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I just got accepted into the RRTS. This was the most exciting day of my life so far. It had been my dream to be an elite part of the Marines. I was about to meet my new 'team'. I was also the only woman, to ever make it to the RRTS which made me even more proud of myself. I was sitting in the lobby area, I guess that's what you would call it. I was waiting for my Sargent to come and get me. I wrote my parents a letter telling them of my success. I don't think they really cared, at least my father didn't. I put my head in my hands, my father never approved of anything I did.

"Madison Jones?" someone said, I automatically shot up at the voice.

"Yes, sir!" I said formally standing up and saluting. He looked me up and down and smirked, not a creepy smirk though.

"You don't have to do that here. My name is Asher Mahonin; call me Sarge. I am the Gunnery Sargent for this team. Follow me and I will introduce you to everyone else." He said, I grabbed my duffel bag and walked toward him.

"That's all you have?" he asked sounding surprised.

"I travel light." I said with a smirk of my own. Walking through the doorway he was standing in. I stopped and waited for him to go first.

"You pack lighter then some of my men." He said as he shut the door and walked forward, I followed as I gave a light snickering laugh.

"I don't want to carry what I don't have to." I said. He nodded like he knew what I was saying. We walked down some metal stairs.

"Men! I want you to meet your new team member, Madison Jones." Six men got up and faced me. I cant believe I was going to be living with 7 men.

"I'm jonesing for a-" one of the guys said as he approached me.

"Keep talking bud, you wont have a pair of testicles by the end of that sentence." I said interrupting him, he looked like a creeper, he talked like one too.

"Woo-hoo, we have a feisty one." one of the guys said. I smirked at that.

"That is one of our Corporal's, Dean Portman. We call him 'Portman'. He is the trash talker of the group." Sarge said referring to the guy who I interrupted.

"Our other Corporal is Eric Fantom 'Goat'." he said gesturing to a man that was old enough to be my father, or maybe older brother, I shook his hand.

"The rest of my men are Sergeant Gannon Roark, 'Destroyer'," A big black guy came up and shook my hand. He looked like a gentle giant.

"Sergeant Gregory Schofield, 'Duke'," he said referring to the one who called me feisty. I went to shake his hand he grabbed it gently and he kissed it. I blushed a little bit, he was pretty cute. Everyone rolled there eyes at his gesture. He was obviously a ladies man.

"Private First Class 'Mac', trust me his name is to long," he said. The Asian man came over to me. I gave him a quizzical look.

"Katsuhiko Kumanosuke Takahashi." I was surprised as I shook his hand. He obviously got that look a lot.

"Mac right?" I said with a smile. I got some giggles out of that one.

"and the last is Staff Sergeant John Grimm, 'Reaper'." he said as a guy came forward. He was gorgeous, his dark eyes pierced into mine. His hair was a little shaggy.

"Welcome to the team, Maddie." he said while shaking my hand. He had already given me a nickname.

"Madison is our new Sergeant. She is in charge of basic medical needs that we may have on a mission." Sarge said. I smiled standing there.

"I'll leave you here to get acquainted I have some things I need to do." Sarge said and left.

"Wow, to bad I'm not single." I said to the guys with a laugh at the end. I walked over to my bunk and set my stuff down. I turned around no one had moved. Talk about awkward. I started putting my stuff in the drawer by my bed, by then everyone else started to move around too. Portman of all people came and sat on the bed next to mine.

"So your taken?" he asked

"Yes that is the opposite of single." I heard some stifled giggles.

"Well that doesn't stop me."

"Portman!" they all said at once, this was my turn to stifle a laugh. I stood up.

"OK so quick question, I know that Portman is the creeper, who are the rest of you guys?" I asked. They all laughed except for Portman. Duke came over and stood next to me. Everyone was doing their own thing, so they weren't really paying attention.

"Well you have Destroyer, he doesn't bite unless you give him reason. He has a nice girlfriend." I laughed Duke really was a cutie.

"Mac is Mac, business man. Goat is the religious man. Sarge is like Mac. John is obsessed with his guns." I looked over and he was cleaning his guns.

"I can see that." I said. "And you are?"

"The ladies man." Destroyer said sitting not that far away from us. I burst out laughing, screw trying to keep it down. I was right.