AN: This is part of a short series of oneshots. XD

Story Title: Wha?
Zangeal, SephGen, and...idk
Rating: M for language. NO SEX IN THIS ONE. Sorry.
Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

Summary: Sometimes we assume things for the worse...

"Angeal help!"

Angeal's hand shook as he listened to his student's shaking voice over the phone. What was going on?

"Are you alright?!" He yelled a little harshly into the speaker. "Zack!"
The timid voice shrieked. "Angeal! Hurry! It's...coming! KUNSEL!!! RUN!"

A dead echo sounded. He hung up.

"Angeal?" Sephiroth looked to him, unsure what was going on. "Is there a problem?"
Angeal continued to stare into the phone. What was going on? Was Zack in danger?

"Angie, hon?" Genesis poked his shoulder. "Heellloooo~? Are you there? What's going on?"
"Who?" Genesis looked towards the legend for an answer.
"Zack Fair. The boy he trains."
"Ah." He nodded and turned back to Angeal. "What about Zacky, Angie?"
Angeal stood there a moment longer and then...he took off.

"Angeal!" Genesis shouted. "That man...come on, Seph."
Sephiroth nodded and the two followed their hurried friends.


All Angeal could picture was Zack either dead or being killed. Why did he let Genesis talk him into shopping today?! How could he of left Zack with nothing but a third class...
"Angeal! Wait a minute!"
He knew Genesis and Sephiroth had followed. At least he had backup if he needed it.

He heard screaming. That had to be them.
Stopping in front of the door, he waited a second as Genesis and Sephiroth stopped behind him.
"Is he in there?" Genesis asked, his face serious.
"Yeah..." He turned to his friends. "I might need you two if something happens."
"You got it."

Angeal nodded and turned back to the door.
The screaming had stopped for a moment.


Something in Angeal's mind triggered and he pretty much ripped the door from its hedges. The mako reacted to his sudden sense of anger, giving him bright green eyes.



Well this wasn't what he expected.
Zack and Kunsel were huddled together in a corner, shaking violently. But from what? There were no monsters or people...

"What. The. Fuck." Genesis looked around. "What are you two so stared of?"

The two boys pointed slowly towards the other side of the room. The first's eyes followed the directions to see...

" insect?" Angeal spoke out.
"Not just ANY insect! A FUCKING WASP!" Zack shouted. "Kill it! Kill it! Kill it!"

Angeal and Genesis turned towards each other with the same "what the hell" face. Sephiroth, on the other hand, had taken this time to go to the maid's closet and get the wasp spray.
The legend walked towards the wasp. It looked like Zack must of smacked it because one of its wings was bent, making it hard to fly.

So he put it out of its misery.
Sephiroth spray the dying insect two more times before it fell to the floor. Then stomped the poor thing into the ground.

Zack flung his arms around Angeal's waist. "MY HERO!"
Angeal blushed. Not only was he embarrassed by the affection he was receiving but that he let himself get all worked about insect!

Zack give his "hero" a kiss on the cheek and politely, pushed everyone (but Kunsel) out of his room.

The three friends turned to each other and stared for a moment.
"Did...that just happen?" Angeal asked.

Well, until, Genesis had a laughing fit. He laughed so hard the man nearly choked! His laughter spilled over onto to Sephiroth ( WHO NEVER LAUGHED!). Angeal blushed and glared.
"It's not funny!"
That only caused them to laugh harder. Tears started to swell. Angeal couldn't help it...he lost it. The three left the hallway, laughing, to go back to Genesis' shopping spree.

Couldn't help it.
I know this one sucks but it's funny kinda? Right?