mir'osik- literally "Shit for brains."

Luke Skywalker was studying the crowd before him as his sister pinned a medal to his black robes. The sea of faces blurred into one as he felt them through the force. None burned very bright, some a little softer than others. He sighed, he was going to have look a little harder to find a padawan.

Suddenly a great burst of light in the force lit up in the crowd and he jolted forward to the railing of the balcony when in hid itself again. Leia took no mind of her brother and continued on with her speech to the people of Corellia.

"And now, I present to you Luke Skywalker, hero of the New Republic!"

Luke inwardly sighed at the recognition, but he put a handsome smile on his face and waved good-naturedly. These people would never know what not only he, but his father had sacrificed for them. An official, whose name he had long forgotten, came forward to present him with his first-class Corellian Bloodstripes.

"Luke Skywalker, I award you our highest honor, first-class bloodstripes which as someone very wise once told me, you do not earn for attendance. You have sacrificed much to protect the people of this galaxy."

Luke felt ashamed for forgetting this man's name. The man seemed to have an aura of sincerity around him that most officials usually lacked. He bowed low to the man, the stripes clutched tightly in his hand.

"Thank you sir, these mean much to me."

There it was again, that bright flash of the force coming from the crowd. He gave one last wave to the crowd and then he and Han were led inside while Leia made a more formal exit.

"Hey kid, you did good. It takes a lot for them to give those out. Of course being a Jedi helps too."

"Ah, you're just sayin' that. Look, they gave them to you and that's saying something. I mean you are Han Solo."

"Ha, ha you're so funny."

Luke paused though as he felt the presence of the force thrum through the hallway. Ahead of him was a hooded figure, standing expectantly in the light of the windows.

"Luke?" Han asked, and then followed his line of gaze, drawing his blaster. He let one shot fire before Luke could stop him, but a green lightsaber batted the blast away.

Luke drew his own weapon, but the figure held up a surprising small hand.

"Peace. I'm not a sith, so you can calm down. You're antsier than Skyguy was."

Luke didn't move. The figure, now obviously female from her voice lowered her hood to reveal the tall montrals of a Togruta. Her face was still quite young, but her wide blue eyes were so deep with sorrow that she looked ancient.

"Hello Luke. I'm Ahsoka Skirata. Well, when I knew your father I was Ahsoka Tano."

Han aimed to take another shot but Luke held his hand up and lowered his lightsaber.

"You knew my father?"

"Well of course mir'osik, I was his padawan."

She whipped off her cloak to reveal her Mandalorian armor, and smirked over at Han.

"And I'm married to a clone of Jango Fett and I know just how much you enjoy Boba's company."

Luke continued to stare at the young woman. He smiled suddenly, a grin like his father's lighting up his face.

"I like her."

Ahsoka smiled and rubbed his sandy hair. Then a man in white clone armor stepped out of a cubby in the wall. The smirk on Luke's face disappeared and his readied his lightsaber again. Han was already running at the man.

"No, wait!"

Han didn't listen and swung towards the man. The man ducked and came up, catching Han's other fist and pinning him to the ground. He turned and looked at Ahsoka.

"What do you want to do cyar'ika?"

"Oh I don't know, but don't be too harsh on him."

Luke looked back and forth between Ahsoka and the man.

"Your husband?"


She and Luke laughed, the man joining in when he took his helmet off. He let Han go, giving him a pat on the back.

"Don't sweat it kid, I'm sure you'll get it by the time you're my father's age."

He turned to Luke and held out his hand.

"Hey kid, I'm Rex. Former Clone Captain under General Skywalker during the Clone Wars, absolutely better than those morons you call storm troopers."

Luke was about to shake his hand when he felt he presence of Leia come in. And she was not happy.

"Luke Skywalker, what are you doing? Who are those people?"

"Who's she?" asked Ahsoka. Obi-Wan had never said anything about a woman. But she could guess.

"Who am I? Who are you?"

"You must be Padmé's daughter."

Both Luke and Leia were taken aback. Han put an arm around Leia and she gladly accepted the support.

"Well, come along. We can't speak of such matters in a hallway can we? Besides you have to meet Plo and Kaida."

Luke followed behind, but Han and Leia were more cautious, hesitating before Luke told them that it was okay. They were led out to a side street where a woman only a few years older than Han was waiting.

"Hey Auntie, did you find the bratling?"

"Yes I did Kai'ika. Where is Plo?"

"Plo is digging around for something to eat. Hopefully he won't eat someone's cat like last time."

As if to answer her question, a hulking black…mass came around the corner. Luke hastily backed up, a hand out in front of his two friends.

"What the hell is that?" Han said.

"Excuse me? I am not a that. I am a who and my name is Ca. Or Plo as the mistress calls me."

"It spoke!"

"Oh boy, and you guys led the rebellion?" said Rex, putting a hand around Ahsoka's waist.

"Yes he can speak. His name is Plo after my old friend. He's a were-panther, one of the last in existence."

Leia pushed her way past the two men trying to shield her and walked right up to Ahsoka.

"Alright you, I'm going to ask you questions and you better answer them because it won't be those two you'll have to worry about."

"Alright, yes your mother's name was Padmé. No she wasn't some random woman; she was the queen and then the senator of Naboo. I'm sorry about your father and mother. I knew them personally. Both your biological and adoptive and I hope you can somehow rebuild Alderaan."

Leia looked up at the older woman.

"Can you tell me more about my mother?"

"Of course, come on you two, hop on Plo. I'm sorry Plo you're going to have quite a load."

"That's quite alright Mistress. But tell them not to pull my fur or I'll eat their throats."

Han and Luke stared dumbly. Rex slapped them on the back of the head and swung up onto the back of the huge feline.

"You heard the missus, move it!"

And they did.

Plo loped out of sight in the city to a park full of trees. There, the siblings, and Han, spent hours with the former Jedi talking about everything from how the Jedi temple looked back then to what model of speeder used to be popular. An especially popular topic was Padmé.

"Tell me again, what my mother looked like?" said Luke, even more excited than Leia was about hearing about their more mysterious parent. Ahsoka smiled kindly at the young Jedi.

"She was beautiful, your mother. Padmé had long curly brown hair that outdid even the beauty of most silks. And she was very kind which made her smile bright. You know she was the one who named you. Yep, while you were still in her womb she named you with your father."

Luke was still entranced by the talk of his mother, but Leia had tightened up at the mention of Vader. Han and Rex had long ago quit their talk of weapons and were passed out under a tree, snoring.

"Are you telling me that monster picked out my name?" Leia said her voice cold. Luke put a soothing hand on his sister's shoulder, but she shook it off.

"Your father wasn't a monster yet. No, not at all, he was just a desperate man then. He was hopelessly happy, but their relationship was doomed from the start because he had fallen for a queen. Someone you could not just up and disappear with like I did."

"What an idiot."

"Do not judge so harshly young one. Are you not the same with Han? Would your father have allowed you to marry him if he were still alive? You cannot pass judgment on what things people do for love."

Leia fell into a shamed silence. But then her brown eyes, so like that of her mother, sparked again.

"Just because he did a wrong thing for the right reason doesn't mean I have to forgive him."

Ahsoka nodded understandingly.

"I know little one. You'll forgive him one day."

Then she got up and went to fetch her husband and Kaida.

"Come on Rex'ika, Kai'ika, we must be going now. Kal will start to worry in his old age."

Luke jumped up and ran after her.

"Wait! You're going to leave just like that?"

Ahsoka laughed. "Oh yeah I almost forgot. About six or seven months from now, two weeks before the anniversary of the rise of the Empire can you send yourself to Rex in a dream to warn him about your father?"

And with that, she swung up on the were-panther and they were gone. Luke stared after her in amazement.

"She was definitely Father's padawan."

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