To this day, those who knew them best would often wonder what finally caused Lily Evans to lower her guard and take a leap of faith in regards to James Potter. Truth be told, James Potter himself was not entirely sure, though he liked to regale people with the tale that his persistence had just one day finally paid off. The only person who knew for sure was Lily Evans, and she thought, considering the circumstances it seemed only fitting that she never spoke the words as to why.

This was not to say that people did not have their theories, but she dismissed each and every one in turn. No, it had not been the grand gestures, or the frequent declarations of love that eventually resulted in Lily Evans finally succumbing to James Potters wishes. Nor had it been his Head Boy badge or his Quidditch Captaincy that had shed some new light upon him.

The crisp light of dawn was to be found seeping into the Gryffindor common room, revealing a still sleeping Lily Evans who had, not for the first time, fallen asleep whilst emerged in her schoolwork. She was awoken by the familiar sounds of James Potter and his friends climbing through the portrait, and her pulse began to race as she remembered her conclusions from the night before. She had been wading her way through the enormous amount of homework the professors had begun setting as an introduction to NEWT year and had just begun her Defence essay regarding various dark creatures. Most notably, werewolves.

Lily Evans was an extremely bright student and as such it had not taken her long realise when presented with all the facts that her friend and classmate, Remus Lupin, suffered from the affliction. He had in fact been absent that very day from classes, no doubt in preparation for the full moon that was due that night.

A bout of laughter awoke her from her thoughts and she quickly surveyed the scene in front of her. The four dishevelled boys were midway across the common room, before they noticed her. Their reaction was instantaneous, as they stopped suddenly, before smiling sheepishly and quickly making their ascent up the stairs. Remus flanked on either side.

Sirius Black would later say that she must have still been half asleep for not docking points for blatant rule breaking. She would not correct him. The truth of the matter was that Lily Evans had been shocked into silence. In all her worrying the night before it had never occurred to her that perhaps she was not the only one to have realised Remus's secret. It was in that second that Lily Evans finally saw the true nature of James Potter.

For years James Potter strove to impress and capture the heart of Lily Evans by saying anything and everything that came into his mind, and some would call it irony, that the reason Lily Evans finally fell for James Potter was because he hadn't said anything at all.