I've been wanting to deal with Biology for a while now, and I'm on a Grey's kick, so you get this.

It has canon couples in it mostly, and then an OC because OCs are easy to control and I have lots of ideas.

May the intro begin.

WARNINGS: Language, Gore, Blood, Death, Slash, Sex, Drugs



Jobs. Jobs are vital to success—they're vital to growth. The thing about them is that no matter who you are, no matter what you do, there are those days where you would rather be doing anything but your job. However, when it comes down to not having a job, that's all you can think about—that's all you want. With jobs come income. Stability. Responsibility.

Katherine Hale was a 5'8", 26 year-old, brunette, first year resident, with an attitude, a younger sister, and a mother with COPD—Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. When her mother got a new job in Seattle and her sister was deciding to go to a massage college in Everett, Katherine decided to transfer and got a recommendation from her Chief of Surgery and from Dr. Addison Montgomery since she and her mother were good friends and Addison knew her work—Katherine was trying to become an Obstetrician…she was trying to pave a path for herself.

Her first day on the job was bound to be challenging, and she was going to have to meet new people, but that wasn't hard for Katherine. She'd always found making friends pretty easy before…it was just all of the other drama in her life that seemed to make everything else hard—seemed to make her job hard. No matter how many times she wished she had a different job, though, Katherine always came back because she liked the challenge—she liked the miracle of life.

"I hate Seattle." Katherine grumbled, running her fingers through her dark brown hair and taking a deep breath as she talked to her younger sister, Abigail on the phone. "Seattle sucks monkey balls, Abby."

Abigail laughed a little, shrugging and looking over her notes, her cell phone perched on her shoulder as she spoke to her sister. Katherine and Abigail were about as close as two sisters could be, and they were incredibly close to their mother. Their father had left them early on in their childhoods, and it had just been the three of them: loving, supporting and protecting each other. They all talked on the phone everyday, and after a really crappy early morning of commuting from Redmond, the first person Katherine had called was her sister—was the one person who didn't have a job in the family of three who would care enough to study and to help to raise Katherine's spirits.

"Have you taken a deep breath yet?" Abigail asked, pushing her russet hair off of her shoulders and setting her pencil down, gripping her phone and sitting up more alert. "You're going to need to take a deep breath and then tell me what it looks like—it'll calm you down. So…what does it look like?"

Katherine smiled a little, pulling her coat tighter across her chest. "Well it's a really nice hospital, and even though it hasn't rained today, I kind of really like it. I mean I hate Seattle but…but this is a hospital. Inside it's probably hectic and challenging and…they're going to hate me."

"They're not going to hate you." Abigail told her sister, rolling her eyes. "Just be yourself, but please…don't be timid like you are when you meet new people. Yeah, it's great to have friends, and you'll make some in time but…you need to assert yourself at your job. You already met Dr. Garrison, so don't worry about it—your main boss knows you…you'll be fine."

"All right, all right…go back to studying, I have to walk into Seattle Grace now and…well and do something." Katherine replied, smiling a little and then closing her eyes and taking a deep breath. "There's another person out here now so…I'm gonna go because I need to meet up with Dr. Garrison and then get my scrubs, you know? Today is going to be a long…long day."

Abigail smiled and told her sister to break a leg—both of them former drama folk who were taught that offering someone 'good luck' was in fact jinxing them—and Katherine smiled and told her to have a good day. Then she set her phone to 'vibrate' and slipped it into her pants pocket, watching as the Asian woman drinking her coffee was almost knocked over by an attractive man in orange scrubs. Katherine knew she had been hired during the huge Seattle Grace/Mercy West Merger, but she hadn't been expecting it to be this busy.

"Well…here goes nothing." Katherine whispered to herself, and she closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and then counted to four.

Katherine had a thing about even numbers, and so once she made it to four, she opened her eyes and walked into Seattle Grace. She looked around at the hustle and bustle around her, smelling disinfectant, the musk of human bodies, some blood and a hint of lemon…it was Katherine's second favorite smell in the entire world—right behind how the world smelled after it rained. Taking only a moment to take it all in, she headed to the Nurses' Station so that she could find Dr. Garrison, running into the man that had almost run the Asian woman over earlier.

"Wow, someone is in a hurry." Katherine said, looking up at him and taking a breath. "Sorry."

He just smiled at her and nodded, Katherine moving past him to get out of his way, asking the nurse at the station where to find Dr. Garrison. The man realized that it was her first day, and leaned on the counter top, Katherine feeling his gaze on her and looking up, giving him a look—what was he doing? Did he need something from her? Who was he? All she knew was that he was a little too close to her for comfort and she didn't even know who he was.

"Jackson Avery—I'm new, from Mercy West." He explained, holding out his hand to her.

She smiled a little and shook his hand. "Katherine Hale—transfer from Evergreen in Kirkland…since you're new, I take it you won't be my cruise director today?"

"That would be a negative." Jackson replied, and then he smiled and slowly slid his hand out of her grip, walking past her as Dr. Garrison showed up.

She smiled at Katherine as she pulled up her ginger hair, already acquainted with Katherine and aware of what she was capable of. Katherine beamed, glad to see a familiar face, and then followed Dr. Garrison to have a small tour of the hospital and shown to the changing room. She had a pair of salmon colored scrubs waiting for her, and she put them on, ready to meet the day…ready to settle in and have a go at her job.

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