Me and Wally chatted to each other for a long while, and before I knew it, we were back in Petalburg and it was already dark out. We parted ways with me promising to see him one more time tomorrow before I left on my journey. I wasn't surprised to find all the lights in my house were off, as my parents always went to bed early. I fished my keys out of my pocket and unlocked the front door.

My first sight as I entered the house was the angry glare of Deryl, a Scizor who was basically our night-watch. My second sight was one of his steel claws an inch away from my neck. Sadly, this isn't the first time that this has happened. Or the second. Or the tenth. I'm a teen, I like to party, what can I say? "Deryl, relax. It's just me." I calmly stated.

Is it weird that my sense of danger had been diluted because I constantly put myself into situations like this?

Deryl blinked, then lowered his claw back to his side. And like the ninja I keep on telling my mom he is, he vanished into the shadows without a trace.

I sighed and walked through my house and into my room. I was too exhausted to bother with getting ready for bed, so I just settled with undoing my hair and letting Kipper out of his ball. "This is my room." I told him, though I wasn't sure if the Mudkip understood me at all. I don't think he did, because the first thing he did was jump on my bed and start rolling around like a happy Growlithe. "Yeah, I...kinda sleep there." I had no idea why I was talking to him, as I'm pretty sure that Pokemon as young as Kipper didn't understand human speech that well.

I decided to just let the little guy do what he wanted, and I slipped under the covers of my bed. I reached under it and grabbed my small remote which let me turn off the lights without getting up. Yay laziness! Kipper had finally settled down at the end of the bed and curled into a little ball for comfort. It wasn't much later that he had obviously fallen asleep, a cute little smile on his face.

My last thoughts before I drifted off, was that maybe getting a Mudkip was worth it. They were cute, and Swampert was awesome. Marshtomp wasn't really all that cool or cute, but I could deal with that.


I was rudely woken up when I felt someone pinch my nose. "...Mom. How old are you?" She let go of my nose and backed off a bit. As I slowly became more conscious, I noticed that she was holding a happy Kipper in her arms and she was grinning like an idiot. "I know you like Mudkips mom," I stated, "but Kipper is my Pokemon."

She shook her head, but kept that large smile on her face. "I know, but that's not it." She held Kipper to her face. "This little guy must've had amazing parents! Healthy skin, strong for a Pokemon his age, and quite a happy little ball of joy!"

I groaned in annoyance as I got out of bed. "Mom, you sound like...Like...Something that I can't figure out an appropriate metaphor for right now."


"Whatever." I stretched my arms above my head and gave her a weary glance. "Also, hi mom."

"Oh, yeah." She chuckled with embarrassment. "Hello, Jenna."

After shooing my mom out of my room and returning Kipper to his ball, I readied myself for the day and travelled to the dining room, where a simple plate of eggs and bacon was waiting. "I'm gonna miss this." I said aloud. I ate the breakfast quickly and dashed to our backyard. Well, I should say back-field. It's where my dad does all his ranching.

Speaking of which, I finally found my dad so I could say goodbye. Unfortunately, I had to wait, as he was trying to get a Tauros into his pen without agitating it. After about five minute with no success, he gave up and let the Pokemon do whatever it wanted. "Damn Tony's getting more stubborn by the day..." He mumbled as he walked straight past me.

"...Hey! Dad!"

His head snapped up as his attention came back to reality. "Jenna? Oh! Morning!" Realization seemed to have passed over him as his expression turned a bit bittersweet. "So, you're finally starting your journey today, huh?"

I nodded. "Yep. I'll be back for a badge, but that probably won't be for a while." I quickly found myself trapped in a large bear hug. "Urk-!"

"I'm gonna miss you, Jenna. Make sure you call me from time to time, alright?"

Despite the fact that my ribs felt like they could break any second, I found the strength to smile and hug my dad back. "Sure thing, dad." After a moment of this, we finally let go of eath other and I asked, "Where's mom? I wanna say bye to her, too."

My dad chuckled and pointed westwards. "Megan's waiting at the city gate. Said she's got a surprise for you."

I nodded and waved as I started jogging out of the yard. "Thanks. Next time you see me, I'll be half a champion!"

After about an hour or so of saying goodbye to my friends (Wally gave me some good travelling advice too), I finally reacjed the western gate of Petalburg. Sure enough, my mother was waiting there. And she was wearing jeans, a black vest over a red shirt, hiking boots, and a backpack slung over a shoulder.


"Mom, what are you doing." I demanded. No time for questions.

"I'm travelling with you, of course!" She replied with a simple grin. "And you can't refuse. I'm your mother, after all."

"...Son of a bitch."

"I'm a daughter of a bitch, thank you very much."

...Next chapter will actually be worth the wait I swear.