Title: Birthday morning
Pairing: Fred Weasley/George Weasley
Rating: PG (for suggestiveness)
Prompt: birthday
Word count: 442
Beta: Not betaed, and I'm tired. It's late; so be warned of the many mistakes that may be in this drabble
Warnings: Incest. Angst.
Summary: The twins' birthday morning in 1998.
A/N: Originally written for the Twinestabration 2010 on hp_cestfest . I can't beleive this is actually my first Fred/George story. *gasp* I have another one to finish (longer) but writer's block doesn't let me finish it. This week passed by so quickly. I couldn't contribute to Team Fred as much as I wanted to.

Birthday morning

Sunlight sneaked through the window curtains, quickly waking Fred. He winced as the bright light blinded him for a second. Turning his head, he saw George sleeping soundly at his side.

"Hey, wake up," he whispered as one hand started caressing George's cheek. "Happy birthday." He kissed him softly on the lips.

"Mmmm...'ppy 'rday," George murmured not opening his eyes.

"What was that? Sorry, I can't speak troll," Fred teased. George just got closer to him and reached out to grab his twin's hand.

"Ha ha...Whatcha doin' up?" He whispered as he opened his eyes.

"Let's wake up early. We'll celebrate all day long," Fred proposed eagerly.

"This early? Let's sleep until noon. We have all the day to celebrate...You worn me up last night!" George complained moaning as he buried his head on Fred's chest, making him laugh and encircle his arms around him.

"That was nothing. I have a little something planned out for tonight that will make you want to sleep for a week!" He kissed George's head before continuing. "But seriously, I want to enjoy today. Take advantage of what may be..."

George picked on the sour taste his last sentence brought to the atmosphere. Separating his head from Fred's chest, he looked into his brown eyes and asked, "What? May be what?"

Fred took a deep breath and lowered his gaze as he answered, not able to look into George's eyes. "Our last birthday together," he whispered.

George stared at him for a few seconds before his finger pushed his chin upwards, making Fred look him in the eyes. "No," he said firmly. "Don't. I'm serious. This is not...This won't be our last birthday together. We're just twenty. We have a hundred more birthdays ahead of us. I don't want to hear it."

"George, come on. Let's be honest. We both know this is probably--"

"No. No. No!" George shook his head furiously as tears gathered in his eyes.

"We are in a war, George. A war! One of us may not come out of this alive. We may die tomorrow--"

"Alright, alright! I know!" He sat on the bed breathing heavily. "I know, 'kay? That doesn't mean we have to think or talk about it."

Fred sat by his side and started kissing his shoulder as he threw his arms around George's waist. "Okay, I won't say anything else. I promise."

George turned and hugged him tightly. "If...what you said...happens...I--I just hope it's me," he whispered against Fred's neck.

Fred smiled sympathetically. Placing both hands on each side of George's face, they kissed. "And I just hope it's not you," he said with a smile.