As Naruto walked through the village with his teammates, he pretended not to notice the glares from the villagers. He kept up his happy idiot mask, but that was not the true Naruto. The true Naruto only came out when he was with his best friend Hyuuga Hinata. She was having troubles with her clan when one day they met up, and decided to train together to become stronger.


Naruto was sitting on a park bench resting from the preliminary exams. Naruto had qualified, but when he asked Kakashi to train him, he dumped Naruto for Sasuke.

'Some sensei,' Naruto thought. He heard a rustle in the bushes behind him.

"Who's there?" Naruto questioned, standing with a few kunai in hand. A small 'eep!' was heard, and Hinata tumbled out from behind the tree.

"Ah, gomen, Hinata-chan, I didn't know it was you," Naruto apologized, stowing the kunai.

'He...called me...Hinata-chan,' Hinata thought. She then proceeded to faint. Naruto jumped forward and caught her before she hit the ground.

'I'd better take her back to her house. Damn, I don't know where she lives! Uh, I better take her somewhere safe...Aha! I'll take her to my house! I hope she doesn't mind,' Naruto thought. Her picked the heiress up and walked back to his house, making sure to stay in the shadows.

About an hour later, Hinata awoke.

'Shouldn't I be in the hospital…Oh yeah, father came and lectured me about 'how much of a disgrace I was,' and I decided to sneak out…the only question is, where am I?' Hinata wondered.

"Ah, so you finally decided to wake up," Naruto said. Hinata blushed.

'That's right. I fainted. Naruto-kun must have taken me to his house.'

"A-Arigato, Naruto-kun. I didn't...mean to spy on y-you, but I couldn't help but notice that you were sad. Anything wrong?" Hinata asked.

"Yeah, I asked Kakashi-baka to train me and he dumped my training on that pervert Ebisu, deciding to train his favorite student instead. I just hope I can beat your cousin," Naruto explained.

"W-Well, maybe I could...maybe I you?" Hinata suggested.

"Really? You'd do that? Thanks a bunch Hinata-chan!" Naruto hugged her.

'' was all Hinata thought before passing out. When she woke up, Hinata saw Naruto waiting beside her.

"Okay, promise me you won't faint? And we seriously have to work on you stuttering," Naruto said.

"W-Well, if I am changing, you n-need to get rid of t-that horrid jumpsuit," Hinata replied.

"But, this is all the store-keepers would sell me. I can't buy anything else. Plus, I like orange," Naruto mentioned. Hinata giggled.

"Naruto-kun, ever heard of henge?" Hinata inquired.

"Wow I'm an idiot. C'mon Hinata-chan, let's go!" Naruto practically yelled, pulling Hinata out the door.

"Remember, the henge!" Hinata whispered to Naruto.

"Right," he whispered back. One second and a puff of smoke later, Naruto had transformed into a nondescript teenage boy with brown eyes and hair. They walked into a shinobi supply store.

"Hello young sir, what may I do for you?" asked the storekeeper. Naruto mentally frowned. If he had walked into the store like that, the owner would've either thrown him out or yelled at him harshly.

"I'd like to buy some clothes please," Naruto said, pushing away the thoughts.

"Right this way."

Naruto tried on outfit after outfit until he found the one he liked.

"I-It looks good on you...uh...Nakamura-kun," Hinata said.

Naruto had settled on a black t-shirt with the Uzumaki spiral on the back, black cargo pants with orange accents, and a black cloak with long sleeves, a hood, and hidden pockets to tie it all off.

"Hi…Hikari-chan, we have to get something for you too," Naruto insisted, fumbling Hinata's name.

"W-Well, okay..." She also tried on outfits, and found one that she liked.

Hinata stepped out in a loose black t-shirt with fishnet underneath reaching her wrists, wrist-length gloves with metal plates on the back, black cargo pants, and a hooded tan cloak with wrist-length sleeves.

"Is that all for today?" asked the storekeeper.

"Yes. We'll need two sets of each out fit, please," Naruto asked. The man handed over their clothing. After they paid, Naruto and Hinata slipped into one of the pairs.

"Thank you!" he said as they walked out the door.

"Next stop, the weapons shop. Hikari-chan, we have to get a main weapon," Naruto said.

"'Mura-kun, we don't even know how to wield these weapons," Hinata giggled.

"True, but I'm sure some of the scrolls in the Hokage Library know." They continued on their way to Konoha Weapons, the villages primary weapons shop.

"Ohayo, how may I help you?" asked the storekeeper.

"Yes, we were going to look around for a weapon for each of us," Hinata said.

"Go ahead, take your time," the old man said.

Naruto and Hinata walked around until they found what they were looking for. There on the display shelf sat twin swords. One was a sliver blade with a black hilt and the kanji for death on the hilt in a white sheath, and the other was a silver blade with a white hilt and the kanji for life in black on the hilt in a black sheath. Naruto and Hinata were immediately drawn to them. They picked up a blade each, Hinata the life katana, and Naruto the death katana.

"Ah, so you like those. These are the twin swords Ikioi and Takai. They are the finest made, but seeing as you are the only two that have been able to even touch them since they were brought here, I'll give you them for free," the old man said kindly.

"What? No, we couldn't..." Naruto replied.

"Nonsense. I insist." Naruto strapped his katana to his lower back and Hinata strapped hers diagonally across her back.

"Thank you, kind sir!" Hinata shouted after him as they left.

-End Flashback-

Since then, the duo always trained together in a secluded clearing near the Hokage mansion. The Sandaime and Godaime both allowed them to use it. Naruto stole scrolls from the restricted section in the library every now and then. Seeing as he was the hated 'demon boy,' no one ever let him in there. Now, six months later, the two wielded the katanas will some skill, had quite a few jutsu in their arsenal, had learned many seals, and were masters of stealth and deception.

On the outside, Hinata was a shy nobody, a weak heiress, and Naruto was a happy-go-lucky idiot who didn't take anything seriously and was extremely dense. Hinata had perfect chakra control, and she took to learning medical jutsu. Naruto had average control, and constantly trained to get it to perfection.

Naruto was not as dense in reality as people thought, and he noticed that Hinata obviously had affections for him. He accepted them when she confessed one day, and even returned her feelings, but they had to hide their relationship, for fear of the village, or even worse, enemies finding it out.

Yet, neither could predict what would happen one day on the way back from the Sasuke Retrieval Mission. The entire village began to scorn Naruto for losing their 'precious Uchiha,' and Sakura and Ino openly insulted him in public. Once, Hinata almost lost her cover. She overheard the two trash-talking Naruto, and struck both in the neck. She had disabled their voice boxes, something that would take at least a few months to heal.

One night, Naruto and Hinata finally had it. Hiashi was belittling Hinata again, so she snapped. Thankfully, she didn't show him anything, but she did go to Naruto immediately. When she arrived sobbing at Naruto's door, Naruto took her inside and sealed the room with a sound seal.

"What's the matter, 'Nata-chan?" he asked.

"Nothing, 'Ruto-kun. It's just, father is doing it again, and I've had it. I want to leave here. Don't you see how the villagers are treating you, how can you bear it? I...I want to leave the village," Hinata explained. Naruto sat back.

"I'll send a clone to inform Tsunade-sama about our plans. However, if we really are leaving the village, we'll be marked missing-nins," Naruto said.

"We could use henge…no, that would easily be dispelled…" Hinata thought aloud.

"What if we used hair dye and contacts? There is no chakra involved, so we would look normal," Naruto suggested.

"What about your whisker marks? I could use a bit of makeup to cover them up."

"Do you really have to?" Naruto whined.

"Yes Naruto-kun," Hinata said, giggling.

Hinata then went out to get the supplies. When she returned, Tsunade had given Naruto word via his clone dispelling.

"Tsunade said yes, 'Nata-chan."

Hinata was the first in the bathroom, showering and dyeing her hair darker than it already was. It no longer shone purple in the sunlight, which Naruto was sad about, but was as black as night. She put in deep blue contacts to cover her Byakugan eyes.

Stepping in after Hinata, Naruto dyed his hair a chocolate brown. He had told Hinata to purchase green contacts, which he used to cover his cerulean eyes. When he came out, Hinata used makeup to cover his marks.

They began packing everything they would need, from food to weapons to clothes to the hair dye that they would continually need. Naruto and Hinata slipped the scrolls into the hidden pockets in their cloaks. They each used a seal on themselves that would cloak their chakra signature. Hinata then sprayed a mist that would cover their scents for a few days, something she designed especially when she was on her squad with Kiba and Shino. They pulled on up their hoods and hopped the wall easily. Rain poured hard around them.

As soon as they were out of the gates, Naruto and Hinata looked back at the village they had grown up in for the last time. Hinata then remembered the Hyuuga necklace on her neck.

I don't want to be tied to that damned clan any longer! Hinata thought with a growl as she ripped the necklace from her neck. It plunged to the ground, landing in the mud, as Hinata and Naruto sped off through the trees.