Note: This is a one shot. Hope you like it.

It had been exactly two years four months and 25 days since I last saw Michel or Ethan as he called himself. I still wasn't used to the way I felt. I kept reliving the last moments we had together. What would have happened if I had said I wanted to be like him? What would have happened if I had kept my mouth shut about what I felt for him?

And most of all, what had he been thinking when I told him I loved him? I knew it was foolish, stupid even to be in love with a vampire. But, I was. I loved him and it wasn't even because he saved my life. It was because I truly loved him. And it was pathetic.

My brother, Ian, was worried about me. The little child of the family was worried about me, Kerry. I didn't know what to do. Ever since he left I kept seeing him. I see him everywhere.

I may be walking down the street with my friend and I'd se someone who looked like him. I even ran after a poor stranger once. I was that pathetic. I dreamt about him. I kept seeing his eyes in front of me. And I couldn't do anything to stop it. I knew it was too late. He was gone. He was probably halfway around the world now. I would never see him again.

For all I knew, he had never existed. I might have imagined the whole thing, except for, of course, that my father and brother had been kidnapped. And now that we were moving along nicely and I was on my way to my second year in college I was finally going to move on.

I had had enough of this. I wanted a life. I wanted to be able to talk to a guy without comparing him to Ethan. I wanted to laugh with my friends. I wanted to be able to read vampire books and fall in love with the writing. I didn't want to keep comparing Ethan to every vampire I read of. And I wanted to stop reading vampire books.

I was addicted to them. They reminded me of him and I wanted him as close to me as possible. I wanted a normal life. I hated what I was becoming. My father had noticed the change. He wanted me to get out more. He wanted me to stop worrying. And I wanted to be Kerry again.

I wanted to be me.

So, this was it. This was the last time I would think of him. I was done with everything. If Ethan was gone then he was gone.

I walked out to the front yard. I still had the rubber band I had lent him that first night. I had kept it, that's how low I had sunk.

I walked past the shadows and into the river that ran behind out house. I looked at the full moon in the sky. I hoped Ethan could see the moon. I hoped he was happy. He deserved to be happy and I did too.

"I hope you are happy. Be safe and be happy." I said.

I let go of the rubber band. It fell into the water and was washed away. I let it go and with it I let go my thoughts of Ethan. I let go of my obsession. I let go of my sadness.

And when I walked away, I knew that I would finally be able to move on. Ethan was gone but that didn't mean I had to go away with him. He had given me a chance to live and I would always be grateful for that. And that is why when I walked back home I smiled.