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Kagura Fuujinnomai

(Synopsis: The sparkling joy dazzles, through the windows and keeps you awake on Christmas eve. The fallen snow teases as it melts, and rainy breezes whisper this promise: Flowers soon.

Kira: Chapter Fifty-Nine: Spring

The flowers had not yet begun to bloom.

They wouldn't for many weeks. Suzaku knew this, but still he gazed outside each and every day, waiting breathlessly for spring to come.

Hiten had made a complete mess in the kitchen. Perhaps he wasn't good with delicate tasks. Little white slips of paper had scattered everywhere…

"Nervous I guess," he had laughed, shaking his head when Suzaku offered to help. "This is the wife's duty," was his joking excuse.

But still Suzaku snatched one of those sweet little cards with the silver ink. 'Just one little peek…'

You are cordially invited…