….. Day 1.

I'm not allowed to quit.


They made me see a therapist.


He told me to introduce myself.

What the hell. Why not? I'll humor the guy.

My name is Sasuke. Sasuke Uchiha. My clan was killed by my brother on orders from the advisers of the Hokage. I've been obsessed with vengeance most of my life, first with my brother Itachi, and then the advisers from Konoha. I returned, five years after I left.

Things are pretty much the same here. Village full of pipe dreams and ignorant morons who walk around thinking the world's a shining, happy place where nothing bad could possibly happen to them. It can happen to others, but oh, not them, they're so high and mighty, make good choices and live right, because it's all about the decisions you make, tragedies happen because people make bad decisions, but no, they could never make bad decisions. As long as they avoid the tragic, poor sons-of-bitches, they'll be fine.

No, I'm not bitter at all, what could possible make you think that? Ah shit. I'm starting to refer to bindings of paper as a 'you'. Damn therapy and psychoanalysis...

So what. People look at me a little weirder. Avoid me. Cross the street to the other side when I'm walking. Hide their kid's eyes. Tell their precious angels from above not to talk to the boy with all the problems. At least Kakashi's there for me, most of the time. Naruto's still a pain in the ass... and...fine. I'll admit it. He still doesn't know.