Hello. I'm trying to go for a little series of stories on the Wanijima brothers, as well as random Air Gear characters. Requests can be posted in reviews if you'd like anything in particular, otherwise fics based on the themes challenge. Enjoy!


Title: Sky

Rating: K+

Characters: Akito, Agito, Lind, mention of Ikki

Summary: In which Lind has a question for his younger brothers and Akito points out a fact they cannot ignore.

Disclaimer: I don't own Air Gear.

"Akito, Agito, what color's the sky?"

"Huh?"The little teen turned in his mind to see him in his cage, resting against the bars, watching with his dual-crossed eyes, eyes that marked him higher than any other. Agito, similar to Akito in looks, turned as well.

"What's that about all of a sudden?"Akito asked with that false cheeriness that signaled for the three that this was going to be a quick conversation before somebody noticed he wasn't paying attention to the text they were supposed to be reading. It was amazing that the most timid of them was the one they listened to incredibly often. The middle sibling, for that was the only way they could define themselves, stepped down onto the blood pool and blinked at him with one eye.

Lind shrugged. "I wasn't exactly paying attention due to that Orca guy trying to kill us. So, what color's the sky?" He sounded incredibly bored, but both knew he was interested.

Agito snorted. "Who knows? It could be grey for all we know."

Lind turned to him in surprise. "What makes you say that, little brother?" His voice became mocking. "What makes you so smart?" Agito could hear the curse his mind blocked out. They were not supposed to curse at each other. None of them quite understood why.

Agito mentally bit his lip to keep from shouting. He did not want another headache like the last argument. Forcing himself to sound indifferent, he replied, "I can only see in red."

Lind frowned. "Well how's that gonna help me? I don't know how to see," he asked sarcastically. Agito felt his customary scowl deepen.

"Didn't say it was." Lind looked about ready to punch him, which would really hurt. Looked like both of them had forgotten the topic already. The two proceeded to trade insults, some of which were incredibly clever.

"It's blue," Akito stated softly, tracing his finger on the blood that was their ground. Both glanced to see the middle sibling watching them with a small, amused smile on his face. "The sky is blue," he repeated, standing up and walking toward the mirror that showed them the outside world. He could see Ikki shaking their body and giggled. They did look asleep.

"How do you know?" they asked in unison. Akito gave a shy smile to them as he put a foot through the glass, which rippled like water.

"Kaito-nii told me when I asked him. I couldn't tell either," he stated sheepishly. Turning around briefly, Akito commented, "Lind should know better than any of us. After all, this was Lind's place and Lind was born for the sky." Agito agreed silently and joined his older brother at the mirror.

It was only later, while watching the two sleep hand in hand on the water, that he smiled.

"Thank you."