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"Oh you're trying to get nasty now, huh?" Duke said playing one of his hand held video games while laying on his bed. The damned transport was late and all we could do was sit around and wait. "Now you dead. You dead, sucker. All right, all right. You wanna bring your boys? You wanna bring your boys? What?" Duke said as he looked up from his game for a half a second to find me staring at him.

"You're just so cute when you play video games." I said sarcastically. I was so anxious and fidgety. We should be on the way or in Vegas now, where was that goddamn transport?

"Uh, I don't believe this!" Portman said as he paced around looking at his watch. He was dressed in a ridiculous Hawaiian like shirt and he was ready to party. Goat was reading his bible and praying, something he had been doing more and more lately. Destroyer and Mac were playing baseball with some bad oranges we got the other day. The kid was mopping up his bunk area, good ol newbie. John was still cleaning his damned guns oblivious to the lateness of the transport. I walked over to his desk and leaned against the locker.

"Six months without a weekend and the goddamned transporters are 5 minutes late!" Portman yelled cutting off my attention to John. I shook my head at Portman and then looked to John.

"Hey, you." I said grabbing his attention.

"Hey." he said with a smile as he put the gun down.

"Good thing Vegas is open 24/7." I smiled.

"Yeah, that's true." he said as he looked up at me with a smirk. "Come here." he said motioning for me to sit on his lap. I did so and looked into his eyes.

"So, Jamaica has our reservations, we get 3 days in Vegas then we go." he said explaining the honeymoon. Everyone around us was talking about what they were going to do after Vegas as well. Portman said disturbing comments about his R and R.

"Where are the love birds going after Vegas?" Duke said still completely shut off from the world with his game.

"Jamaica." I said. "I see one of you there I'm killing you." Everyone laughed at my comment. Since we had announced our engagement everyone wouldn't get off our case about sex. John and I hadn't since the motel room during my weekend leave.

"Sure." They all mumbled words. Sarge's footsteps distracted everyone from carrying on the conversation.

"Listen up, men." Sarge said as he stopped coming down the stairs. Everyone stopped what they were doing and gave him the attention he needed.

"Leave is canceled." he said. My heart sank as John wrapped his arm around my waist knowing how sad I was but refused to show it. Oh well, guess I'll wait a couple more days.

"Oh man, I just- I don't believe this shit. Fuck!" Duke said getting up from the bed and turning the radio off.

"You got a problem with that Duke?" Sarge asked.

"Me, Sarge? Hell no, I love my job." Duke said.

"What's up Sarge?" Destroyer said.

"We got a mission. One that is more of a game, and no it doesn't sound to be a flop as the last two have."

"Kid. Son, now you are in the Rapid Response Tactical Squad, the RRTS. Fall in." Sarge said. We all made our own mad voice or grunt and got up.

"Guess we will just have to post pone that thought." John said as I got up from his lap.

"I guess so." I said as we walked to the lockers. Sarge walked in front of John.

"Not this time John." Sarge said. I looked at him confused then to John.

"What?" John said.

"We can handle this one." Sarge said.

"You're bullshitting me." John said looking at me then to Sarge.

"Sarge?" I said standing there. "What's going on?"

"No, I'm not bullshitting. We're going to Olduvai." Sarge said. My heart and stomach jumped from my chest into my throat. I looked over at John.

"Olduvai?" John repeated shocked.

"Maddie." Sarge said. I looked up to Sarge.

"Yes, sir?" I said forgetting about Sarge's thing about 'sir'.

"You guys should take the leave." he said.

"What?" I said now confused. "You want us to take the leave? Isn't that against the rules? Having two of your best men not go? Including the only two trained medics?" I said, "Thank you Sarge, but as much as it literally kills me to say this... I'll go. John, you should stay and wait for me, hell wait for me on the Jamaican beach. I'll drag these buffoons down there with me when this is done, and we'll have the wedding there."

"Is that an order?" John asked both Sarge and I.

"It's a recommendation." Sarge said. "See you when I get back." Sarge turned and left John and I standing there.

"Look, babe. I'll be fine. Stay here, go to Jamaica and keep the bed warm, I'll be there soon." I said leaning up to him to give him a peck on the lips. I turned to walk away but not before he grabbed me into one of those dramatic movie kisses.

"I love you." he said as he let me go.

"I love you too Reaper." I said and walked off to the lockers leaving my lover behind.

To be continued...