Title: Master of Dance
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
Pairing(s): Angeal/Zack (slight), implied!Angeal/Genesis
Rating: M
Warning(s): Poles~:3
A/N: Nothing really. Happy birthday joeyjo on deviantart.

Summary: Zack always buys the wildest things.

Angeal sighed heavily. Of all things to come home to too...
"Come on, 'Geal!" His student, Zack Fair, cooed. "This is pretty sweet right? Reno gave me the idea and it's installed properly and everything!"

Behind Zack, in their shared apartment, in their bedroom, was a pole.
Not just any pole.
A stripper pole.
Angeal was gone for not even less than two hours and Zack had bought and installed a fucking stripper's pole in the bedroom.

"It's too spice up the love life! You're always super kinky, or a least what Genesis' tells me, I mean, that one time you bent me over your knee and-"
"Enough." The First Class raised his hand to stop the boy from going further. "I get it."
The look on Zack's face made him chuckle. He really was trying to make this relationship work and Angeal had to cut him some slack.
"I just don't want you to get bored of me, that's all."
" I don't think I can get bored of you, puppy." He gave a smile. "Let's see you... use it, then."
"With pleasure!"

"So, this is my first time really using something like this..." Zack held on to the pole for a moment. He felt embarrassed, Angeal was just... watching. The thought of him watching him do this was... just...
Angeal sighed from the side of the bed. He figured Zack would be good at this with all his talk and his knowledge of sexual acts Angeal himself had not known.
Guess he was wrong.
Though, it was nice to know there was something he wasn't good at.

"Let me do this." He stood up. "You. Sit."
Zack gave him a questioning look as he walked towards the bed but not taking a seat. "And what do you know about pole dancing?"
"Enough to know you're doing it wrong. Now sit."
The boy obeyed, sitting but giving his full attention to his companion. Did Angeal really know how to do something like this? Genesis had told him it was a good idea and that Angeal had far more to him than what Zack was lead to believe...

Angeal took a deep breath. Zack was never doing to let him live this down. He figured that Genesis would try something like this. Growing up poor, there wasn't a lot of choices Angeal had opened to him his first year of living in Midgar. Entrance exams to ShinRa were expensive, and his pride wasn't in him to ask for his friend's help.
So the first job he got was as a bouncer for a local, seedy place downtown. On Tuesday nights sometimes they need him to fill in for some guys and they added an extra pay raise. He wasn't very proud of that moment in his life...
But he was good at it.

Zack watched his mentor in awe, completely blown away with the way the man danced on, against the pole. He was doing things no honorable man should be able to do, his eyes that just lit with burning passion and that. Fucking. Upturned smirked.
The teen couldn't help but become aroused.

So seeing his mentor this sexy and then, the morning after, seeing him making breakfast in an old purple faded apron... was a bit hard to swallow.

Not that he didn't enjoy every minute of it.