Chapter 4

After several days have passed, Blaze was finally released from the hospital earlier in the afternoon on Friday. Sonic had gotten a call from Vanilla, telling him that Blaze was all better. Sonic was riddled with happiness and excitement after hearing this news. The kids and the dog were also happy to hear about it, and they became even happier when Sonic brought her home.

Mommy" Jake and Lilly greeted happily as they ran up and hugged their mother.

I'm so happy to see you two" Blaze said as she kissed them both.

Then the dog Sam jumped on her and licked her face.

Ha-ha, I'm happy to see you too Sam" Blaze giggled while pushing the black lab off her.

I'm so glad you're home again honey" Sonic said joyfully.

I'm glad to be home Sonic" Blaze replied kissing his cheek.

So, how have things been here?" Blaze asked.

Everything's been fine for the last few days, I always made sure the kids were dressed and ready for school every Monday through Friday" Sonic said.

That's nice" Blaze said.

I love you mommy, I don't ever want to lose you" Lilly said hugging her.

You're never going to lose me honey, I'll always be with you" Blaze assured her.

But then suddenly, Sonic formed a look of suspicion on his face, almost as if he sensed something wasn't right.

Sonic, what's wrong honey?" Blaze asked.

BLAZE GET OUT OF THE WAY" Sonic screamed pulling Blaze away from the window when it suddenly got shattered by a gunshot from across the street.

Kids, take Sam and go upstairs to your room now" Sonic warned them.

Okay daddy, come on Sam" Jake said as he led Lilly and the dog upstairs.

Sonic looked out the window to try and see who it was that fired. He suddenly spotted a red and blue hedgehog standing up from behind a bush holding a sniper rifle.

Sonic, that's him, that's Brian, the same hedgehog who tried to kill me at the hospital" Blaze said as she hid behind her husband.

I know, Knuckles told me about him over the phone, I also realized that Amy hired him to kill you" Sonic said.

I know, he told me himself" Blaze said.

Please don't let him kill me, please" Blaze pleaded.

That's not going to happen, and I'll see to it that it doesn't" Sonic said heading for the door. Blaze grabbed his arm.

Sonic no, don't go out there, he'll kill you" Blaze told him.

No he won't, he's only here to kill you, not me, I'm pretty sure Amy doesn't want him to kill me" Sonic said slipping from his arm from her grip.

Please be careful" Blaze said.

I will, I promise" Sonic said.

Sonic then headed outside and confronted Brian.

Well, so you're Sonic huh?" Brian asked.

Yeah, I'm Blaze's husband" Sonic said.

You're the guy Amy constantly talks about, but you're a cat" Brian pointed out.

Before I became a cat, I used to be a hedgehog" Sonic admitted.

Interesting fact, but I'm still gonna kill your wife though" Brian said.

Sorry, but I can't let you do that" Sonic said defensively.

And how are you gonna stop me?" Brian taunted.

Like a lightning strike, Sonic zoomed forward and punched Brian in the face, knocking the sniper rifle out of his hands.

Just like that" Sonic said.

Impressive, but not impressive enough" Brian said.

Brian tried to punch Sonic, but the speedy blue cat zoomed out of the way, countering by kicking Brian in the side. Then Sonic used a sweeping kick, knocking Brian off his feet. But while Sonic was distracted, Brian took advantage by grabbing Sonic's legs, making him fall to the ground. He then jump on him and bombarded Sonic's face with multiple punches. But Sonic threw him off and got back up. Just as Brian was getting up, Sonic grabbed him and threw against a tree, where he began punching him repeatedly, causing his face to bleed. Brian then attempted to punch Sonic again, but Sonic caught his arm and flipped him over his shoulder, throwing him down on the pavement. Brian quickly got up and tried to hit Sonic once more, but Sonic just grabbed his fist and twisted his arm, nearly breaking it like Knuckles almost did at the hospital. He then tossed him to the ground.

If you try to kill my wife while I'm around, the next beating you receive from will be fatal" Sonic said.

Brian got up off the ground and sent a death glare at Sonic, who sent a death glare back at him.

This isn't over yet, you haven't seen the last of me, Blaze will be killed, and you'll be forced to love Amy" Brian said.

The day Blaze dies, will be the day you and Amy die" Sonic retorted.

The sooner Brian left, Sonic headed back to the house, where Blaze had embraced him.

Oh Sonic, I'm so glad you're okay" Blaze said.

He was tough, but I took care of him" Sonic said.

Thank you Sonic" Blaze said kissing his cheek.

But I do know for a fact that this guy isn't gonna give up, he won't stop until he kills you" Sonic said.

I'm scared" Blaze said.

It's okay, I won't let anyone hurt you, not even Amy" Sonic said.

Later on.....

Sonic, Blaze and there kids were currently out walking through Station Square, enjoying a nice peaceful day.

I'm hungry, can we stop for some snacks?" Jake asked.

Sure honey" Blaze said.

There's a nearby store right here, why don't we go inside and get some snacks?" Sonic suggested.

Sounds good" Lilly said as soon they stopped there.

You three go ahead, I'll sit out here on the bench, I could use the relaxation" Blaze said.

Are you sure you don't wanna come in with us mommy?" Jake asked.

Don't worry honey, I'll be fine" Blaze said.

Okay, c'mon kids, mommy needs to rest for a while" Sonic said as he lead the kids inside.

Blaze then sat down on the bench, waiting for her husband and children to come back out.

But just when things seemed normal, someone grabbed Blaze by her throat and held her in place. She gasped in fear as she realized that it was Brian, who was pointing a gun close to her head.

Thought you were gonna be safe today did you?" Brian asked.

Blaze was too scared to speak, instead she started crying.

Say Goodbye feline" Brian said.

Get away from her" said a voice.

Brian turned his head, only to be met with a punch to face, which knocked him away from Blaze. He soon found himself confronted by a red male fox, who was about the same height as him, but only slightly taller.

Who the heck are you?" Brian asked.

My name's Matt the Fox, and I don't appreciate you messing with this innocent woman" said the fox.

For your information, I've been hired to kill this woman on behalf of orders from Amy Rose" Brian said.

Well if you don't leave right now, I guarantee you, things will get violent" Matt threatened.

Getting the message, Brian stormed off, having been thwarted once more.

Gee thanks, you really came through for me" Blaze said.

It's no problem" Matt said.

Hey we're back" Sonic said coming out of the store with the kids holding a bag of snacks.

Matt, this is my husband Sonic, and our kids, Jake and Lilly" Blaze said.

Nice to meet you all" Matt replied.

So what happened while we were gone?" Sonic asked.

Brian tried to kill me again, but Matt came and saved me" Blaze said.

I had to, whenever I see women in danger, I can't let them get hurt" Matt said.

Hmm, I'm guessing you've saved a lot of women these days huh?" Sonic asked.

Yep, and they've always thanked me in the most pleasant ways" Matt replied.

Let me guess, kisses and hugs" Sonic mentioned.

Mostly kisses, sometimes hugs, and the "unmentionable" Matt said.

Unmentionable?" Blaze asked in confusion.

You know, the "unmentionable" Matt pointed out.

Oh, that "unmentionable" Sonic said.

Yeah, I kinda don't wanna say it in front of your kids" Matt said.

So anyways, have any of those women ever asked you out?" Blaze asked.

Most of them have, both single and married women" Matt said.

You've actually been asked out by married women?" Sonic asked in surprise.

Yes, it's just weird, apparently every married woman I save is always willing to divorce there husband just to go out with me" Matt replied.

That's awkward" Blaze said.

I know" Matt said.

But hey, since you saved my wife, do you think you could be her bodyguard?" Sonic suggested.

Sure, that sounds like a good idea" Matt said.

Do you work for free?" Blaze asked.

Yep" Matt said.

Well honey, looks like you've got yourself a bodyguard" Sonic said.

Yeah, and I like it" Blaze said.


This sucks, I tried to kill her at least two times in a row today, but I got interrupted both times, first by that blue cat Sonic, and then by a red fox named Matt" Brian said in frustration.

Hmm, this is getting more and more harder by the minute" Amy said.

There's got to be some way I can kill Blaze without being interrupted" Brian wondered.

Let's see, if I can't kill Blaze to get Sonic, I'll just resort to kidnapping" Amy schemed.

How are you gonna kidnap him without getting caught?" Brian asked.

I'm not, but I know just the girl who can do it"Amy said.

How will this girl be able to kidnap him?" Brian asked.

Because I happen to know that Sonic often hangs out at the mall everyday late in the afternoon by himself or with a friend" Amy said.

So uh, who is this girl?" Brian asked curiously.

She's a light purple echidna, her name's Malina, and she has a way of capturing Sonic without him knowing" Amy said.

What is it?" Brian asked.

Let's just say it's classified" Amy whispered mischievously.

Later in the afternoon at the mall.......

Well, looks like things are gonna be a lot safer for Blaze since she's got a bodyguard now" Sonic said.

Sonic was just busy sitting in the main foodcourt of the mall, drinking a chocolate shake. He was currently thinking about the things that had happened the past few weeks, unaware that he was being watched.

Man, a whole lot of things have happened since then, like Blaze getting poisoned, some assassin trying to kill her, Amy raping Tails, things are getting complicated, I just wish there was some way I could stop that crazy girl" Sonic said to himself.

Hello there sexy" said a female voice.

Sonic flinched a little at the sound of the voice he heard. This was someone he had never met, nor had he seen her before. Taking precaution, Sonic turned around to find a female purple echidna standing in front of him. She was wearing an orange tank top with an opening at the top, revealing her large, round breasts. She was also wearing a pair of blue jean shorts, which were right above her thighs. She also wore yellow high heels, blue eyeshadow on her eyes, and shiny lipgloss on her lips.

Um, who are you?" Sonic asked.

My name's Malina, Malina the echidna, but you can call me Mali" she said.

My name is-

It's okay, I know your name, it's Sonic" Malina said cutting him off.

So you've heard of me?" Sonic asked.

Uh huh, mind if I sit with you?" She asked sitting down next to him.

Why even ask, you just did" Sonic said sarcastically.

Malina just giggled in response.

What is it you want, I know there's a reason why you came over to me?" Sonic asked.

I just wanted to talk to you, get to know you for awhile" Malina said.

I normally come down to the mall late in the afternoon just to have some alone time" Sonic said.

Interesting" Malina said scooting closer to him,where her legs touched his unexpectedly.

Uh, Malina, you're a little too close to me" Sonic pointed out.

I know cutie" She replied flirtatiously.

If you must know, I am really flattered, but I'm a happily married cat and WHOO" Sonic said when Malina suddenly started rubbing his leg.

Aw, what's the matter baby, am I making you nervous?" Malina cooed.

My wife would blow a fuse is she saw me like this" Sonic said trying to scoot away from her, but she just got closer to him until she cornered him against a wall.

What your wife doesn't know won't hurt her" Malina said rubbing her breasts on his arm.

Sonic was starting to get more nervous by the minute. Here he was, in a mall, being hit on by some girl he had just met.

Before he even knew it, she turned him forward so that his body was facing hers directly. She then pressed herself against him. Malina grabbed Sonic's hands and placed them on her breasts, forcefully moving his hands up and down on them.

Do you like my breasts sweetie?" Malina asked.

But Sonic was so filled with nervousness he couldn't come up with a reply.

I'll take your silence as a yes" She said.

She leaned her face in towards his, only three inches away from his lips. She then stuck out her tongue and licked his lips twice before retracting it back in her mouth. Afterwards she pressed her lips against his, kissing him and sticking her tongue into his mouth, smothering his own. Sonic realized something wasn't right about her lips, he was starting to feel tired for some reason. In desperation, he tried to push her off, but he was too late as he suddenly fell asleep. Although she knew he was asleep, Malina decided to have a little fun by continuing to french kiss him, pushing her tongue more further into his mouth. She licked all around his mouth, leaving her saliva everywhere. After a few minutes, she finally pulled away.

Sleep inducing lipgloss, I made it myself" Malina said picking up Sonic and carrying him out of the mall. However, little did she know, Espio was watching everything from outside the mall, having witnessed what just happened.

Oh no, this is not good, I gotta go warn Blaze" Espio said before running off.

Later at night.......

Oh, where is he, it isn't like him to be late" Blaze said in worry as she paced back & forth around the living room, wondering why her husband hadn't came back home yet.

Suddenly she heard a knock at the door. She opened it and saw that it was Espio, standing in the doorway.

Espio, what are you doing here?" Blaze asked.

Sonic's in trouble" He said.

In trouble, what do you mean?" Blaze asked in panic.

Sonic's been kidnapped" Espio mentioned.

WHAT!" Blaze yelled.

So, Amy decided to kidnap Sonic did she?, well she's gonna pay when Blaze gets ahold of her.

Well, here's Chapter 4, hope you like it.

Things will get really serious in Chapter 5.

Bye bye