A/N: Plot bunny's fault.

Day one.

Sasori and Zetsu were sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee. The best friends had coffee together every morning before they left to train there partners.

"Hey Zetsu-san?" Sasori muttered. Zetsu looked up from his coffee cup. "Hai?" Sasori sighed, "Is it against the rules to kill your partner?" Zetsu laughed. "Yes it is." "Damn."

2 minuets earlier,

Deidara had been listening to AC/DC on his IPod nano, ('cause he blew up his IPod touch.) when Hiden yelled out, "Holy fucking hell, how can you not fucking know what sex is?" "What is sex, Hiden-sempi?" Tobi asked. Hiden turned to Deidara and ordered, "Tell this fucking shit head what sex is." Deidara frowned. "But Hiden I don't know what sex is ether." Hiden stared at him. "What the fuck?" Deidara smiled. "I killed my parents before they gave me the birds and bees." Itachi and Kisame turned away from the TV they had been watching. "Then what do you do when you have an erection?" Kisame asked. Tobi and Deidara turned to him and asked together, "What's that?" Hiden promptly fainted and Kisame soon followed. Itachi blushed. "Go ask Sasori and Zetsu, there still having coffee."

Back in the kitchen,

Both Sasori and Zetsu had just taken sips of coffee when Deidara and Tobi barged in. "Danna, Un. We have a question." Deidara whined. "Sasori-san, Zetsu-san, what is sex?" Tobi demanded. Both Zetsu and Sasori spat there coffee on to the kitchen table. 'I'm not cleaning that up.' Koan thought as she walked by on her way to Peins office.

Deidara blushed and muttered, "I knew we should have asked Pein-sama." Zetsu broke into a hysterics at the thought of Peins face. Sasori lurched to his feet and dragged Deidara out of the kitchen with him, calling over his shoulder, "I'll leave Tobi to you, Zetsu."