Sonic The Cat: Love & Revenge

Summary: Taking place ten years after Sonic The Cat, Sonic and his new wife Blaze are living a happy life with two adorable kids named Jake and Lilly. But however, a certain Sonic-obsessed hedgehog girl, Amy Rose, doesn't approve of Sonic's new life, and she plans to wreck his marriage and take him and the kids for herself. Now Sonic and his family and friends must do whatever it takes to stop Amy's corrupted plan before it takes place.

Note: Includes full guest appearances by Mario, Luigi, and other Nintendo characters.

Disclaimer: All Sonic characters belong to Sega.

P.S.: Nintendo characters belong to the Nintendo company.

Chapter 1

Today was just a normal, peaceful day in Station Square. The sun was shining, the flowers were blooming, and citizens were out traveling around the city. It was like as if things couldn't possibly get worse.

Speaking of which, things were going perfectly for Sonic, who was now living a glorious life, happily married to his true love, Blaze. For all that was known, Sonic was turned into a cat during an accident in Tails' lab. At first he was dissatisfied with his new form, it was at this point that Blaze fell madly in love with Sonic, who would always run away from her when given the chance, but she often succeeded in catching him everytime she chased him. Eventually, Sonic soon realized his true feelings for Blaze, and they became a couple. At that point, Sonic decided to remain as a cat. Soon after, Sonic proposed marriage to Blaze, who joyfully accepted. But during the day of their wedding, Amy Rose had attempted to crash it, falsely believing that Sonic had left her for Blaze, though Sonic knew that he and Amy were never a couple at all. However, before Amy could even do anything, she got apprehended by Mario & Luigi, who tied her to a tree.

Since then, Amy hasn't been seen for days or weeks, which sits well for Sonic & Blaze, who were currently watching TV while their son & daughter were outside playing with the family dog Sammy.

I love my new life, I gotta a lovely wife, two wonderful kids, a nice clean home, and a obedient dog, don't you agree Blaze", Sonic said.

I most certainly do Sonic", Blaze agreed.

So, have you heard from any of the others lately?", Blaze asked.

Yep, I talked to Knuckles yesterday, he and Lien-Da are making plans for their 4th anniversary this year", Sonic replied.

Really, I sure hope Knuckles know what he's doing", Blaze commented.

I'll ask him today, I'm meeting him at the mall later", Sonic said.

Sooner or later, their kids came through the back door with the dog, who was a black lab.

Mommy, daddy, we're back", said the kids.

The married couple turned to look at their children, who were cats just like them. The male cat, Jake, was blue like his father, but he had purple streaks on the tips of his ears, while also having golden eyes like his mother, he was at least 10 years old of age. The female cat, Lilly, was the same color as her mother, but she had emerald green eyes like Sonic. She was 9 years old of age.

Hey there kids, did you have fun outside?", Blaze asked.

Yeah, we taught Sam how to play dead", Lilly said.

That's nice, well I gotta go meet Knuckles, I'll be back soon okay", Sonic said as he got up.

See you soon honey", Blaze said giving him a french kiss.

Whoa there Blaze, warn me next time before you use your tongue", Sonic said.

Blaze just blushed and giggled.

After giving his kids a hug, he then headed out the door.

Later at the mall...

So, how's the married life for you?", Knuckles asked.

It just fine, how's Lien-Da doing?", Sonic asked.

She's alright, she's still at home with the kids", Knuckles replied.

So, what are you planning for your anniversary?", Sonic asked.

Not a lot, I already bought a gift for her and everything, there isn't much else", Knuckles said.

Did you hide the gift?", Sonic asked.

Of course, I'm not stupid, I hid it in a place where she'll never find it", Knuckle assured him.

Good, I'm pretty sure that she's got a special gift for you too, If you know what I'm getting at", Sonic said smirking.

Now cut that out buddy, Lien-Da isn't that persistant", Knuckles said chuckling.

You sure about that, you won't know until you find out", Sonic said.

Whoa, look at the time, I gotta hurry home, me and Lien-Da are going out for a lunch date on our anniversary", Knuckles said as he got up while looking at his watch.

Better hurry, you don't wanna be late", Sonic said.

See ya later Sonic", Knuckles said waving goodbye as he left.

Bye Knux", Sonic replied waving back.

That Knuckles sure is one lucky guy", Sonic said.

Hi there Sonic", said a familiar voice.

Sonic's happiness was replaced with anger and resentment as he instantly recognized the voice of none other than Amy Rose, the same hedgehog who had always been in love with him since the day they met. Ever since the incident at the wedding, Sonic had hated Amy for weeks and months, and he had refused to forgive her because of it.

What the heck do you want Amy?", Sonic asked without even looking at her.

I just noticed you over here, and decided to see how you were doing", Amy said acting like everything was normal even though it wasn't.

As you can see, I'm fine, now go away", Sonic said.

Come on, you're not still mad at me are you?", Amy asked.

Of course I'm still mad at you, you almost ruined my wedding you moron", Sonic replied angrily while turning to look at her.

If you hadn't betrayed me in the first place, none of it would have ever happened", Amy retorted.

Ugh, when are you gonna get it through your screwed up head, we were never together, we never dated, and more importantly, I never liked you anymore than I did before", Sonic stated.

Why couldn't you understand the fact that we were meant for each other?", Amy pointed out.

Because we never were meant for each other, you were too obsessive, I never like that about you at all", Sonic replied.

Oh really", Amy commented.

Yeah really, and if you think that you're gonna get me to like you, you are hugely mistaken, because that is never gonna hap-

But Sonic was suddenly cut off when Amy pressed her lips against his in a forceful kiss, shoving her entire tongue into his mouth, licking all around the inside. Sonic desperately tried to pull away from her, but Amy wrapped her arms tightly around his waist and neck, forcibly pulling him closer to her body. After struggling for sometime, Sonic finally manages to push Amy off of him, knocking her to the floor.

YOU CRAZY *****, WHAT THE ****DID YOU DO THAT FOR?", Sonic yelled while wiping his mouth.

I just thought that a kiss would make you change your mind about me", Amy said seductively as she got up.

Well, keep on dreaming, because there is no **** way I'll ever fall in love with you, I'm married to Blaze not you, so just leave me alone and stay out of my life", Sonic said before storming off.

Hmm, so he thinks he has a happy life does he, well he won't be happy for long once I manage to destroy his precious marriage, then I'll have that blue cat all to myself", Amy said forming an evil smirk on her face.

Later back at home...

AMY DID WHAT?", Blaze asked in shock.

Yep, that's right, she kissed me, right on the lips, with her whole tongue slithering in my mouth, it was horrible", Sonic told her.

Why that dirty, conniving, crazy hedgehog girl, I oughta rip off her arms and feed her to alligators", Blaze fumed.

Whoa whoa, take it easy honey, let's not get carried away, besides, there's nothing to worry about, you and I are married, and I love you very much, nothing will ever change that", Sonic assured her.

Aww, I love you too darling", Blaze replied kissing him on the cheek.

So, where are the kids and the dog? ", Sonic asked curiously.

Blaze giggled before replying.

Jake and Lilly are spending the night at their friend's house and Sam is outside in his doghouse, so we have the house all to ourselves, and I'm feeling a little in the mood if you know what I'm talking about", Blaze said seductively.

Oh I know exactly what you mean baby", Sonic replied before chasing Blaze upstairs towards the bedroom for a little fun time.

Well, here it is, the first chapter of this story, I spent three days working on it.

I hope you like it.

And just to point out, this story is gonna be rated M for specific reasons.

By the way, the nintendo characters will be making guest appearance in the next chapters.

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