Three months later.

No more Dango for Deidara.

Deidara was sitting at the breakfast table watching Itachi eat the last of the Dango. Koan was getting more from the pantry but shed been gone for five minuets already. Deidara was perplexed. Rather than just eating the dango Itachi was sliding it in and out of his mouth and sucking on it. Koan came in and started cooking Deidara dango when Kisame grabbed Itachi and pulled him away muttering something about important stuff that can't wait. Sadly for Kisame the shark nin was wearing skin tight pants that made his hard on painfully visable. Deidara got an idea. Sasori had been gone on a three month mission and had gotten back late yesterday night. Deidara was desperate for sex and even if he had to drug Sasori he was going to get put the now cooked dango in front of Deidara just as Sasori sat down. Deidara decided to copy Itachi and turn his Danna on by suggestively eating the dango.

Picking up the first stick he stuck the first ball in his mouth and sucked on it. After a while Deidara licked the second ball as he would his Danna's cock. After eating the third and fourth balls in similar fashions he switched to the second stick. Sasori lasted four sticks of dango before he pulled Deidara in to there bedroom.

Shoving Deidara back on the bed Sasori snarled, "What the hell was that?" Deidara looked at him innocently. "You haven't fucked me three months, Danna. Un." Deidara smiled impishly. "One way or another I'm gunna get laid by you today, Hmmm." Sasori smiled sadistically and Deidara only had time to think that this might not have been a wise idea before he was pounced on.

LEMON ALERT (all people under 18 don't get caught reading this ;D)


Sasori pulled Deidara's cloths of and tossed them away before striping himself down to his boxers. Pulling Dei in to a kiss he nibbled Deidara's bottom lip begging for permission. Dei opened his mouth and they started a battle for power that Sasori won. Shoving Deidara back Sasori slid his mouth around Dei's member. He slowly slid his tongue around the base before humming and sucking hard. "More, Danna! Un." Sasori sucked harder and bobbed his head up and down. Deidara groaned 'So close!' Throwing his head back and yelling out Sasori's name Dei came. Opening his eyes to Sasori's sadistic smirk Dei whimpered. 'Oh Shit!' "Now, Dei." Sasori cooed, "We can do this two ways. You suck me then I fuck you-" Deidara wouldn't have argued but Sasori was telling him what to do and Dei hated obeying orders. "And if I won't, Un?" "Then we do this raw and that pretty little ass of yours gets all torn up."

Sliding his eyes down Sasori's body to his dick Dei whimpered. Sasori was HUGE and wide to. How the hell had that even fit in him the first time? Deidara slid his tongue around Sasori's member and sucked on the head. Sasori groaned, Deidara was so skilled at this. Deidara slid more of his Danna in to his mouth and started sucking harder. Sasori started to moan faster and Deidara took it as a good thing. Putting all of Sasori's cock in his mouth, Deidara started to hum. The vibrations sent Sasori over the edge. "Dei…" Deidara swallowed Sasori's cum. "Danna still tastes like strawberries. Ku, ku, ku."(1) Sasori watched as Dei licked the come of his chin. Flipping Deidara over he thrust in to his uke. "Danna, not so hard!" Sasori stopped moving to let the blond get used to his size. Soon Deidara started moving. Thrusting in to Deidara, Sasori bit his lover's neck. Leaving behind a blossoming bruise. Deidara writhed beneath Sasori as Sasori sped up the tempo and began to pump Dei's member in time with his thrusts.

Deidara wasn't able to hold on any longer and came all over Sasori's and his stomachs. Sasori came after a few more erratic thrust, crying Deidara's name.

The next morning.

Sasori and Deidara walked in to the kitchen and sat down side by side. The rest of the akasuki where already there. Itachi had bags under his eyes. Deidara looked at him worriedly. "Itach0kun, are you okay? You look like you didn't sleep all night Un." Itachi glared at him. "Why is it that from my room, witch is at the opposite end of the base from yours, I can still here you two going at it all night long?"

"Maybe we were a bit more volcal then I thought… Yeah."

Misstersssaori: And so… that ends the story…

Deidara: don't you owe kibaskitty1234 from YouTube that story?

Misstresssaori: I'm working on it… it'll be typed out in a week or so.

Deidara: what took you so long?

Misstresssasori: Sasori, come shut Deidara up!

Sasori: *Kisses Deidara*

Deidara: *Faints*

Sasori: Don't you have a note to explain?

Misstresssasori: what? oh, wait a minute… yeah!

Misstresssasori: (1) Ku, ku, ku is often used in manga's to mean sadistic or cruel laughter . . . Don't ask why I put it there it just seemed fitting . . .