Ok here is my newest story. This will be update once a month. A new twist on The Dirt Sheet. Enjoy!

*Theme Music*

In a world full of winners and losers, three men, have risen above, to bring you........ The DIRT SHEET!

*music fades*

"Hello. I'm John Morrison, and I was finally give the green light to design my Peanut Butter and Johnny T-shirt. Its available in stores today. However, I don't wear it for (opens jacket) it would hide my abs."

" Really dude?" asked Miz. "And I'm you Chick Magnet The Miz! Vince being all about his paper, that's money for you dorks, has felt our internet show needed to comeback. So being the great guy I am-

"More like the dumbest." added Morrison.

"You know, John with your attitude, you are going to be the end of the Dirt Sheet again."

"Me?" John said with distain, "If it was anyone's fault it was yours. Your face and those ugly scarves."

"What?!" screeched Miz.

"Guys can you two get along so we can get on with the show." asked the other male that sat between Mike and John. "Hi, I'm Evan, and today's episode is going to be so much fun."

"Dude why is he even here?" asked the Sharman of Sexy.

"My mom said that since we are going to be step brothers, we need to bond." Miz huffs, "So she talked to Vince and got them to add him to the show."

"Your step brother is a nerd." John chuckles.

"Can we please just do the show?" The Chick Magnet was get highly upset. The other two nod. "Ok lets take a look at one virgin from both Raw and Smackdown that are trying to full us into believing that are not.

*rolls footage*

John speaks up. "First off its Luke Gallows from Smackdown. I mean any one who follows CM Punk around, has no girl friend, is looks oddly like Festus is obviously a virgin.

"That or either him and Punk have something going on because he is always touching him." add Mike.

Eerie silence.

"Now moving on to Raw. I had a lot of Superstars to pick from." The Miz rubbed his chin before continuing. "But I finally made my choice, that person being…..Evan Bourne."

Evan eyes widen as his name was spoken. "I am not a virgin."

John was trying to keep a straight face as he replied. "Yeah right."

"We know you are Evan. But its ok, you just have to realize that nice guys come last."

Evan faced twisted in anger. They though so little of him because he was small, quiet, and stayed to himself. Than after replaying Miz's words in his head again, a smirk played on his lips.

"You know Miz, your right. Nice guys do come last but only a gentleman would let a woman get hers before they do. At least that was what Maryse told me before she left my room this morning" said Evan.

Mike sat there with the look of shook, confusion, and many other expression. John mouth just hung open. Knowing he won this round, Evan took advantage of the quietness of his co-stars and proceed to close the show.

*theme music starts up*

"Well that all the time we have. Remember in life there are winners…." he point to himself, "and there are losers." He points to Miz. "I'm getting it on with Maryse. BE JEALOUS!"

*camera fades out*

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