So there's a time jump now, and everything will get explained, I promise.

This one is also kind of angsty.

WARNINGS: Language, Gore, Blood, Death, Slash, Sex, Drugs



Lack of focus. That's what happens to even the best of surgeons when suddenly one of their loved ones is in danger. Everything that they've learned suddenly flies out the window and there's nothing that they can do unless they can get some distance in between them and what's happening and focus. If there was ever a day to focus, it was the day that Jackson's grandfather, Harper Avery came into town for surgery.

It had been almost four months since Katherine had joined Seattle Grace and already it seemed like her world was upside down—on top of new management already, Chief Webber had been replaced by Lexie's, sister Meredith's husband, Derek Shephard. Besides that, Katherine had met and loved Mark, but now Lexie was seeing Alex instead and though she claimed it was just for sex, Katherine could already see right through her new best friend…and to make matters worse, Katherine hated Alex Karev…in fact she loathed his very existence. It wasn't often that Katherine found people that she loathed so deeply, but Alex was one of them.

Katherine wasn't as close with Callie Torres, Mark Sloan, Owen Hunt, Meredith Grey and Christina Yang as she would have liked, but as she fell more into a friendship with Jackson, it seemed that the Mercy West staff seemed to be her friends too and the groups still had yet to completely get along. So when she wasn't eating with Lexie and trying to avoid Alex like the plague, she was eating with Jackson, Charles Percy, Reed Adamson and April Kepner. She was trying to fit in and yet she was trying not to pretend to be anyone that she wasn't.

"So you'd rather hang out in the nursery wing than cut people open?" Reed asked her that morning as people began to file in, raising her eyebrows when Katherine nodded. "I find that strange."

Charles looked at her. "Oh, let her be, Reed—at least she has picked her field of study by now. Have the rest of us picked what we wanted yet?"

"I know I haven't." April said timidly.

Katherine smiled at her and took the chart she had come over for from the nurse, noticing Jackson and heading over to him. All they did those days was flirt and banter and Katherine rather looked forward to seeing him everyday. Abigail had told her that she was crushing and it was probably best to sort out her personal and professional life and though Katherine agreed, she also just wanted to be near Jackson. Something about him made her feel calm, and when she was calm she did her best work.

"I saw Christina walking away…did you offend her?" Katherine asked, laughing softly. "And I see you're still looking all civilian."

Jackson smiled when he saw her walk over to him, his grandfather noticing the look immediately, waiting for Dr. Bailey and the cardiologist that Jackson had paged to get there. He was never shown off to Jackson's friends or girlfriends if he had any, and he would have liked to be introduced, but he knew he'd have to do it himself…he was just waiting until a little banter was finished between them. From where he was lying he could tell that the girl was focused and driven, and yet she seemed to have a soft spot for his grandson.

"I'm just waiting with him until Bailey comes, Hale." Jackson responded, smiling a little more.

His grandfather spoke up. "So…I assume that she's not going to be my doctor?"

"No," Jackson responded, shaking his head, "she's a baby doctor."

"I resent that tone, Avery." Katherine told him, pointing her finger at him in a scolding manner. "For your information, I could handle his case just fine, but I have a patient to get to. It was nice to meet you…"

"Dr. Harper Avery." Jackson's grandfather replied, holding out his hand.

Katherine's eyes widened a little as she shook his hand, knowing that he was the Harper Avery of the Harper Avery Award just by the look on Jackson's face. Still, she had a feeling that there weren't a lot of famous people who actually liked being fawned over, so she just smiled at him and shook his hand. Then it dawned on her that she needed to say something and so she opened up her mouth.

"Katherine Hale." She said, the handshake ending. "You're in good hands, Dr. Avery. And you…be nice to your grandfather."

Jackson rolled his eyes as she started walking away. "Go pay attention to your patient!"

"Pay attention to yours." Katherine threw back, continuing to walk.

When she made it to the room she was supposed to go into, she put on a smile as she opened up the door and saw the girl lying there. She couldn't even be out of High School, and yet there she was, lying on the hospital bed in a hospital gown, four months pregnant according to the chart in Katherine's hands. The girl was anemic and the pregnancy was high risk, and it was Katherine's job to do an ultrasound, keep her patient calm, and then to page Dr. Garrison.

"Hey, Anna—I'm Dr. Hale." Katherine said, introducing herself and smiling as the small redhead smiled back at her. "I'm just going to take a couple of basic tests before we begin—sort of act as your nurse today. Take your temperature, check your blood pressure…then I'm going to do an ultrasound for you and tell you about the baby and then I'll get Dr. Garrison for you."

Anna smiled at her. "That sounds good…what's your first name?"

"Katherine." Katherine answered, grabbing the thermometer to put in Anna's ear. "You can just call me Kathy though, if you want to."

"Okay…I didn't mean for this to happen, you know." Anna told her suddenly. "I didn't mean for any of it, but I don't believe in abortion."

Katherine nodded slowly. "I'm not judging you, Anna."

"Everyone judges everyone else." Anna replied with a shrug, holding out her arm as Katherine wrote down her temperature, grabbing everything she needed to check Anna's blood pressure. "I knew what he wanted and I thought I could say 'no', but when the moment came I couldn't…so I let it happen."

Katherine took the story in and nodded slowly, wishing there was someway that she could help the girl, but she couldn't. Anna's parents were disappointed in her but they were helping her through it all, even helping her to screen parents to give her baby to for adoption because Anna didn't want to be a mother yet. She just wanted to get through her Senior Year, graduate, and then go to college and chase her dreams, and she didn't think that she could do that with a baby.

Since it wasn't Katherine's place to give Anna her opinion or advice, she just got the ultrasound over with and then went to get Dr. Garrison, running into Jackson and Meredith as they waited outside Harper Avery's room. Jackson smiled at her and told her and Meredith that they should be happy that they couldn't hear the speech that his grandfather was giving Derek and Dr. Webber in his hospital room. When Katherine seemed interested and yet not interested enough, Jackson wanted to say something, but he just let her walk away…and then he followed her.

"Hey…Hale…what's up? There was no banter and no witty remarks." Jackson told her.

Katherine turned to face him. "I don't even know why I'm telling you this, but…I get too attached to my cases sometimes. There's this girl who came in today just for some simple tests to see how her baby's doing and I feel so bad for her. She's a senior, she's conflicted about being a mother, and I can't help her—all I can do is my job."

"You definitely sound like you picked the right profession." Jackson teased, and he smiled when Katherine did, aware that he wasn't meaning it seriously.

"I wish I only had to deal with the babies coming out part." Katherine admitted and she smiled a little, but it was cut short when her pager went off. "It's…Abby…"

Before Jackson could ask her what was up with her, she had taken off towards her cubby where she changed into her scrubs, grabbing her cell phone. Abigail had paged her 9-1-1, and the moment that Abigail picked up, Katherine heard ambulance sounds and she suddenly feared the worst. She suddenly felt like there was no way that she could keep standing, so she sat on the bench and took a deep breath.

"What happened, Abby?" Katherine managed to ask.

Abigail ran her fingers through her hair. "Mom and I just got to the hospital—she's been having some respiratory problems and then just kind of stopped breathing. I'm freaking out, Ryn."

"Okay, okay—I'm coming into the waiting room to find you." Katherine explained to her, nodding quickly. "I'll see you momentarily."

She hung up as she turned around, surprised to see Jackson standing there across the room from her. Honestly she thought that he had gone back to his grandfather, or was dealing with something else, but he'd followed her because he felt like he should help her if she needed it. Katherine smiled sadly and then pocketed her phone, taking a deep breath and walking towards him since he was near the door.

"My mother just got admitted and I need to meet up with my sister in the waiting room." Katherine told him. "I'd explain more, but I don't want to leave Abby alone any longer than I have to."

"No, I get it…go to your sister." Jackson said nodding. "I understand, I just wanted to make sure everything was all right—and it's not, but…"

Jackson trailed off when Katherine smiled and leaned up, kissing his cheek swiftly and then heading out the door. She knew that he meant well and she appreciated the extension of friendship, going straight for the waiting room and seeing Abigail standing there. Within seconds, Katherine had her arms wrapped around her sister and started stroking her hair, knowing she needed to check on her mother, but there were still doctors in her room, so she had to wait and not get in their way.

Note: Sorry the chapters are short—I kind of write what comes to me and then stop when I stop. Next chapter in the next few days though, and there will be new friendships and a little time jump soon. Feedback is always appreciated!