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Grey Flower

"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened."


"Senri!" The perky voice of a familiar blonde lit up the room as soon as I entered, and I sighed.

"You know, you're not supposed to be sitting up, idiot," I hissed, coming to his side to push him back. He winced when I touched his shoulder, and I pulled back, thooughly apologetic. "I forgot, Takuma! I'm sorry."

Takuma rubbed the wound gently. "It's alright. It's all closed up now, it's just tender. The doctors want to keep me here for another few weeks for monitoring... It was an anti-vampire bullet I was shot with... Wow, I shouldn't even be alive!"

I shook my head. I shouldn't have been there. Actually, I was there at the hospital for another reason. "That doesn't even matter... Takuma, Yuuki's dying."

Takuma cocked his head to one side. "Yuuki? Is she alright?"

I sighed, trying to be patient with him. It was becoming increasingly difficult. "No, Takuma. She's dying."

"Oh." Instant deflation. "What about the baby?"

"They performed an emergency cesarian. He's small, a little underdeveloped, and premature, but he should be okay. But the fact of the matter is that Yuuki was never healthy enough to have a baby. Ironically, she'd been this way all along and no one knew about it." This let Takuma relax, and I sat on the edge of the bed. "Apparently, even after she and Kaname were told about it, she wouldn't give up the baby."

"So, it's a boy, then?" Takuma asked, trying to lighten the mood a little. I nodded and he grinned. "What's she going to name him?"

"She isn't naming him. You two are." Fuyuki stepped into the room, Kuronue at his side. Normally, it would have concerned me that Fuyuki was up and about when Takuma was still in bed; but the knife that had made the wound was not an anti-vampire weapon... ironically enough.

What he said shocked me. "What?"

"Yuuki knows she's not going to live. She's handed over custody of her child to you and Takuma until Kaname is released from prison."

"Great... She couldn't have told us this seven and a half months ago?" I muttered, downcast. Takuma however brightened up even more.

"Let's name him Ranka!"

"No, Takuma!" I jumped on it, fearing for the child's future. "It's a boy!"

He deflated again, and he must've known that I was right; because he told me then that I could name him, and laid back in his bed. "Besides, he's your nephew..."

"That would make him your nephew, too, Takuma." I shook my head in playful disbelief, leaning down to kiss him gently. His lips were ready to fight back, and we could have stayed there in that tender moment for an eternity. But, Kuronue cleared his throat, prompting me to sit back up almost immediately.

"Takuma, can you walk?"

He nodded in response. "I can, but I shouldn't."

"Come along." Kuronue waved us out the door and with a shrug, we followed. Takuma took a moment to sit back up and strained slightly whenever he had to move his arm; but we made it and fled after my Pureblood ancestor. He lead us down several different hallways and into the elevator where we went down a few floors. When we reached Maternity, I knew where we were headed. We only stopped when we were standing in front of the Nursery, watching the thriving little life that was our child, covered in wires to monitor him. But shouldn't he be incased in glass or something?

"Is he yours?" asked a nurse who turned up behind us. She must have noticed the looks both Takuma and I were giving the baby and eachother. I nodded, and she smiled. "He's a strange kid... He should be on life support; but apparently he's developed almost completely to the extent of of a nine-month-old infant within the last hour... There's something wrong with that."

I smiled, knowing exactly what was wrong with that. Humans were so blissfully ignorant of our operations. But that wasn't even the best part.

"And then, of course, the doctor who was taking care of him suddenly passed out not too long ago... Completely unconcious, and it's just as if she's dead... Maybe you should name him Kira?"

He's already eating right... How precious. I could never say it; but Shitsuren snickered as the nurse continued on her way. Yeah, he had heard that. I raised an eyebrow as if asking him about this strange power of his and he sighed, explaining that he was born with the ability, just as every other vampire was born with their own ability. That explained alot... It was kind of wierd; but it made perfect sense to me.

"So, any ideas?" I asked as a generally open question. I listened to several suggestions from Fuyuki and Kuronue, came up with some on my own and kept them to myself; but Takuma stayed silent.

Then finally... "Katsura." I nearly missed it.

I looked up at him. "What'd you say?"

"Katsura," he repeated, then went on. "He's a man in myth said to be very beautiful that came from the moon..."

"We can call him 'Tsukiko' to tease him!" Fuyuki piped up, and I laughed. This felt so out of character for me... grouped around a window, looking in on what I would raise as my own child...

I watched him for a moment as his eyes opened — a bright, healthy crimson, sparkling with wonder and vitality. The pure blood within him had revived him when he was on the brink of death, and already he was doing well, though he was still abnormally small. I would be taking Katsura home in three days, and going through Hell and back while Takuma was in the hospital. I stayed at the Shiki Manor with my mother, Kuronue, and Fuyuki until Yuuki's funeral only two weeks later. Takuma was out in time to attend. Kaname, however, was not. He wouldn't be for quite awhile.

So, what can I say? I lied. Sometimes, there is such things as happy endings; you just have to wait a week and a half after the story is over to find that happy ending... Of course, then there are these things called sequels, invented to make my life a living Hell...

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