I'm back! Surprised? I'm a little surprised myself. I guess I just had to write this one.

Real life is a bit of a bear these days, so fair warning: there may be a bit of a delay between chapters. I've got some fairly good draft work done, and thanks to beta-readers like Baylink and MySoapBox, they're in pretty good shape. However, even though I'm ahead of the game right now, there's still a lot of story to write, so I'm going to try to pace my postings.

You've been warned.

Since it's been so long, I've posted a timeline below that shows how things fit together. For those who haven't read the other fanfics or forget how the previous fanfics have gone, this should remind you how the various stories integrate with the TV shows from Season One. The timeline should catch you up on most of the key points, but since the previous stories all play into this one, you may want to go back and re-read them. (Be kind to Chuck vs Auld Lang Syne, the first story in the series. It was literally the first thing I'd written in forever, so it's a little rough.)

It should go without saying that the timeline below is rife with spoilers if you haven't read my previous stories.

Now that my disclaimers and shameless plugs are over, enjoy!


Chuck vs the Nemesis (TV)

Bryce returns. Tommy Delgado, Fulcrum operative, tries to get Bryce to rejoin.

Tommy figures out Chuck is connected to the Intersect.

Team Chuck captures Tommy.

Bryce is to go deep undercover. He wants Sarah back, as partner and more. Sarah chooses to stay with Chuck.

Chuck vs the Crown Vic (TV)

Team Chuck stops Lon Kirk.

Buy More Christmas Holiday Party.

Beckman warns Casey that he may need to eliminate Chuck.

Chuck vs Auld Lang Syne (fanfic)

Chuck flashes on a Christmas card sent by a high school classmate.

Mission: track down Andon Minh, information broker.

Chuck and Sarah exchange Xmas presents purely for their cover: a watch and a necklace

Team Chuck takes down Minh.

Chuck and Sarah kiss on New Year's Eve.

The necklace contains a note from Chuck to Sarah, telling her that he trusts her. The watch contains a mysterious microchip.

Chuck vs Five Men, One with a Knife (fanfic)

Team Chuck captures and interviews Brent Davis and Jeremy Cushman. They run a small consulting company that Fulcrum has contracted to break into a top-secret CIA server. The server turns out to be the central server for assigning missions to agents across several organizations.

Given the way the NSA and CIA treat Cushman because of what he knows, Chuck worries that the knowledge in his own head may lead the CIA or NSA to kill him some day.

Team Chuck takes down Fulcrum operative Black Lightning and his crew, with the exception of Lizzie Shafai, who is suspicious of the Buy More credentials she spots during the raid.

Jeremy Cushman slated to be killed. Chuck convinces(?) Graham that the CIA would be better served to offer Cushman a job.

Chuck vs the Undercover Lover (TV)

Casey helps out an old flame.

Chuck vs the Marlin (TV)

Chuck is slated to be moved underground.

Lizzie Shafai learns Chuck is the Intersect after a month of snooping around the Buy More.

Lizzie is captured.

Chuck vs the Strange Bedfellows (fanfic)

Sarah gets called away on a mission to Venezuela. Bryce Larkin needs her help to investigate Alex Moreno, a Fulcrum agent … and for other things.

Carina is called in to substitute for Sarah. After Chuck flashes, Carina, Chuck and Casey pursue Jaime Veron, local drug dealer with the Los Mellizos organization out of Colombia.

Bryce pursues Sarah; Carina pursues Chuck.

Bryce and Sarah find out that Fulcrum is arranging an alliance with FARC, a leftist guerilla organization for purposes unknown.

Drew Jennings, a U.S. Representative for the Huntington Beach district, becomes involved with the Veron investigation.

Bryce and Sarah infiltrate a paramiltary camp, discovering further ties to Los Mellizos. They assassinate one of the key leaders and destroy the relationship between the paramilitary group and Fulcrum, foiling their plans to instigate regime change in Venezuela.

Chuck, Carina and Casey find Veron's operations and expose them to Jennings.

Casey accidentally reveals that Sarah is off with Bryce. Chuck believes Sarah is gone for good.

Chuck sleeps with Carina, only to find out she is Sarah's younger sister.

Sarah returns to several panicked voice mails from Chuck. Carina shows up at Sarah's apartment on her way out of town; the two fight and talk.

Sarah kisses Chuck on Valentine's Day.

Chuck vs the Scavenger Hunt (fanfic)

Fulcrum searches for several things: a pair of boots, a packet of information (code named Chameleon), Jaime Veron's PDA, Bryce, Sarah and Chuck

Devon organizes and launches his annual scavenger hunt for his friends.

Duty interrupts the fun. Chuck flashes / finds the boots at Black Lightning's hideout.

Director Graham has built a secure bunker for Chuck at the local CIA facility, but Fulcrum compromises the security in order to obtain Chameleon. Sarah defeats the agents, recovers Chameleon and convinces Graham to delay moving Chuck underground due to the security concerns.

Chuck and Casey go to Veron's at the request of Drew Jennings. Jennings starts to recruit Casey for Fulcrum. Chuck finds Veron's PDA. The PDA is like the one Bryce used to download the Intersect.

Chuck sees Sarah run into a building that explodes. It turns out to be an elaborate trap for the Los Mellizos henchmen.

Sarah asks Chuck to investigate Chameleon. Chuck decodes the book. It contains a list of credentials used by terrorist organizations to contact certain journalists and claim responsibility for acts of terror.

Chameleon recovered by Fulcrum as Chuck tries to take it to Casey's, but Chuck has enough information that he can pass along two key contacts to General Beckman.

Chuck uses Buy More tools to break into Veron's PDA; he discovers Fulcrum contacts, including an appointment to rendezvous with a Fulcrum cell. Chuck figures out that Sarah's mission in South America and Team Chuck's efforts in Los Angeles have Los Mellizos as a common bond, something previously undiscovered because the CIA and NSA were not communicating.

Team Chuck stakes out the rendezvous point. Casey meets Eric Amafor, his ex-partner and now Fulcrum agent, who keeps Casey out of action and tries to continue Casey's recruitment.

Fulcrum contact at rendezvous asks when they are getting their uranium.

Team Chuck defeats the Fulcrum cell (except for Amafor) with the help of a mysterious stranger who steals the video of Casey's meeting with Amafor.

Los Mellizos henchmen somehow escaped custody. They kidnap Chuck. Sarah pursues. Chuck realizes that Sarah will have no choice but to surrender, and that they'd both be tortured and killed, so he drives the car with him and the henchmen into a ravine. Chuck survives largely intact; the henchmen are nearly killed.

Sarah reveals that Beckman and Graham are extremely nervous about all the Fulcrum information leaks.

Sarah tells Chuck that the job will always come first, but she wants what time they have together. She kisses him in full view of anyone who happens to be watching.