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"Jenna...Jenna, wake up."


"Jenna, today is a very important day. Remember?"

"...L'mme 'lone..."

"...Alright. You asked for it. Posi, Water Gun."




"And a good morning to you, too."

Welcome, to another average morning in the Mayson household. This small family of two parents and a daughter run a significantly large and successful ranch/breeding center/daycare in Petalburg. It was a joint family business; with David Mayson (the father) running the ranch, Mary Mayson (the mother) working the breeding center, and Jenna Mayson (the seventeen-year-old daughter) training the Pokemon in the daycare.

And that daughter (who was just rudely woken up) happens to be me.

"Seriously, what's with the waterfall treatment?" I groaned as I wrung out my long, ice-blue hair.

My mom chuckled, "Trust me, if it was Waterfall, you'd be feeling more than just a little wet behind the ears."

Have I mentioned that she has a horrible sense of humor? Because she does. "You know what I ment."

My mother sighed with a dissapointed look on her face. "Don't you remember what today is, Jen?"


"No. Also, it's thursday." She suddenly snapped her fingers and pulled out a pencil and pad of paper. "Definitive lack of a sense of time. Inherited from father," she mumbled as she wrote. My mom, being a breeder, is used to making notes about Pokemon offspring and how much they act like their parents, and which parent specifically. Unfortunately, she's been starting to do that with humans, too. Me being her prime subject.

It makes my get-togethers with my friends that much more awkward when we come to my place.

"So today's thursday," I stated with a shrug, "I don't see much reason to rudely wake me up like this."

Putting away her notes, my mom said, "Do you want me to give you hints, or give you a straight answer?"

"I woke up like, a minute ago. What do you think?"

"Hinting it is."


"Kidding, kidding. Today's the day you start your journey, remember? Well, technically, it's the day you should head out to Littleroot, because it takes a day or two to get there by f-Hey! Jenna, what are you do-"

I quickly pushed my mom and her Poliwhirl out of my room and frantically started changed. How could I forget that today was the day I was heading out?! Okay, hair in a high ponytail: check. Bangs flipped over one eye: check. Favorite red tank-top (it has a picture of a chibi-Flareon on it): check. Jeans: check. Boots: check. Various other things that I don't want to waste time listing: check.

I stuffed everything else into my dark-green backpack and bolted out of my room, almost tripping down the stairs in my mad rush to the door. My mom, who was patiently waiting by said door with a smirk, simply said, "Be sure to give me and your father a more proper farewell when you get your starter."

"Will do, mom!" I called back as I flew through the doorway. After barely avoiding an unfortunate mishap with the neighbor's pet Houndoom, my hometown was soon hidden behind the trees and tall grass of route 102.


In hindsight, I probably should have grabbed one of my own Pokemon for the trip to Littleroot. It's a pain in the ass to avoid all the wild Pokemon. Sure, a Wurmple or a Zigzagoon may not be very strong, but they can still do some damage to an average human.

By the time I reached Oldale, the sun was already dangerously close to setting. So I quickly found the Pokemon Center (Thank Arceus that they all look the same) and got myself a room with my limited funds. Sucks that normal people have to pay for rooms and Pokemon recovery, while trainers don't.

I also discovered that normal people have to share rooms if it's over-crowded.

I was forced to share a room with another girl who was probably a little younger than me (although she was a head taller). She had short blond hair that fanned out in the back and blue eyes. She wore an unzipped forest camo jacket over a black tanktop, along with dark-blue jeans and black boots. A pair of sunglasses rested on top of her head, and a pair of dogtags hung from her neck. Despite her choise of apparel, however, she was acting extremely shy. She won't speek a peep, and she refuses to even look at me.

Time to change that.

As I returned from the restroom (hate public ones. Hatehatehate!), I sat on the bed opposite of the girl. "I'm Jenna."


"...You know, it's curtious to give your own name when someone offers their own."

"..." She still refused to even aknowledge my existence; just fiddling with her dogtags seemed to take all of her focus.

Me, being the curious and impatient person I am, decided to see what was so interesting about those oval pieces of metal. "You got family in the army or som-" And the next thing I know, I was pushed to the ground by an incredibly strong arm, the girl leaning all of her weight onto my ribcage.

"Don't. Touch. Me." She hissed with the utmost seriousness. Now that I looked closer, she had a light scar going down from her right eyebrow to the left of her jaw. Guess she isn't wearing all that army stuff for the hell of it.

Damn, this chick is heavy! "Look-" I coughed a bit from the lack of air. "Can you let up a bit so I can-" More coughing. "live?" She obliged, but still kept me pinned to the ground. "Just tell me your name, and I'll leave you alone. I swear."


As unpredictable as lightning. Her name is fitting.

Elektra finally let me stand up, and true to my word, I didn't utter a singe peep for the rest of the night.

My dad said I might meet strange people on my Pokemon journey. He never said about before though! Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings...

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