex steam nin thought with regret. "Maybe if you actually shut the hell up for a few minutes, I'll consider it." The banker mumbled, rubbing his temples in an attempt to restrain himself from strangling the smaller man, in vain of course seeing as the zealot was immortal.

"Kuzuuuu!" Hidan pouted angrily. He was freezing his ass off and would probably end up sick by the time the two headed back home. "Some fucking boyfriend HE is! He hasn't even acknowledged what today is!" The zealot thought to himself bitterly, thinking back to before leaving the base, random 'happy birthday's' and the occasional gift, which was nice and all, but the person he really wanted attention from hadn't even gave him so much as a second glance. Hidan couldn't help but stare daggers at the miser's wide back.

What seemed like hours later, the criminal ninjas found themselves stopping at a small hotel, much to Hidan's pleasure. The only reason they ended up there was because Kakuzu couldn't bare listening to the amethyst eyed man bitch any second longer. "It's about fucking time!" Hidan sighed contently, lying on the only medium sized bed in the small, drab room, Kakuzu being too tightfisted to pay for an extra room. Ignoring him, the miser was already seated at the small desk, calculating expenses and how much the next few bounties would bring in.

Hidan couldn't take much more of this neglect anymore! "How dare that chintzy fucker keep ignoring me! He doesn't remember my birthday and now this!" The zealot felt tears forming in the corners of his eyes. No, he refused to let Kakuzu see him cry. He stormed off into the bathroom, slamming the door behind him.


Kakuzu couldn't help but overhear Hidan's silent sobs. With a sigh, he walked over to see what was bothering the Jashinist. "Hidan..?" "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT YOU HATEFUL MOTHER FUCKER!?" The miser was confused by Hidan's sudden outburst of rage. "Hidan what's the matter with you?" Kakuzu whispered worryingly. Taking shuddering breaths to calm his self, the masochist began, "Now you want to care you jerk off! You forgot my fucking birthday!" Kakuzu let out a deep chuckle at hearing this. "Forgot your birthday?" Hidan could no longer control his temper when he heard the banker. "WHAT THE FUCK IS SO FUNNY ABOUT THAT, YOU ASS!?!" he swore bursting through the bathroom door, tears streaming down his pale face.

"You really are an idiot, Hidan." Kakuzu chuckled, embracing the whimpering zealot. "Fuck you...let me go...bitch..." Hidan mumbled incoherently, secretly enjoying the sudden act of affection. That didn't mean he wasn't still pissed though. "Hidan, did you even bother looking at the calender?" The miser spoke, motioning to the complimentary calender on the wall. Following Kakuzu's arm, the silver head turned redder than Sasori's hair. "OH, WHAT THE FUCK!?"

It was only the first.