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The heart doesn't always listen to the brain nor does it head warnings. The heart longs for what it wants, yearns for what it desires. The heart will risk it all and just as easily crush when things don't go as planned. The heart charges into war while on carrying a thin cloth of hope as its weapon. This metaphoric heart, Dr. Brennan concluded, was idiotic and suicidal.

Brennan sat in the darkness of her office wondering what had changed. What had prompted Sweets to ruin everything? She looked around her safe-haven and came to realize that at some point in time this place had lost its serenity. There was somewhere else that she felt safe. She had not slept well in weeks and the tension was there in every case she and Booth worked, from the death of one of her high school classmates to their latest case concerning a "witch" named Willow. They had had fun, yet she could still feel the sorrow that seemed to radiate from Booth. It hurt her to see him with Dr. Klein and it hurt her to see him gazing at her. Which was worse she could not decide. Her computer dinged and the screen lit up drawing her attention. Puzzled she glanced at the clock on her desk only to have it read 11:45. Odd time for an email. She opened up the inbox and saw it was from Caroline, subject upcoming trial. Brows furrowed she clicked on the message. There where no upcoming trials that Brennan was aware of.

Brennan knew that naturally blood could not freeze in an 87-degree environment, that it was merely a chemical reaction causing her hearts rhythm to erratically change, but as Booth would say as soon as she read Caroline's email her blood "froze."

Gravedigger Trial: Date Set for 2 weeks from now

Prosecutor: Caroline Julian

Witness: Jack Hodgins, Angela Montenegro, Seeley Booth, Lance Sweets, Camille Saroyan, Temperance Brennan

Temperance Brennan.

She took a deep breath trying to steady her pounding heart. Though she knew that eventually there would be a trail for the Gravedigger she still was not ready to face that day. As she closed her eyes she recalled being imprisoned in that car, dirt walls pushing against the windows trying to get in, trying to suffocate her. A shiver went up her spine. Then another image came to mind. Booth emerging from that ship bleeding and haggard looking. The desperate work the entire forensics team had done to find him in time. She had broken the law and stolen evidence, but she would have done it again, especially for him.

For him she would have walked through fire.