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Yes, yes it's a Ling, Jin thing just read it's really sweet

Advance Physics was such a drag. Ling sat at the edge of her seat with her left hand on the for-two-people desk her cheek resting on her hand and writing notes with her right hand. Occasionally glancing up to stare at the muscular back of Jin Kazama who sat one row over two seats up. She sighed and wonder what he was thinking, he was such a quiet person too shy for his own good. She wished Jin wouldn't be so shy so withdrawn. She sighed again and turned her attention back to the teacher who was making it very had for her not to fall asleep. Obviously Larry shared her feelings, Larry was the boy who sat next to her on the two-people desk, he was now snoring softly and kind of drooling on his book. Ling laughed silently at the sight of her sleeping friend.

Now she was thinking how hard she had worked and studied just to get in this class with Jin, which fortunately hadn't been too hard since she had always loved science. She did however felt a little intimidated in the beginning for the fact that everyone in the class was at least two years older then her. Even though most of the other kids felt intimidated by her and actually felt uncomfortable to ask her for help. She was always happy to help them so it had been easy making friends. Jin though he would never ask for help, she was the smartest kid next to Jin. Hardly anyone asked Jin for help for the mere fact that he always appeared so detached from everyone, but non the less when asked he would help, I guess he just couldn't help being nice even though he was extremely shy. His character sometimes led people to believe he was a stuck up rich kid, but of course she knew better.

Maybe she would have formed the same opinion if she hadn't seen the wonderful side of Jin. She smiled and thought back to the first day she'd met Jin her first day at this school two years ago.

Her father pulled up to the school and looked at her daughter sitting in the passenger seat and sighed.

"Honey it won't be that bad. Just give it a chance kiddo you'll see."

Ling turned to her father and glared at him.


She got off the car and slammed the door not looking back and made her way to her new school. She climbed the steps leading to, two double doors she stooped in the middle of the stair way and looked up at her school and murmured

"I hate this school"

Everything had gone wrong she had completely missed her first class because she couldn't find her stupid locker and she kept getting lost, not to mention her schedule was written like in secret code she couldn't figure it out, she hated it much here already.

She was rushing up the stairs to the second floor she was already fifteen minutes late or at least she thought it was fifteen minutes she had lost count. This is bull shit she thought. Ling was almost at the top of the stairs one more step and she would be there, when she lost her footing and went crashing down facer first, books flying everywhere, she landed with a thud.

"Ugh. Oh this is just great!"

She screamed at an empty corridor, tears were now threatening to come, but she would not let them she tried to blink them back. She got up and started collecting her books, she was so angry her shoulder were shaking, She totally itched to punch something.

She was now talking angrily to herself.

"God. I hate this stupid school with it's stupid class rooms and stupid halls and stupid people. I wished we hadn't move here. Ah if I don't punch something I'm totally gonna loose it."

Then there was a calm yet amused voice.

"Is this book yours?"

She was still crouching down picking up her stuff when she heard someone talk. Great as if it wasn't bad enough someone just had to witness her humiliation. She inhaled deeply to calm herself before answering nope it wasn't going to work.

"Gee, I don't know if it says big fat looser then it is mine" she snapped. She groaned and immediately recognized her mistake. Well hell she thought Way to go Ling here is the first person who talks to you and actually tries to help you and what do you do bark at them and act like a complete ass as if it was their fault. She sighed and stood up expecting to find a very ticked off person. Instead she lifted her gaze to the most beautiful hazel eyes she had ever seen. The boy in front of her was breath taking and that was exactly what he had done he had taken her breath away. With his smile his beautiful sensual lips, his strong yet kind face, those beautiful hazel eyes and a very masculine body that would make Michelangelo want to cry. He chuckled and Ling snapped out of her daze. She had never blushed in her life but now she felt as if she were glowing red.

"Actually this school isn't so bad once you get used to it. I'm Jin."

He said extending his right had while holding her book with the left. Oh no she had forgotten how to talk, she looked at his hand and her breath quickened. She couldn't move couldn't say anything and to her horror he chuckled again.

"Don't worry my hands are pretty clean."

At that she laughed and the tension was broken she took his hand. His grip was strong, she returned it, his hand completely covered her small one.

"I'm Ling" She said and was happy her voice had come out steady.

"Ling" he repeated letting go of her hand "I knew your name couldn't be big fat looser that's just too ugly of a name for such a pretty face, Ling suits you much better."

She smiled feeling her knees shaking, He had just called her pretty.

"Uh thank you"

He glanced at her book and said "Biology huh" he made a face and handed her, her book.

"Here you go, Biology class is the first hall to your right third door on the left" He finished smiling at her she took the book.

"Thank you"

She said again and quickly added.

"I'm sorry I snapped at you"

He just smiled.

"Don't worry about it. Well I better get to class and so should you" with that he walked away but turned his head slightly to look back at her and grinned saying

"See ya around kid"

That made her catch her breath again ignoring the fact he had called her 'kid' he disappeared in the next hall way and she stood there grinning like a fool. She would have probably followed him but she didn't trust her legs at that moment. After five minutes she managed to blink and reduce her fools grin to a small smile

"I love his school"

Now she smiled at the memory and sighed. She glanced at the clock ten minutes of class were left, that was both good and bad that meant class was over and the school day also since this was her last class of the day, but it also meant no more starring at Jin. It wasn't like she couldn't talk to him outside of class the thing was he would hardly talk at all. He was so quiet so different from the boy she had met the first day of school. He was so quiet almost cold but she didn't believe that. It was almost as if this Jin was a fake a mask to hide, what she didn't know yet, but she would definitely find out.

"So for your assignment I thought we'd try something a little different"

The stuffy nose voice of Mrs. Burg brought her back to the class.

"You will have to teach the next lesson chosen by me you will all get a part a section you will have two weeks to get ready you won't get in class time to work on this so you better get those books cracking the lesson will be about Quantum Physics"

"Ahhhhh" the entire class groaned.

"But you will be doing this assignment with a partner"

"Alright" was the answer from some of the students.

"Partners chosen by me"

"Ahhhhh" from the class. How did I know that Ling thought. Not that she cold choose Jin, Jin would always work alone and if he had to work with a partner he would hardly talk.

"OK now pay attention I will only call out your name and your partners name once"

Ling knew how useless it was to hope Jin was her partner he had never been her partner in any sort of school project and the reason she didn't ask was because she would hardly get two words out of him. Besides what were the odds of them being partnered up she couldn't probably figure it out in less then one minutes but the odds were always against her.

"Ling and Larry" Ling sighed oh well.

"What" Larry shot up at hearing his name. "I'm...... I'm here" he stuttered confused the entire class laughed.

"That good to know Mr. Powers and now that leaves only Jin, Jin you will be working by yourself since we have an add number of students is that alright."

Jin only nodded. Ling turned to Larry who looked more confused, she smiled.

"So I guess we're partners for the next two weeks"

"Partners, two weeks? oh shoot." he raised his hand waving it around to get the teachers attention. What was he doing now she was the confused one.

"Uh hello Mrs. uh Mrs. uh"

"Burg" Ling provided

"Right yoo-hoo Mrs Burg"

"Yes Larry" She looked up from her desk.

"Gee. Dude I hate to bust your bubble but I can't be Lings partner 'cause I won't be here for the next uhhh remainder of the year and next year and so on."

"And why ever not"

"Cause were like moving tomorrow"

"Oh well that's too bad" She looked down at her notes scribbled and scratched things out and wrote others in and finally looked up again.

"In that case it's Jin and Ling you will be partners. Good now everyone has a partner"

What. Had she heard right her and Jin. No way this was what she had been hoping for so long. She was so surprised she forgot to breath she couldn't even blink after about a minute she remembered she had to breath but choked and started to cough and cough and cough until Larry patted her on the back.

"Dude you ok?" Larry asked she only nodded. Jin she was going to be working with Jin she looked at Jins back he hadn't even turned. Oh well it didn't matter now she had the perfect excuse to spend time with him. The bell rung and she was swept up in to the crowd slowly she worked her way to Jin.

"Jin" she called out he stopped and looked back at her staying at the side of some lockers letting people pass through. God he was perfect. Finally gasping she reached him.

"Jin so were partners" He looked down at her and smiled.

"Yeah I guess" he said scratching the back of his neck. Now if she could only stop starring at him maybe she could actually get to asking him to meet her.

"So what do you want to do?" He asked leaning against a locker.

"Well I thought we could go to the library to do some research since there isn't much information in our books and then we could go back to my house or yours and we could decide how we will teach out info to the class. Five sound ok?"

"Sure see ya there"

She watched him leave through the double doors at the end of the hall.

"Oh my God Jin and I have a date, ok so it's not a date, date but it's a start"

She yelped and jumped

"Hurray" This was going to be great. They would talk and talk and talk about each other and how much they had in common and eventually they would worry about homework she giggled and ran to her locker.


So how was it I know I know Jin isn't really that shy and quiet but I wanted to portray him as that and even a little cold so my story would work a little better. So please don't hate me and Ling well she's young and sixteen that's how sixteen year olds are happy and giddy but she will become a tad more serious and mature as the story progresses I promise. Ok so hope I didn't bore and I'll have the next chapter up as soon as I'm done with it. In the mean time please Review.