Chaotic Moon

Author: Zippinus

Author's Notes:

I've done it!! MUHAHAHAHA!!!! *cough* Sorry for that. I finally figured out how I'm going to introduce Luna into my story properly. I must give credit to two of my reviewers though, for without them, I wouldn't have connected the dots necessary to come up with something this... unique. I'll give credit at the end of the chapter, only because I don't want to spoil too much.

By the way, this story now has parts specifically from the manga, as well as both the subbed and dubbed anime of Sailor Moon. That was the only way I could get this idea off the ground.

On to the insanity!

Chapter 5: Pluto's Ideas and A Gentlemen's Alliance

Pluto sat near the Time Gates wondering how best to help Ranma with his/her situation. The easiest thing would be to tell him bits of information personally. The problem with that idea though was that she wasn't even supposed to show up on earth for a while yet. This could potentially mess up the future more than it was already.

Pluto laughed at that. More messed up? Ranma made the future a mess by simply existing, yet was the most important part to see it come to pass at all. The only thing she could mess up would be to create a paradox. Though the more time she spent with Ranma, the more likely that would be.

She thought about the Mau, Luna. How would she be able to talk to Ranma while he had that fear of cats? Luna might be able to help if she could preform a Lunar Mind Meld with him, but with his fear, she'd never get close enough.

Maybe she could use her human form to talk to him. The problem then became the fact that Luna needed to be in her Mau form to preform the technique. Staying human has possibilities, but Ranma's parents wouldn't let a strange girl live with them.

If only Luna could pretend to be part of the family... wait. That just might work. Pluto's smile would have had people calling the cops for all the insanity that lay within it.

To say that Ranma was confused would have been like saying that a bomb was dangerous. That is to say, an understatement. He still had no idea why he had been given the broach, nor why the whole thing had an air of familiarity to it. It was as if he had done this before, but couldn't remember any of it. He really needed to sort out all this new information. He considered telling his mother, but quickly dismissed that as he felt as if that would bring them into something dangerous.

He got up from his bed and headed down toward the front door. On the way Nodoka saw him and asked, "Ranma, where are you going?"

Ranma thought about that for a moment and replied, "I don't know. I felt like taking a walk, and maybe heading out to the park to see if there are any good places to practice. I promise I won't be too late." The last part was only added when Nodoka looked over to a clock hanging on the wall.

Nodoka sighed and said, "Alright. Just remember to come home before too late." Ranma went over and gave Nodoka a quick hug and headed out.

As he made his way down the street, he began dissecting the day's earlier battle. He really had to see if he could prevent that stupid speech. On the other hand, if he really needed the transformation to fight more of those creatures, he really wanted to know how to use his new powers. He might as well see if there's anywhere in the park that he could practice in his new form without people staring at him.

Luna was currently trying to figure out how she was going to do her job. She was also trying to figure out why Pluto was messing with things. She really needed someone to tell her what was going on.

At that moment she was scooped up and shushed. Her captor quietly said, "I've got an idea." As Luna realized that her captor was Pluto, she was told the details of probably the most insane plan concocted since... well ever. The sad part was that it would actually work.

Luna and Pluto quietly disappeared into a small dark portal.

Ranma arrived at the park to a strange sight. There was ANOTHER creature there, looking over the area where he had blown the first one to bits earlier. Oh, well. Time to see if he could learn anything about his new powers while he blew this new beast into the dust.

After a quick transformation into the Moon Knight, He headed in and automatically began spouting an introduction speech. "Return to where you came from creature. Otherwise you shall meet the same fate as your counterpart earlier. I am the noble warrior known as the Moon Knight! In the name of the moon, I'll punish you!" Ranma decided that he REALLY needed to keep himself from doing that.

The monster was interesting looking. It was very lean, while still having an air of power to it. It was built similarly to a greyhound in that it had a thin frame and was built for speed rather than strength. It was also vaguely female in appearance. It quickly closed the distance between itself and Ranma.

For Ranma's part, he was lucky to put up a defense in time. He got his sword into a horizontal block to stop the incoming fist to his gut. The creature moved in to look Ranma in the eyes. Ranma then brought his sword up in an arc to take the creature's face off. It leaned back and let the sword pass, before knocking the sword out of his hands. As the sword was flung away, Ranma shifted into one of his usual defensive stances. He began quickly deflecting or dodging the creature's fists until he spotted a pattern develop. As the pattern repeated, Ranma got a quick strike that sent the creature to the ground.

It refused to stay down for long. As the creature got to its feet though, a rose hit the creature in the forehead and it landed back on its rear. Following the path of the rose led Ranma to see a man wearing something usually reserved for masquerade dances. The man yelled, "Halt, foul creature! How dare you... Um... Who are you?" The last was said as the man caught sight of Ranma.

Ranma had used the distraction to retrieve his sword though and said, "Almost done here, thanks. Moon Purifying Blade!" The creature tried to block the attack, but it was like a person trying to fall up. Never stood a chance.

The masked man turned to leave, but Ranma called out, "Oh, no you don't. Get your butt down here tux-boy." Fortunately, the man did as he was told. Ranma continued, "Who are you? And why did you come to help? Not that I mind or anything, but between the start of a speech you made, and the fact that you attacked the creature, I'm inclined to think that you're an ally. If you're really an ally, I'd like to at least know your name and how to get a hold of you if more show up. Alright?" Ranma held out his hand, hoping that he had an ally.

The man replied, "Since you seem friendly, I'll make an alliance. I'm Tuxedo Mask. And you are?" He then grabbed Ranma's hand and shook it.

"The name's Moon Knight. Nice to have help. So, how do I contact you?" Ranma was hoping that they could get together and practice their skills.

"You don't. If there's danger, I'll be there to help though." Tuxedo Mask then leaped away. Ranma tried to follow him, but when he got to where the other man had landed, he was nowhere in sight. Ranma just sighed and decided that he might as well head home.

End of Chapter Notes:

I never realized just how much people read these notes. Anyway, thank you for your comments. Anyway, the credit to my newly hatched idea with Luna needs to go to King Tarol and Skye Silverwing.

I realize that some people prefer longer chapters, but I find that it clutters this story. I may be wrong, but that's the way these chapters have been set up. When I start stabilizing this story, I'll probably write more in a chapter, but until then, bear with me.

In other news, This Chapter was delayed because after realizing how to introduce Luna, I had four or five OTHER ideas to put into this story. I had to trim my ideas and space them so as not to bloat the plot. Luna and another idea made it in this chapter. I will probably elaborate on them separately. The others will be added later.

As for naming, I will use the japanese names for the civilian senshi. The only reason I'm using Tuxedo MASK is because all of the senshi use english for their secret identities and attacks. Thus, I will do the same for Tux-man.