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Chapter 3-Unexpected Reunion part 2

Past-The Oak Mansion….Somewhere

"Gary, what are you doing?" Ash asked his friend as he watched him put a bucket, filled with water, on top of the door, so that when someone opened the door they would get drenched in the icy cold water.

"SHH, Ashy-boy! Are you trying to get me caught?" Gary hushed Ash as he placed the bucket just right so that it wouldn't fall when it wasn't supposed to. When Gary made it back down, he hid the step-stool he used and pulled Ash with him around a corner so that they could watch the prank unfold, without themselves being seen.

"Gary, are you sure this is ok? What if we get into trouble?" Ashe whispered as he continued to watch the booby-trapped door.

"Relax Ketchum, it's not like we're doing anything bad. It's just a harmless prank." Gary chuckled as he waited in anticipation for his soon to be victim. Next the door began to open and the water fell covering the victim in its icy self as the bucket fell right beside the victim rolling away. Gary and Ash, but mostly Gary, broke out laughing at the success of the prank and the unsuspecting victim's reaction.

"Hahahahaha! That was priceless! You should've seen the look on your face Pumpkin Head!" Gary continued laughing as he grabbed his stomach from laughing so hard. As Gary laughed, Misty stood there in the doorway dripping wet clutching her hands into fists and her face rivaling the color of her fiery orange hair.

"YOU BUTTFACE!" Misty screamed as she launched herself at Gary as they both fell to the ground and began to wrestle each other. Normally if this was just a prank Gary had done Misty would have just insulted him like she usually did but this practical joke was different, mainly because it wasn't just one prank but the seventh. Misty was sent to stay at the Oaks's for awhile while her older sisters went to a performing arts camp; so far it had only been 3 days since Misty arrived and she was given no mercy from Gary.

"Did you look in a mirror Pumpkin Head!" Gary shouted as he fought Misty back. The two were rolling all over the floor, from pulling each others hair to just plain wrestling.

"Come on you guys, stop it! Stop! What are you doing? Don't bite him Misty!" Ash yelled as he tried to pull the two apart, but to only be shoved away.

"You JERK!"

"Country Bumpkin!"



"Get off me!"

"You get off me!"

"I hate you!"

"Same to you!"

Gary and Misty fought as they continued to insult each other.

"WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING!" Ms. Ketchum screamed in horror as she entered the room with Ash right behind her. "Gary Oak, get off of her this instant!" Ms. K demanded as she also pulled Gary off of Misty. Soon Ms. K had them both in her grasp, Gary being held back by her left hand and Misty by her right. The two kids glared at each other all the while. Misty's side pony tail was loose with hair sticking in all different directions. Her red shirt crumpled and had a slight tear at the shoulder and her arms were red from where Gary had gripped her. And let's not forget the fact that she was wet because of the prank from earlier. Although Gary's hair looked normal his spiky hair wasn't its perfect normal self. Some of the spikes had become twisted, others slightly flattened, and the rest grouped together. Gary's long sleeved purple shirt was also crumpled with the neck hole more outstretched than it should have been. And if Gary rolled his sleeves up one would see red marks on his arms like Misty's.

"Now you two are both going to explain to me what exactly happened." Ms. K looked at the kids while she scolded them. "And tell me why both the floor and Misty are soaked in water." This time Ms. K. looked solely at Gary with a look that scared Gary in ways he never felt scared before, of course he would never admit that.

"Ms. K I can not tell a lie to you…Misty went swimming in the pond again." Gary said pointing a finger in Misty's direction.

"I did NOT you liar! Delia, HE did this to me!" Misty exclaimed pointing an accusing finger in Gary's direction. Ms. Ketchum sighed as the two kids began to bicker again.

"Alright you two," Ms. K started with a tone that made both Gary and Misty stop and listen. "First, you are both going to change into proper clothes, after you take a shower Misty, and I will talk to the both of you individually. Gary, you go to your room and wait there for me, and don't move a muscle till I come. Misty you come with me so we can get you cleaned up." Ms. K said as she took Misty by the hand toward the bathroom in her room. After Misty was cleaned up and had a new set of dry clothes on she explained to Delia her side of the story, Misty was told to wait in her room while Ms. K went to go hear Gary's side of the story. After about what seemed like forever, Ms. K came back and got Misty and brought her and Gary to the living room.

"Now from what I was told, Gary this is all your doing." Ms. K started standing in front of the children who were sitting on the couch.

"What? But Ms. K-"

"Don't 'but' me Mister." Ms. K interrupted and held out her finger telling Gary to keep quiet. "Now, you have been teasing Misty ever since she got here, and don't think I don't know. Gary Bryson Oak, you should know better than to act like that, and I am very disappointed in you." At this Gary lowered his head a bit. "However, Misty you should also know better than to start a fight, so this is also partly your fault." Misty looked saddened but quickly recovered as she saw Gary stick his tongue out, which got Misty annoyed again.

"Delia, Gary just stuck his tongue at me!"

"Did not!"

"Enough!" Ms. K exclaimed as the two became quiet again. Finally Ms. K told them to both go to their rooms till she came and got them for dinner. Needless to say this was not the first and surely not the last fight these two would have.

Present- The Waterflower House

"I'm home!" Misty called out as she and the rest of the gang started to come in.

"Like finally! We need you like over in the gym pronto Misty!" Lily exclaimed as she dragged her sister by the arm to the gym, along with Ash who Misty had suddenly taken hold of.

"Should we follow?" Tracey asked as he looked at the rest of the group.

"Well-Hey where's Gary?" Richie asked as he looked around.

"He already went ahead, come on!" Melody exclaimed as she grabbed Richie's hand and dragged him along with her as Tracey followed their lead. Soon enough, everyone was in the gym wondering what was going on.

"So what do ya'll need me for?" This was the last place Misty wanted to be when she was finally able to see Ash.

"Like don't give us that Misty." Daisy said as she came up to Misty and Lily. "Like we need your help with Gyarados, he's not listening to what we need him to do for our performance." Soon enough Daisy noticed the guests that were present, especially two in particular. "GARY, ASH! Like it's so nice to see you two again!" Daisy squealed as she grabbed the two into a hug. "Like Misty why didn't you tell us that Gary and Ash were coming over?" Daisy turned back around to face her littlest sister.

"I tried but ya'll were busy with the upcoming show, remember?" Misty rolled her eyes as she waited for her sister to get over the deal with Ash and Gary showing up.

"Oh, and whose this kid?" Daisy looked over at Richie.

"Name's Richie, nice to meet ya!" Richie waved.

"Hello." Daisy chuckled as she finally returned her attention to Misty. "Like anyway Misty, can you and your friends like help us out?" Daisy somewhat pleaded, yet ordered, at the same time.

"*sigh, Daisy, they're here to visit not to work." Misty rubbed her temples in order to keep calm.

"I don't mind, what do I have to do?" Gary came up to Daisy with a small smile.

"Really! Like thanks Gary!" Daisy squealed as she hugged Gary again. "You know, you've like grown a lot since the last time we met." Daisy looked up at Gary.

"Yeah, and you've gotten more pretty too." Gary winked as Daisy giggled.

'Oh, you've got to be kidding me.' Misty mentally, and physically, slapped her forehead as she made her way over to Gyarados and began to undress. Misty had another swimsuit on so she didn't really care that she was taking off her clothes as she soon made her way into the pool. "Hey Gyarados, how was your day today?" Misty smiled and patted Gyarados' head as he came up to her. Finally someone took notice of the trainer and Pokémon.

"Like Misty what are you doing?" Lily shouted over to her sister from the pool's edge.

"Trying to help ya'll out. Now what do you need him to do?"

"Like we need him to do a summersault in the water then jump through those whoops you see up there." Daisy came, Gary following behind as the others took a seat on a nearby bench, except for Ash as he was also by Daisy and Gary.

"That's it?"

"Yeah, like why?" Violet answered from on top of a diving board.

"Geez Gyarados, I guess I'm the only one you listen to huh?" Misty smiled as Gyarados nudged her lightly on the shoulder.

"Hey Mist, you sure you're alright out there?" Ash asked with worry in his voice.

"Don't worry Ash. Didn't I tell you that Gyarados and I are friends now in one of our e-mails?" Misty chuckled as she climbed up onto Gyarados and both dove under the water.

"Like alrighty then." Daisy clicked her tongue as she brought out a small remote and pressed a button that raised the pool to hits full height (A/N: like 15 feet I guess _ idk).

"*whistle, this is some gym, huh?" Richie said to himself in amazement as he saw the pool filled with all kinds of water Pokémon and plants.

"Well duh, this is the Cerulean Gym, you dummy." Melody exclaimed as she gave Richie an 'are-you-stupid-or-what' kind of look.

"Heh, yeah well I didn't know. Ash and Gary never really tell me much about Misty or their relationship with her." Richie shrugged and gave a goofy grin as he returned his focus to the pool.

Misty and Gyarados were under the water waiting for their cue from Daisy. Soon enough Daisy made a gesture with her hand and Misty and Gyarados began to practice the routine. Gyarados started with the summersault in the water and then jumped through the whoops.

"Wow, Misty's doing great with Gyarados, huh?" Ash happily exclaimed with a twinkle of enjoyment in his eyes as he watched Gyarados and Misty doing a backwards summersault.

"Like that's Misty for ya. You know, like she's the only person who Gyarados lets get near him." Daisy smiled and looked at the two boys with pride coming from her eyes as she spoke about her sister.

"You seem to be pretty proud of her, huh Daisy?" Gary smiled as he put an arm around Daisy's shoulder and leaned down so that their eyes were almost level with each other.

"Like of course! Why wouldn't I be?" Daisy exclaimed as she walked over to a platform that brought her up to the pool's edge as Misty and Gyarados resurfaced to take a break.

"So how was that?" Misty wiped some water away from her face.

"It was good, but we still need to practice it some more before the show."

"*sigh, Alright then, so when's the show again?" Misty asked hesitantly fearing what the answer was most likely going to be.

"Like tomorrow night!" Lily and Violet shouted together.

'Great, my day goes from bad to worse. Will I ever get to spend some time with Ash?' "Geez Daisy, why didn't you take care of this sooner? You know I wanted to hangout with Ash tonight." Misty said glumly as she sighed once more.

"Like sorry Baby Sister, but Gyarados is the last Pokémon we had left to like train and you know how he is. Why don't you have your friends like help you out?" Daisy suggested.

"Yeah, I'm sure they would love to work after such a long day." Misty mumbled to herself.

"Well like I already talked to Gary and he said he doesn't mind, that and I said he could spend the night if he needed."

"YOU WHAT!" Misty shouted so loudly that everyone could hear, and then some.

"Like calm down Misty, what's the big deal? Like you, Ash, and Gary are all friends, it's not a problem." Daisy put her hands on her hips as she and Misty made their way down on the platform to join the rest of the group.

"Alright well like I'll see ya'll later." Daisy waved bye as her and her other sisters, exited the gym and headed towards the main house.

"So can we go now?" Melody came up to Misty hoping that they were done for the night.

"I wish." Misty sighed as she began to rub her temples again.

"Let me guess, you're stuck working again."

"But of course." Misty dryly joked as she also showed her annoyance.

"So what does that mean?" Ash asked as Tracey and Richie remained quietly, waiting for the answer as Gary was over by the wall of the pool as a Starmie stared back at him.

"Well do you think you guys could stay and help me out, you can spend the night too if you'd like." Misty started apologetically.

"Sure, is everything alright?" Tracey asked.

"Yes and no. See my sisters have a show tomorrow night, and Gyarados still needs to be trained for it, not to mention all the other preparations."

"Well you know I got your back." Melody smiled as she placed a hand on Misty's shoulder, and then looked at the other three boys.

"Well I got nothing better to do, just let me tell my folks real quick." Richie said as he walked away with cell phone in hand.

"You know I'd be glad to help, I'm sort of staying with Professor Oak right now so I'm sure he won't mind." Tracey said happy that he could help his friend.

"Well you know I gotta talk to my mom first." Ash chuckled as he smiled in embarrassment and started to call his mom.

Eventually everyone was back and started helping Misty get ready for the show tomorrow. From cleaning the stands to cleaning the restrooms, everyone was helping out while Misty continued to train Gyarados. Melody and Richie were cleaning the men and women's restrooms, Ash and Tracey took the stands, and Gary was left to clean the floor around the pool.

"That's it Gyarados keep going, you're doing great!" Misty exclaimed from the side of the pool as she now watched Gyarados do the routine by himself.

"So you and Gyarados didn't get along before huh?" Came a voice from behind Misty. Misty turned around to see that Gary was watching Gyarados do a summersault, while he semi-leaned on the mop. Gary never once looked at Misty while he stood next to her.

'What's he doin?' Misty wondered. "Yeah, that was a while back though, we're fine now. Why do you care?" Misty said the last part more defensively, or rather rudely, to Gary.

Gary stood there and looked down at Misty with a raised brow and an annoyed look on his face. "Calm down Pumpkin Head. It was just a question. Geez, talk about an attitude problem." Gary mumbled the last part but Misty still caught it and started to ball her hands into fists in anger.

"I do NOT have an attitude problem and don't tell me to calm down. You're not the boss of me. Now get back to work." Misty huffed as she returned her attention to Gyarados.

"And who said you were the boss of me?"

"Well let's see." Misty started as she returned her focus to Gary as she brought up her hand and started counting off fingers. "One, this is my gym, two, you volunteered to help, three, this is my gym, and four, BECAUSE I SAID SO!" Misty shouted in Gary's face as he leaned back some so that he didn't get the full impact of her yell.

"Well first off," Gary began counting off his finger's just like Misty had just done. "Yes I volunteered but I volunteered to help your sisters, not you, two the gym isn't yours, it's Daisy's still until she signs it over to you, three you repeated yourself so I mention number two again, and four, I don't freaking care." Gary said as he glared at Misty when he was finished.

Misty was really irritated now. Gary just had to mention the fact that the gym was, technically, not hers, 'Yet.' And basically challenged her authority (A/N: because she still considers the gym to be hers, what can you say she's stubborn).

"W-why you." Misty seethed as she started glaring daggers at Gary.

"Pfft. Don't hurt yourself trying to think of a comeback." Gary patted Misty's head while she slapped his hand away as he started to leave.

"And where do you think you're going?" Misty yelled to the back of Gary's head.

"Tch, it's none of your business Pumpkin Head." Gary dropped the mop and never turned around as he answered Misty and walked right out of the gym.

'That…That prick.' Misty watched as Gary left without another word when she noticed that everyone was staring at her.

"Well that was quite a scene." Melody stood against the wall across from Misty with Richie next to her.

"Shut it Mel." Misty said curtly as she began to rub the temples of her head.

"Yeah, well it's not gonna happen." Melody shot back as she began to walk towards Misty with an annoyed look on her face. "Ya'll are done so go ahead to the main house, Ash I assume you can lead the way?" Melody called out to the boys as she grabbed a hold on Misty's wrist.

"Um…yeah, sure. But what about you two?" Ash wasn't not quite sure if he should listen to Melody, but he rather not stay and deal with Misty's wrath either.

"Don't worry about us. I gotta talk to lil'Misty here anyway." Melody smiled back as Ash replied with an "Ok," while the boys started to walk out of the gym and towards the main house. Once Melody thought that the boys were out of hearing range she looked at Misty, who refused to look at her, with an annoyed and pissed off look on her face. "Misty, what is the deal? I thought I told you to apologize, but what do I get instead? More arguing, care to explain." Melody scolded as she placed her hands on her hips.


"I'm sorry, care to say that again so that I can hear."

"I said that it's not my fault." Misty finally looked at Melody.

"Oh, it's not your fault?" Melody asked with raised eyebrows, like she didn't really know.

"No! It's his!" Misty tried persuading her friend as if that explained everything.

"Yeah, I'm sure it is." Melody rolled her eyes. "Look Mist, you gotta calm down. I know you don't care for the guy all that much, but he's taking out some of his time to help you and you just went and blew up at him for no reason." Melody scolded

"I did to have a reason." Misty fought back.

"Oh yeah?" Melody crossed her arms against her chest as she waited for Misty to tell her the reason.

"Yeah, all I did was ask him a simple question and he went and told me that I had anger problems." Misty exclaimed hoping her friend would finally take her side.

"So if I ask Gary, or the other guys, what happened he would say the same thing?"

"Well, um, maybe not like that…" Misty mumbled as she averted her eyes from Melody and scratched the back of her head.

"So what did happen?"

"Well, I probably, might have asked Gary a question a little a bit rudely…" Misty looked at Melody who looked back at her as if saying to continue. "And I might have, possibly, yelled at him…" Misty winced as she saw Melody's angry face, if there was one thing Misty hated (A/N: besides bugs, carrots, and peppers) it was Melody when she was angry with her.

"Misty Brooke Waterflower," Melody began as Misty winced again at the use of her whole name. "You are ridiculous, stubborn, and short tempered. Not only did you not apologize, like I told you to, but you also probably made things worse. This is your fault, whether you like it or not. Now before this night gets any worse you are going to go and apologize to Gary, like you should have done before. Do I make myself clear?" Melody had her hands on her hips once again as she glared at Misty and scolded her like a mother would.

"Yes, I understand."

"Good now let's go, we can finish the rest of the preparations tomorrow, and besides I'm hungry." Melody said as she turned, grabbed Misty's wrist, and lead the both of them to the main house to go eat dinner.

The dinner was awkward. After the boys had found out what rooms they would be staying in they sat at the table with the oldest Waterflower sister and Misty and Melody. The arrangement of the seating could not be anymore tense than it was at that moment, because Misty and Gary had ended up sitting right next to each other, mainly because Melody made Misty, and Gary wasn't able to switch seats with anyone.

"So like how is it going?" Daisy happily chirped not really noticing the tension.

"Oh, it's going good. We just have a little left to do." Melody smiled.

"So where are Violet and Lily?" Tracey asked.

"Oh, like they had dates tonight. Like we switch off every other night so that Misty here, won't like be all alone."

"Daisy!" Misty yelled her cheeks red with embarrassment.

"Like what'd I do?" Daisy looked confused not knowing what she had done wrong.

"What? So Pumpkin Head doesn't get asked out by anyone? Well that's surprising." Gary said sarcastically as he took a bite of his food.

"For your information, I do too get asked out, I just don't want to." Misty shot back when Melody suddenly jabbed her in the stomach with her elbow.

"Watch it." Melody whispered as Misty mouthed 'alright' to her.

"So Gary, I hear you're a model? What's it like? I bet you get to travel all over the place." Melody beamed as she was finally able to talk to 'The Gary Oak! Kyaaaah!'

"Yeah, that's right. Nothing much to say, just a job to earn some extra cash and we mainly work in a studio." Gary kept eating his food while he talked not once taking his eyes away from his plate.

"What do you mean 'just a job to earn some extra cash'? You're Gary Oak, grandson to Professor Oak and brother to May Oak, how could you possible need money when you got it all?"

"Mel!" Misty mouthed shocked that her friend was being so forward and nudged Melody in the arm.

"What?" Melody shrugged back when Gary finally spoke.

"I need money because I don't have any money of my own. The money you're talking about is my family's not mine. So in order to do what I want I need my own cash flow." Gary had stopped eating by the time he started talking again and looked Melody straight in the eyes. Misty was sitting between the two and knew that Gary was obviously not happy. She couldn't even find herself to look at him, so she leaned back in her chair, stiff with her hands in her lap and fiddling with her hands to keep busy from the awkward situation. Misty glanced at Melody, who looked somewhat confused, but that quickly changed.

"Oh, well I somewhat get it then. You want to be able to do whatever you want with no restraints and having your own job allows you to do that." Melody smiled in understanding.

"Yeah, something like that. Daisy I'll be in the living room, I'll wash my own plate." Gary pushed away from the table and grabbed his plate as he disappeared into the kitchen, not wanting to deal with anymore questions from Misty's friend. Soon enough everyone was eating and chatting like normal, Ash grabbing even more food for his plate. Misty however was as stiff as she had been before Gary left. She peeked over her shoulder when he got up and headed to the kitchen wondering what to do. After all, Gary and his family (and his family's money) was something personal. And a taboo topic. Despite Misty and Gary not being on very good terms, as of late, Misty still sympathized with Gary to some extent.

"So Tracey how's the new school?" Daisy asked trying to change the topic of discussion to something more pleasant, knowing also the 'do-not-speak' topic.

"Oh, um, well it's alright. I mean it is school you know." Tracey grinned goofily.

"That's true but you know how Cerulean is about Pallet High." Melody added.

"Yeah, I know what you mean." Tracey chuckled

"What are ya'll talkin about?" Richie piped in confused by Melody's statement.

"Oh, well you know that the kids at Cerulean hate ya'lls' guts right?" Melody said nonchalantly as she took a bite of her food.

"Um yeah, I guess. Why?"

"Because Cerulean bashes ya'll all the time, I figured that Pallet did the same thing. Besides, I know that if we ever had someone from Pallet transfer to here that they would probably get shunned to no end." Melody continued to eat her food as she explained to Richie.

"Wow, that's pretty stupid."

"Yeah, well that's the way things are." Misty finally talked after staying quiet for awhile.

"It's probably because we beat them at everything." Ash said as he shoveled food into his mouth.

"What did you say?" Melody and Misty asked in unison.

"N-Nothing!" Ash's eyes went wide as he realized what he had just said.

"That's what I thought." Misty snubbed and began eating her food again.

"Anyway, you're on the basketball team now?" Melody resumed her conversation with Tracey.

"Um, sorta…I'm the manager actually."

"Well at least you're involved in something other than you doodles." Misty chuckled as Tracey's cheeks reddened in embarrassment.

"What about you?" Richie asked towards Melody.

"What about me?" Melody returned the question.

"You do anything besides swim?"

"You do anything besides basketball?"


"Good for you." Melody replied evading the questions with complete ease.

"Hey, at least answer the question." Richie said annoyed.

"I don't have to answer if I don't want to." Melody shot back when suddenly she was jabbed in the stomach by Misty's elbow.

"Be nice." Misty mouthed "Sorry Richie, Mel's used to being the one asking the questions, not the other way around." Misty smiled apologetically.

"It's alright. I like a challenge." Richie smirked as he looked at Melody who had her mouth open to take a bite of food when she stopped after hearing what Richie had said.

"Geez, Rich at least wait till I'm not around." Tracey grimaced as he rubbed his face with his free hand.

"Why Tracey, I have know clue what you're talking about." Richie smiled innocently.

"Hehe, I think it's cute." Daisy added

"We can have seconds right?" Ash asked while he took his last bite of food.

"Of course you dummy, you know you don't have to ask." Misty replied to Ash's question as he began to fill his plate with more food.

Soon enough everyone was done eating. Misty was clearing the plates while Melody helped her out, mostly because she didn't want to be left with Richie. Daisy was chatting with the boys in the living room, mainly talking to Gary and Ash.

"So you two are like doing okay, right?" Daisy asked a hint of concern in her voice.

"Of course we are Daisy, there's no need to worry. We got Ms. K for that." Gary smiled
"Like I know that, but like I haven't seen or talked to ya'll in awhile, especially you Gary. We like hardly ever hear from you." Daisy scolded as she glared at Gary.

"Hey now, that's Ash's job not mine." Gary put up his hands defensively.

"We're done." Misty said as she and Melody came into the living room. Misty sat on the floor by Ash while Melody took a seat beside Daisy who was sitting on the couch with Tracey. While Gary and Richie were sitting on two of the lounge chairs.

"Like finally, what took you so long?" Daisy huffed as she looked at Misty.

"Daisy, do you even know how many dishes there were? Besides the dishwasher was full!" Misty tried to reason with her sister.

"Like fine, but next time try to be more quick about it."

"Yeah, whatever you say." Misty sighed.

"Well then, like I'm off to bed. Ya'll should too; we got a busy day ahead of us tomorrow." Daisy said as she got up and headed to her room.

"She's got a point." Melody agreed getting up.

"She does?" Ash asked

"Yeah, we gotta get up early." Misty answered looking at Ash with a small smile, almost apologetically.

"How early?" Tracey and Richie both asked


"In the afternoon? That's a long time to sleep in." Ash said, confused written all over his face.

"Not in the afternoon Ashy-boy, in the morning." Gary said as he got up from the chair.

"WHAT?" Ash jumped obviously shocked at how early he had to get up.

"Yeah, it's because we still have to finish cleaning, get ready for the show, and not to mention the normal chores around here." Misty shrugged as she got up from beside Ash.

"Well I guess that means we're calling it a night." Tracey sighed as he headed to the stairs where his room was.

"I guess I'll see ya later then." Richie grinned as he walked by Melody.

"Not even in your dreams." Melody huffed as Richie chuckled and followed Tracey.

"I'll see ya in the morning Mist." Ash sighed as he followed the boys.

"You need me to get you an alarm clock Ash?" Misty wondered if her friend was still the same little kid that slept until lunch as she chuckled at the memory.

"Yeah, don't worry bout me. Gary will probably end up waking me up if I'm not awake in time." Ash chuckled as he gave Misty a hug goodnight and headed to the room he would be sleeping in.
"Well I'm headin' to your room Mist." Melody said as she went up the stairs to where Misty's room was, and where she would be sleeping for the night.

"Right behind you." Misty began to follow Melody.

"No you're not, you still have to apologize for earlier." Melody whispered


"No buts, I'll lock you out of the room if you don't."

Misty thought for a while when she was interrupted from her thoughts by Melody again.

"Misty, don't even. I know what you're thinking." Melody glared.

"Fine, you win." Misty caved, knowing that Melody wouldn't let it drop.

"Good." Melody smiled triumphantly as she started heading towards Misty's room once again.

Misty sighed as she turned back around to face Gary. 'Might as well get this stupid thing over with.' "Look Gary, I need to talk to you for a sec." Misty began as she rubbed her temples.

"Really now?" Gary said finally taking notice of Misty, since earlier he had been looking at his phone for some reason.

"Sorry, were you in the middle of something?" Misty asked wondering if she had interrupted something when she noticed Gary started to put his phone in his jeans' pocket.

"Nothing important. You were saying?" Gary said trying to get back to what Misty had said earlier.

"Oh, right…." Misty took a while as she sighed and began again. "Well, I just wanted to say that I'm sorry about before." Misty apologized as she averted her eyes from looking at Gary; instead she chose a spot on the wall right behind him, making it look like she was looking at him.

"Before?" Gary noticed that Misty was trying to avoid his eyes without him noticing. 'Like she ever could.'

"Yeah, before." Misty repeated

"Which one?"

"Huh?" Misty finally looked at Gary in the eyes. 'Called it.' Gary chuckled to himself.
"Which before? The before at the school or the before that happened in the gym?" Gary crossed his arms across his chest as he leaned back on the chair, almost sitting on the arm of it.

"Um…both?" Misty said not completely sure what Gary was doing as she gave him a confused look. "Does it even matter? I said I was sorry."

"My dear Misty…of course it matters." Gary smiled and Misty knew it was one of his annoyed smiles that was just pretending to be a nice regular smile.

"Look, I said I was sorry ok?" Misty tried to get the conversation done and over with.

"Well I'm not accepting it." Gary shrugged his shoulders

"What? I apologize and you say that you won't accept it?" Misty was almost flabbergasted as she looked at Gary not believing what she had just heard. 'Can he do that?'

"That's right."


"Because I know that you don't mean it. Honestly at least know what you're apologizing for and that you mean it. Not because someone told you to, it's totally pointless that way." Gary sighed as he began to walk by Misty.
"Hold up!" Misty grabbed Gary's arm trying to get him to stop.

"What now?" Gary turned his head back as he looked at Misty waiting for her to try to get the last word in, 'Yet again.'

"How do you know I don't mean it?" Misty looked at Gary with curiosity in her eyes wondering how Gary figured she didn't mean what she said.

"Because Pumpkin Head, you never once looked at me in the eyes when you were "apologizing" to me and I overheard your conversation with Melody. Yeah, you two definitely don't know the meaning of being quiet. That enough of an answer for ya? Good." Gary yanked his arm from Misty's grasp as he began to walk towards the stairs.

"What? Well if you think I'll be apologizing again you're dead wrong Oak! You hear me!" Misty shouted at Gary's retreating figure as Gary just waved the back of his hand in response. 'That jerk! If he thinks I'm gonna apologize to him again he's full of it. There's no way Melody is holding this against me, I apologized, and he was the one who refused it. That Buttface.' Misty reasoned as she made her way to her room.

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