Author's Notes: I wasn't really intending to post this, but then I was like, eh. What the hell. I haven't gotten any good Finn/Quinn out of my system in a while.

are your grasses green, does your garden grow

These are things Finn knows about Quinn, things he doesn't tell anybody else:


Quinn celebrates her birthday three days early because she wants it to fall in the Year of the Horse on the Chinese Astrology chart. She's really a goat, but she hates barn animals. Finn tried to tell her once that horses were barn animals too, but she got this dreamy look in her eyes and said quietly, "Not by nature."


She tells everyone that she decided to be a cheerleader after she saw Bring It On with her sister Amy and they both thought they looked a little like Kirsten Dunst. But really Quinn wanted to be Eliza Dushku: sassy, smart, and with a little bit of edge.

The other reason is that she hated the uniforms gymnasts have to wear.


Quinn has nightmares about balloon animals. It's something about the way they deflate, one section at a time.


Everyone thinks that she picks on Rachel because Rachel is weird and bossy and annoying, or because Quinn needed a low-man and high school politics require sacrifice, but really it's because when they were in second grade, Quinn told the class that she wanted to be a Broadway star and sang a song from Mary Poppins to prove it.

Then Rachel had stood up and announced that SHE was going to be on Broadway, and then after THAT win an Emmy and an Oscar AND a Golden Globe, and had blown everyone away with the entire set of Fiddler on the Roof.

At recess, Quinn emptied a soda into Rachel's backpack, and that was how it started.


When the baby is born, she names her Audrey Drizzle Puckerman. Audrey for Audrey Hepburn, her favorite actress, Puckerman for Puck, and Drizzle because she knows Finn wasn't kidding when he suggested it.

"The parents have the legal right to change it," she tells him, not meeting his eyes. She's been staying with Puck, now that they're 'officially together'. But sometimes he catches her looking at him with this little frown, the one that used to mean she loved him. "I mean, I probably would. It's an awful name."

He doesn't meet her eyes either. They're quiet for a long time.

Then he asks, "Do you need a ride home?"