Chapter Two – Terror.

Shrill screams were coming from every direction and blasts of fire and flames were being shot into the air. Cars were turned over onto the hoods, smoke spilling out from the engines and looking dangerously hazardous. I didn't know what to do; people with superhuman strength were coming towards us from all directions, and they didn't look friendly.

I held Connor's hand tightly, my head spinning wildly as my eyes darted from left to right. We weren't the only ones that didn't know what to do; there was multiple people hiding in shadowy corners, children shying away behind cars and their parents and adults running back and forth.

There was nowhere to go.

I bent down and picked Connor up, holding him for dear life in my arms. If I would die, fine... but I wasn't going to let anything happen to Connor. I crossed the road, watching for any other people flying back and forth with no intention in mind. Across the street, there was as much places to run as there was on the other side. Without thinking, I ran into one of Los Angeles dark alleyways. It seemed like a good idea; normally they were dangerous, but shouldn't everyone be running for their lives by now?

The narrow street was dark and gloomy, but it like it normally would, it didn't stop my feet from running. I kept my green eyes forward without looking towards the ground where I knew needles and dirty clothes would be lying. The alleyway smelled like mould and without looking, I knew the walls were likely to be damp and dripping with water. Suddenly, I felt extremely dirty. But unfortunately, I had greater things to worry about.

The screaming was feeling more distant with the more leaps I took, but I couldn't escape the pounding in my ear that was my heart. Even though the clothes we were both wearing, I could feel Connors rapidly beating heart and it made me want to cry. He was scared, and I couldn't do anything to help it.

"Don't worry Connor; you're going to be alright." I whispered, kissing his forehead as I ran for both our lives. I didn't take time to look back; I knew in my heart that the scene would be horrible.

I reached the end of the busy street and noticed people had left their cars lying in the middle of the road, doors lying open and engines still running. For a moment, I actually considered grabbing someone's car but that would only have drawn unwanted attention to us. Plus, you couldn't get a car out of this maze if you desperately tried. There were a couple of pedestrians standing, looking around with confused expressions on their faces. I dared a look back and noticed the angry mob was now straight behind us.

Of course, I panicked and began running but a noise caught my off guard. I stopped and looked around. I was standing next to a middle-aged woman in a business suit, and she seemed just as perplexed as me. Suddenly, a figure leaped out in front of us; it was a man.

I screamed and leaped back, but nothing could divert my eyes off this man; he has crimson eyes that seemed to pulse into your own, driving into your brain like he was compelling you and white sharp fangs, making little indents on his bottom lip. I stared, wide-eyed like I had just seen a ghost. But that was it... this man was so white he could have been a ghost. His flaky pale complexion was so white he seemed to fade on the edge of time. The he leaped again, but not towards us, towards the other woman beside us. I watched, breathless, as he threw back her neck like she was nothing and bit wildly into her neck, sucking the gloopy blood that dribbled down her sallow skin.

I wanted to vomit, but something about this breed of people that were heading towards us made my stomach curl. Of course it did! They were sucking people's blood! This kind of things wasn't supposed to happen... it didn't happen. Im dreaming, I know I am. Wake up, Eden! Wake up!

"Eden!" Connor cried, pulling me out of my deluded daydream. I looked down and set my eyes upon his innocent face; no, this was real. I had to get us out of here.

With my breath shaky and raspy, I ran like the wind down the pavement and zigzagged my way through the parked cars, trying to get away as far as possible. I hoped to god this worked; I didn't want to die, but the thought of Connor being hurt was an even scarier concept. I wouldn't lose both my sister and my brother; I just couldn't bare it. Connor was all I had left...

The screaming was back, penetrating my ears like knives. The terror from other people made a hard lump at the back of my throat, but I kept running. I ran down yet more alleyways, dark and imposing, and made my way towards the suburbs again; it seemed like the only place that wasn't infested with snarling people with horrifying fangs and the tendency to bite people. I prayed that I was doing the right thing; I didn't know what else to do.

As I looked towards the previously blue sky, I noticed that it was turning black and grey with smoke and smog. The haze it created drifted through the city like a plague, swirling and spinning around my lugs as I breathed it in. The suburbs looked clean, but as I ran further through the streets, I noticed that houses were dark and empty.

I stopped running and began a slow walk, my head darting back and forth. There was no one around; no lights, no children, no cars... nothing. Doors and windows were lying wide open like the inhabitants had fled suddenly and the atmosphere was deathly quiet and eerie. I kept walked towards our home, but as I neared out small detached house, there was a firm bad feeling in my stomach. I walked up the drive, but there was nothing or no one noticeably here. Normally you could hear the TV blaring from the living room at this time as Dad was up by now, but it was quiet and still. Nothing.

I put Connor down on his feet, but he was so shaky he could barely keep himself up, so I had to support him with one arm. The door was slightly ajar and I pushed it open gently. The front hallway was as clean as ever; nothing was out of place or moved. Everything was the same as it was when we left.

I picked Connor up again, softly stroking his blonde hair for comfort and made my way up the stairs. My heart was beating so loudly in my ears it felt like drums, but the only other sound was the creaking of the floorboards beneath my feet. On the first floor, everything was still the same. My room was the same, Connor's room was the same... but Mom and Dad's room was open. It wasn't this morning, I was sure of it; it never was open before we left. Gulping down the sick that threatened to erupt from my mouth, I stepped closer to the open door. The room was dark and shaded; the blinds were closes, preventing the sunlight from entering the room.

My stomach was literally doing flips now. I reached out and pressed the switch, but what greeted my eyes was nothing I wanted to see.

Mom's slim body was lying across the bed, swimming in a pool pf blood upon the bed covers. I screamed and covered my mouth, but with the other hand I held Connor's head to stop him looking around. Tears welled up in my eyes as I stared at my dead Mother. Her throat had been ripped out violently and her green eyes, the very same one's I had inherited, were wide open as though she were still alive. Without checking her pulse, I knew she was dead.

My Mother was dead.

Knowing I couldn't keep down the vomit anymore, I ran towards the bathroom. The door was closed and I shoved it open, but stopped at the doorway to find another body lying across the floor tiles. Dad. I screamed again and broke down into tears, the image of blood strewn across the white tiles filling my eyes. I ran out and shut the door behind my, crying into Connor as I ran down the flight of stairs.

My Father was dead.

I went to the kitchen and set Connor down. He was crying too, and without asking, I knew he knew what had happened. He looked lost and confused that it made me start crying all over again, plus the fact I had just seen my parents dead bodies. I bent over into the sink and threw up what was in my stomach. I felt horrible and even after I had nothing left to throw up, I still felt queasy and unsettled. I looked down at Connor who was looking at me, and together we clung to each other and sank to the floor weeping.