Title: When nightmares come true
Pairing(s): George & Arthur. Implied Fred/George (?)
Prompt(s): shared history
Rating: G
Wordcount: 379
Summary (If Applicable): The story repeats but in the saddest way
Warnings: Sad, sad, sad. Not betaed.
Notes: This is my last contribution. I swear. Take this as a thank you to everyone for the support and fun. This was awesome. A hectic month full of twincest, lovely new friends and giggling all around. THANK YOU! To everyone, l3petitemort and everyone who took part of this =)
Oh, and sorry if I misinterpreted the prompt. I started writing with the idea in my head and forgot about it, so it took a different direction.

When nightmares come true

"Fred? Fred? Where are you?" George called from his bed, scared at the absence of his twin in the room.

Fred had always slept at his side. He was always there when he had a nightmare: willing to wake up and comfort him. Now, six-year-old George needed Fred to talk with him so he could forget about the bad dream. Uneasy and truly scared that his dreams would come true, he stepped out of his bed. Walking into the darkness of the hall, he called for his twin one more time.

The creek of a door opening made him jump in horror. A tall, dark shadow walked towards him slowly. He could only relax when he felt his father's reassuring arms around him.

"It's okay, Georgie. I'm here," Arthur smiled, plastering a kiss in his chubby cheek.

"Where's Fred?" George asked, throwing his arms around his dad's neck, looking for the comfort his twin able to offer him at the moment.

"He got sick and Mummy took him to Auntie Muriel's house for a medicine," he explained calmly as he took the boy to his master room.

"Can't I go?" George asked anxiously, even as he let his father tuck him next to him on the bed.

"You will have to wait until tomorrow, boy. You can sleep with me in this big bed. How's that?" Arthur raffled his hair and kissed him goodnight.

"Good," George pouted despite himself. He had always wanted to sleep in the big bed, but without Fred nothing was fun anymore. He missed his twin and couldn't wait to see him again.

"Fred? Fred? Where are you?" George awoke suddenly, founding himself shouting the words he had yelled in his dream.

The door opened quickly as his father entered his childhood bedroom. His face showed a sadness that only got more pronounced as he saw his son's tear stained face.

"It's okay, Georgie. I'm here," Arthur whispered as he hugged the twenty-year-old boy to his chest as if he were not a day older than six.

"Where's Fred, Dad? I miss him," George sobbed against his father's shoulder.

"I know. I wish I could solve it all with offering you my bed," Arthur thought aloud.

George chuckled softly as he kept crying. "Me too."

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