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"Ew, Em, you're disgusting," I laughed. Leah smacked him on the back of the head, rolling her eyes.

"You know you love it Bella," Embry teased.

"There are girls here, you know," Leah said, "you can't act like total pigs."

"Girls?" Quil picked his head up. "Where?" He purposely looked past Leah and I, lounging on the couch in front of him. Leah threw an empty soda can at his head, with perfect aim. The guys laughed.

Despite my effort, I found myself laughing right along with the guys. Leah and I had been part of the gang – Sam, Paul, Jared, Embry, Jacob, and Quil – for so long that we weren't affected by their bad manners.

We did pick up on some of their bad habits, however. For example, devouring large amounts of pizza and soda in Jake's living room.

Currently, Jacob, Sam, Jared, and Paul were glued to the television screen where they were dueling each other in Madden – some football game I refused to play because they cheated.

"Are we going to First Beach later?" Quil asked. Quil is the baby of the group, the youngest. Except when Leah's little brother Seth was around. Leah, Paul, Sam, and I are seniors, finally, Quil, Jacob, and Embry are sophomores, and Jared's in the middle, a junior.

"Leah and I are going shopping," I announced, and the group chuckled. Leah groaned. "Oh, come on Leah, we need to establish ourselves as hot upperclassmen this year." I waggled my eyebrows at her.

This set the guys off in a raucous of laughter.

Paul was doubled over, clutching his sides. "You? . . .and . . .Leah?" He managed to get out between laughs and gasps for air.

"Oh, shut up," I growled.

"Ten bucks on Leah!" I heard Sam shout, abandoning his video game controller.

Leah pounced on Paul, beginning to wrestle him – another usual occurrence. Leah was strong, and stubborn, and definitely one of the guys. If I was being honest, Paul scared me sometimes. He lost his temper too quickly. But Leah wasn't afraid of anything.

I had a few shreds of girly girl in me, thanks to my mom, Renee. But I also know how to throw a punch – my Chief of Police father Charlie made sure of that.

They were such opposites, my parents, that it was a wonder they ever had anything in common. My mother is spontaneous and outgoing, sometimes reckless, whereas my Dad is stricter, more regimented and stable, and much more of a worrier. I guess that comes with the territory of being a father, though.

Tonight, Renee had insisted she treat me and Leah to some shopping and girl time before school started in two days.

"Hey!" Jacob shouted. Leah had pinned Paul down, don't ask me how, but then he flipped them over, hitting into the coffee table. "If you break it Paul, I swear you're going to pay for the next one!" We laughed when he jumped in on the action, prying Paul from Leah.

"Aw, come on Jake! I was about to be ten bucks richer!" Quil whined.

"No way, Leah had him," Sam argued.

Leah laughed and smoothed out her hair. I grabbed her hand, towing her behind me, picking up empty cans on my way to the door. I didn't want Jake to get in trouble, again.

"Bye guys!" I called. "We'll see you at First Beach tomorrow, okay?" We were spending our last day of summer on the beach, and a bonfire later on, of course.

"Later Bella." Jake leaped up, giving me a quick hug and Leah a fist-bump before we left.

"Bye hot senior ladies," Embry laughed. I rolled my eyes. Sam and Jared gave quick salutes in our direction.

As soon as I shut the door I heard the guys getting on Jake – whistling and making catcalls.

"Oh, shut it. Before I do it for you," he threatened.

The guys always teased Jake and I about our relationship. We were closest to each other, since I've know him since he was born. That's how I met everyone else from the reservation, through Jake, because I was the only one of us who went to Forks High School. The rest of them all went to school on the reservation. I was thrilled when Leah came along, I was sick of being the only girl.

We hopped in my old red truck that my Dad had bought from Billy. It was a good and reliable first car.

"If you don't want to do this thing with my Mom I could just tell her I'll go with her another time. We could just stay in and watch movies or something," I offered.

"No, it's okay. I'm in dire need of some clothes anyway." I don't think either one of us would have agreed, though, if we knew what Renee had planned.

We drove to the Port Angeles mall, and stopped in almost every single store. Although we did have a good time, trying on a bunch of things and not limited by price tags, we were both exhausted when we reached our last stop, the nail salon.

Renee swore up and down that manicures and pedicures boosted self esteem and confidence, and that when you looked good, you felt good, too.

So, we were sitting in pedicure chairs, when I confronted Leah. She had been excited during our shopping trip, something I hadn't expected. She had also gotten some cute things, sexy even, and that was not the Leah I knew. She was definately a jeans and tee shirt kind of girl. Actually, come to think of it. . .had I ever seen Leah in a dress? Nope.

"I can't believe how much stuff we bought! I'll have a new outfit to wear every day for the whole year." We laughed. Okay, so maybe not a new one every day, but pretty close. Renee had insisted on paying for everything, for both of us- which included every type of clothing, shoe, and accessory imaginable.

"Totally," Leah said, agreeing with my earlier statement.

"Ready to dazzle all those senior boys?" I said, only half joking. Leah blushed.

Leah Clearwater. Was. Blushing.

I'd never seen her blush before. Another first. "Leah!"

"Maybe," she muttered.

"Alright, so who's the lucky guy?"

"It's nothing."

"Leah," I began as we climbed down from the chairs, careful to walk on our heels, "it's so not nothing. I've never seen you like this."

"Okay, but swear you won't say anything? We're keeping in on the down low right now." I was floored.

There was a 'we' already? And here I was thinking it was just a crush.

"Remember how we made a pact never to date one of the guys?" She said, referring to our group of friends on the reservation. I gasped. It was one of us, no way!

I'd better not be Jacob, a voice in my head growled. Whoa, where the hell did that come from?

Leah spoke again before I could think about that too much. "It's Sam."

"Sam? Sam Uley? You and Sam?"

"Yeah," she whispered, "me and Sam." The look on her face led me to believe this wasn't a new thing.

"For how long?"

She sighed, but with a smile on her face. "The bonfire after my birthday."

"But," I calculated dates in my head, "that was four weeks ago!"

She nodded, then saw the expression on my face. "Bella, I was gonna tell you soon, I swear. We just have been keeping it to ourselves. It's not a big deal, I don't know if we're even dating yet. We went out once and we've been talking a lot, that's all. Don't be mad, 'kay?"

I couldn't be mad at Leah. Besides, there were things I hadn't told her about. Like the new feelings for Jake that have kept popping into my head randomly, and unwanted at that. "Of course I'm not mad. I think that's really great, Lee. You guys do make a cute couple." She blushed again. "Oh, Leah, don't let him make you into a softie, alright? I already miss the 'hard-ass, one-of-the-guys Leah'."

"Please," she laughed, "no one is getting rid of her."

We looked for Renee, who had been doing more shopping, and finally got in the car to drive home. After arranging the bags in the backseat so that there was room for us to sit, Leah got comfortable and almost immediately fell asleep.

Renee woke us up when we reached our house, eager to bring in all of our bags.

"Thanks again, Renee," Leah said. My mom insisted everyone call her Renee, never Mrs. Swan.

"Of course! I love spending time with you girls! Makes me feel young – not that I'm old or anything," she added.

I thought about what my Dad's reaction would be when he got the bill for all of this. I smiled, picturing his red face as he lectured my mom about her spending, and then when he apologized for doing so. Although being Chief of Police meant at work he was demanding and in charge, my dad always gave into my Mom. She got away with whatever she wanted.

Their relationship was pretty common for a small town like Forks – high school sweethearts, my mom got pregnant, and my dad proposed fresh out of high school. Now, married for seventeen years, yes, they had their problems, but they were happy.

My mom was always pushing me to go to college, some big university, and study whatever I wanted, don't settle for the first thing that comes my way. She'd always dreamed of getting out of our small town , and I inherited that dream. It wasn't because she's pushed it on me, but I wanted to go somewhere bigger, and break the small-town cycle.

It took Leah, me, and my mom two trips to carry all the bags inside and lug them upstairs to my room. Leah and I separated our things, although we would probably end up borrowing each other's clothes anyway.

Renee popped into my room with dessert, but that was the last we saw of her for the night. Leah was staying over, so I filled up the air mattress and put it next to my bed once it was covered with sheets.

"So, tell me all the details," I grilled Leah.

She sighed. "There's not much to tell, Bella."

"You are a bad liar."

"You're worse!" She laughed.

"Okay, true," I admitted, "but I want details!"

"Fine, fine. Sam asked me to go out with him after my birthday, like I told you. He took me to this cute restaurant, I don't think you know it, it's on the reservation, and we just talked. He's really sweet, Bella, you have no idea. I didn't even realize it. He is so different around the guys. But after that he started calling me every night, and he told me he wants us to be exclusive." She had this far away look on her face, like she was thinking of something else.

"Oh my God, Leah! He kissed you!"

"What? No," she denied.

"Again with the bad lying!" I laughed, throwing a handful of popcorn at her.

"Okay. Once. Bella, it was amazing," she giggled.

"Leah, Leah, Leah," I sighed.

"Oh, please. Like you aren't totally in love, too."

"Excuse me?"

"Bella, you and Jacob need to get past this whole awkward-best-friends-but-maybe-more thing and just do it already."

"Me and Jake are just friends!" I exclaimed.

Leah rolled her eyes. "And I'm the bad liar."

"Just think about it Bella. You guys can come out with Sam and I and we can double!"

"Whoa.." I held out my hand. "You are getting way ahead of yourself.

"Look me in the eyes and tell me you don't have any romantic feelings for Jacob."


"I don't have any romantic feelings for Jake," I muttered.

"I said my eyes, Bella, not the floor," Leah laughed.

"Okay, maybe I have some feelings for Jake."

"What does that mean?"

"It means I trust him, I've known him since literally forever, and I love him as a friend, and he's always been there for me."

"That's a start." Leah popped an M & M in her mouth, watching me sort out my feelings.

I shrugged. "It's really not a big deal. You just think you can play matchmaker now that you're all coupled up," I teased.

"If you say so."

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