Chaotic Moon

Author: Zippinus

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters nor some of the plot. I'm poor so there's nothing for you to gain by suing me. This is the only disclaimer by the way, as this applies to the ENTIRE story.

Author's Notes:

I apologize to anyone who has been reading my other story "A Different Kind of Chaos." I realized that I had been writing in a way that emphasizes the past, and wasn't going anywhere. I decided to take my mind off of it for a while and found a better style of writing. It focuses on the question "What's next?" or "So, now what?" This idea has got me thinking about where I want my story to go, rather than how it got there. I'll get back to my other story when this story stops glaring at me to write it.

On that note, if you've found this story, then you know that it's a Ranma/Sailor Moon Crossover. As for the original idea for this story, I must give credit to Chronos the Cat here on FFNet. His story is called "Beautiful Martial Artist Sailor Moon ½."

The story had a nice start, but never had an update. So for anyone who has read that story, this may sound quite similar.

I must note at this point that this story is what I'm going to call a 'Dual Alternate Merged Universe.' To all of those confused by that statement: both Ranma ½ and Sailor Moon will be set prior to their respective series and they will be coexisting in the same area. As a side note, Juuban is typically considered the Azabu-Juuban district of the Minato ward in Tokyo. For my purposes, Juuban will be a district of Nerima. As reference, Most of the Ranma canon will have taken place in the Furinkan district of Nerima.

I have a decent plot for at least a few interesting chapters before I'll have to read/watch more of the sailor moon canon. For anyone who cares, I've read the first 3 manga chapters in English. I've also seen the first 12 episodes of the anime in Japanese (English subtitles). Most of my experience with Sailor Moon has been in fanfiction, but I'll try not to stereotype anyone.

In other news, this fanfiction may become delayed. This is because I have begun translating manga for a new scanlation group, Zero+. For more information on this, please refer to my profile. OK, enough chatter, on to the story!

Chapter 1: Family Reunion

In a place devoid of life, the only things to give an idea of reality were a very beautiful woman and a small orb that seemed to project an image directly onto the nothingness. The woman in question had long green flowing hair and was wearing an outfit that most otaku would drool over. As for the image, it is of a rather nice house whose sign read "Tendo Dojo." The scene moves and enters the house…

A man with long black hair and a mustache is reading from a very 'interesting' postcard. It simply reads "Soun, Bringing Ranma from China. Genma."

The man, Soun, then asked a young woman in the kitchen, "Where are your sisters, Kasumi? I have important news!"

Kasumi was curious as to the news, as he hardly ever seemed so active. When she noticed the postcard in her father's hand she quickly slipped past him saying, "I'll get them father." Moments later Soun realized that he had lost the postcard, but quickly dismissed it thinking he had thrown it in his joy.

Kasumi wondered about the names. She knew that she had heard them before, but couldn't remember where. She decided to ask Nabiki, as she was the smart one in the family. Kasumi arrived at a door and knocked, before entering. With a quick greeting she approached her younger sister and handed her the note. Before the younger girl could inquire, Kasumi stated, "Father was acting weird, and the names on this postcard seem to be familiar."

Nabiki gave a questioning look to her sister before reading the note. Her eyes grew as the names rattled loose memories form a long forgotten time. She quickly pulled up the internet on her computer and found what she was looking for. After a moment, she turned around and sadly told the older girl, "The man who wrote this is wanted for so many crimes that he's pretty much the walking dead, but the worst part is the abduction of his son. I think we should call the cops, and there's a Number here for… wait? Do you remember Auntie Tsukino?"

Kasumi thought for a moment before replying, "I think so. She helped out around the house and to raise us after…"

"Yeah, and she's the family contact if anyone finds Ranma. That means that Ranma must be Auntie's son." Nabiki figured. "Here's the number, and don't forget the cops… make that the SWAT team Kasumi. This rap sheet says that he's taken down and avoided cops all over the place."

A half hour and a couple of interesting phone calls later Mr. Tendo and his three daughters were sitting around the dining table as the man attempted to plead with them not to do what they had planned. The girls remained resolute though and soon the doorbell rang.

Kasumi excused herself and answered the door. Behind the door were three people. A woman with auburn hair, Nodoka, wearing a formal kimono with a bundle attached at the side. Next to her was a man, Kenji, who appeared to be an average businessman. Between them was a young boy of about ten years old, Shingo, who bore a strong resemblance to his father. "It's been a long time Kasumi-chan. How are you?" she said. Before the younger woman could reply she continued in a mix of anger, worry, and anxiousness, "Are the really coming?"

Kasumi politely bowed and replied, "It has been a long time Auntie Tsukino. And yes, we do believe so. We received a letter earlier stating as such."

Before anything else could be said Kasumi was suddenly swept up into a powerful glomp. Eventually Nodoka collected herself and they headed into the main room, where Soun was beginning to form a river in, when another knock was heard from the door. Kasumi left to tend to the new guests, but came back running with a look of fear in her eyes. Following behind her was a giant panda carrying a blonde haired child dressed in Chinese clothing.

"Come on pops, Let me go! You're scaring them spitless!" the blonde exclaimed. As if on cue, the panda unceremoniously dumped the child on the floor. The actions of the blonde's shirt as the child left no question as to her gender. After a moment of grumbling, the girl picked herself up.

Kasumi was the first to recover the ability of speech and asked, "May I ask who you are?"

The blonde looked down and replied, almost fearfully, "I'm… Ranma Saotome. Sorry 'bout this."

As soon as those words left her mouth though, Nodoka began to seethe in rage, while the rest of the assembled group simply looked on confused. Quickly, Ranma continued, "Look, there are some things I need to explain. First though, May I have some hot water?" This comment threw Nodoka off, but Kasumi immediately left to retrieve it. "OK, first, let's all sit down so whomever faints doesn't have far to fall," the blonde continued.

As soon as everyone was seated, Kasumi returned from the kitchen with a steaming cup of water. Nodoka's anger began to rise again and asked, "So. What's going on here?"

Ranma seemed to ignore the question and ask one in return. "Do you believe in magic?" Everyone looked as if he was stupid.

Kenji finally broke the silence and said, "Of course not," as if it was obvious. Ranma then poured some of the contents of the cup over her head and attempted to throw the rest at the panda. However, said panda had reflexively leapt out of the way and out into the yard in a ready stance. No one seemed to notice this fact as they were still trying to figure out how the young blonde haired girl became a black haired young man.

The first one to regain any of their wits was Shingo, who exclaimed, "Wow, how'd you do that?" That comment seemed to drag most of the people back from their shock. Akane and Nabiki were curious as to the girl calling herself Ranma, but they were shocked by the transformation. They and Shingo began questioning the young man on his condition.

Ranma simply sighed and started, "it all started about a month ago…"

Back in the void, the mystery woman was gaping at the scene before. She attempted to manipulate the orb, but it refused to focus in on her target. It was almost as if the girl-turned-boy was disconnected from the time stream or surrounded in chaos. She absentmindedly opened a bottle labeled Excedrin™ and downed a couple of pills.

All had been going smoothly up until 14 years ago. She had slowly worked her way toward her goal and everything was ready. But then she had simply lost her final target. Not a small feat considering she held the title 'Guardian of Time' and could see any part of time and/or space at will. She had fruitlessly searched for her target for the past 14 years and had seen the disappearance of her desired future. Now, whenever she looked into the future, all she saw was a vast unknown.

She had finally settled on letting events play out and let one of the others locate the target, because soon the target's protective nature would bring them out. She had been checking in on one of the others, trying to decide which of the others should be awakened first, when this girl/guy had shown up. Her current problem turned into curiosity when she realized why the name 'Tsukino' sounded familiar.

The mysterious woman develops a large tick and soon develops an insane looking grin.

Nodoka slowly awakened with the bizarre thought that she had just witnessed a young girl turn into the striking image of her son. She slowly opened her eyes to see Kasumi and Kenji leaning over her looking relieved. Off in the distance she could hear an argument between Soun and his younger daughters. In another part of the room she could hear Shingo talking to someone, but she couldn't figure out whom.

As she slowly rose from the floor the conversations died away. "Please tell me I didn't see what I thought I saw." Kenji simply nodded his head. A cough from behind her caused her to turn around and she got her first good look at her long lost son. Before anyone could blink, she had leapt up from her spot on the ground and embraced the young man in a hug that would have crushed steel. This meant that Ranma was simply having trouble breathing. "It's really you Ranma! How'd you get away from that fat bastard?" She exclaimed.

Ranma for his part was completely confused as to why this woman was hugging him and asked the only logical question in his mind, "Uh, who are you?" The assembled people, minus Shingo and a panda, face-faulted.

He then continued by stating as if it was obvious, "And if you're referring to pops, he's the panda." Everyone in the room seemed to take this in stride except for Nodoka, who immediately unwrapped the bundle on her waist and unsheathed a katana. She then stalked over to the panda that was now playing with a beach ball and holding a sign that read [I'm just a cute little panda!] The effect was ruined when Nabiki 'accidentally' spilled a cup of tea over him.

Back in the house, Ranma was asking Kenji, "So who is she?"

Kenji sighed. "She's your mother."

"But pops said that mom died."

"He probably didn't want you looking for her."

"Why not?"

"Because he took you away from her without permission."


"Your mom and dad left each other and you were supposed to stay with your mother, but your father took you away in the middle of the night."


The police force that had been sent to retrieve Genma were currently trying to calm down Nodoka long enough to drag off the bloody mass of flesh that was Genma. They finally convinced her to worry about her son instead.

Nodoka quickly went over to talk to her son when Shingo threw a cup of water at him. Nodoka had to force herself to think about this young girl as part of her son. This was made easier by the fact that she had always secretly wanted to have a daughter.

"Son, your father is going away for a long time. We you like to come live with us. What do you think?" she asked. She figured that calling her son even when she was a girl would help her to adjust not only to having her mother back, and also give the girl the choice to make her feel more welcome with her new family.

Ranma only really heard the first part of that statement. If his pops was going to be away for a while he might as well find a nice place to stay. However that was only a small part of his thoughts. This woman, her mother, was willing to accept her despite her curse. "Sure, alright… mom," he hesitantly answered. He was again caught in the death grip that was Nodoka's hug.

Kasumi quietly interrupted and asked, "Will you be staying for dinner, Auntie?"

Nodoka released her hug and replied, "No thank you, Ranma will need some time to get acquainted with his new home and probably needs some time to himself. Thank you for the offer though."

Soun chose this point to finally remove the gag from his mouth and exclaimed, "What about the agreement!?"

Everyone else in the room shot him with an icy glare. Nodoka stated, "The agreement was made between you and Genma. Genma no longer has a son to marry off, so the agreement is off. Now as for him possibly dating your daughters and falling in love, I have no objection, but it will be their decision. We will be leaving now. Thank you for your hospitality." And thus the Tsukinos and Ranma left for their house.

End of Chapter notes:

First, for anyone who says 'why is Akane so calm?' the answer is that she has yet to start the morning fights with the hentai horde. The reason for this is that these events take place about 2 years before the original start of the Ranma canon.

Second, I like criticism, but I have to deal with the flames enough at work, so please. If you see problems with my story, please tell me and correct me. I left out the trip to Jusenkyo because it goes as per canon. As for the panda's beating, if I hear enough requests I'll put it in. I left it out because it alone would warrant an M rating.

As for pairing, I have no idea, the story will tell though won't it.