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Kagura Fuujinnomai

(Synopsis: Feeling a little bit under the weather, Suzaku takes a rest on the sofa. Hopefully Hiten won't think his pet is being too lazy...

Theme: The Seven Deadly Sins.

Warnings: None.)

Kira: Chapter One: Sloth

Suzaku didn't want dinner at the table. He had the sniffles too.

Oh, he looked so cute, cuddled up on the couch like a drowsy little kitten.
"I'm hungry," those pouty pink lips complained. "Oh really?" Hiten teased, "and I suppose you want me to feed you?" That adorable redhead nodded, but Hiten carefully hid his amusement as he wandered over to the couch. "And what do I get in return?"

"Mou… I don't know…" his incurably naïve sweetheart seemed lost, so Hiten moved immediately to bathe him in wet, languid kisses. 'Wow, I should give him Nyquil more often…'